Labuan Bajo Trip, Short Escape Vacation in Flores

Komodo Island is one of the popular destinations for Labuan Bajo trips with rare reptile habitats that still exist today. However, it’s not only the island of Komodo that is the specialty of tourism in Flores. Since 2019, Labuan Bajo has been discussed as one of Indonesia’s premium tourism destinations. The goal is to attract many foreign tourists in order to revive the local economy. Live onboard is the perfect and favorite choice to enjoy a premium vacation. But sometimes hearing Labuan Bajo as a premium tour sometimes makes many tourists reluctant to visit. One of the reasons is that it costs a lot of money. 

Labuan Bajo Trip, Short Escape Vacation in Flores

Affordable Labuan Bajo Trip

The Labuan Bajo open trip is an attractive choice for travelers and has become a trend in recent years. You can visit Labuan Bajo at a relatively affordable price. Labuan Bajo open trips are offered by many travel agents, join people you don’t know. Or, just to fulfill the travel quota at a price that you can pay in sharing. 

The Labuan Bajo open trip scheme will usually be very beneficial for the traveler, especially if you are traveling solo.

  • Itinerary planning from the organizer of the open trip
  • No need to find transportation
  • Available meal schedule
  • Meet new friends during the trip
  • Adjustment of the tour schedule with the choice of date

The advantages obtained during the open trip are certainly convenient for tourists. Simply put, we as open trip service users just need to follow the path that has been prepared by the open trip executor. 

outdoor dinning area labuan bajo open trip private boat

However, behind these advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages. One of them, we cannot be free or flexible when traveling, for example with regard to time.

If when we travel alone we can arrange a time as we like, for example, lingering in the destinations we like, then this is not the case with an open trip. Because it is scheduled, there is usually a time limit for being in a tourist destination to catch up on the next travel agenda.

In addition, we also cannot choose which destinations to visit at will, because everything has been planned by the organizer of the open trip to Flores

Choose your trip carefully

It is important for us to carefully read the information contained in the open trip Labuan Bajo offer before deciding to join. If it doesn’t match, we can look for other offers with the same tourist destination.

No need to worry, because this Labuan Bajo open trip is indeed a trend, so there are lots of varied offers out there as a consideration of choice for us before deciding to buy an open trip package.

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