What To Prepare Before Climbing Mount Batur In Bali

Mount Batur is one of the most anticipated spot for climbers and hikers. It is in fact the second tallest volcano in the island of Bali, towering 5,633 feet over the island. The peak of this beautiful mount has always become the destination since it presents amazing views of green ridges, crater lake, farm landscapes, and lush. You can also see beautiful view of Lombok island in the distance. 

mountains will treat the people, make them healthy and vigorous

Things to know about before climbing Mount Batur in Bali

Along your journey to climb Mount Batur, you will get enjoy how the cool air against your skin. And once you witness the the golden morning rays creep over the horizon, your journey will be so  much worth it. Even though it is favorite thing to do in Bali and many people have experienced it, climbing Mount Batur needs preparation. Here are things you need to know about so you will be more prepared with climbing Bali’s Mount Batur:

Hiring a guide

It is recommended to hire a guide if you plan on climbing Mount Batur. There are many confusing web of poorly marked trails so it can be difficult for you to navigate your way. With a local guide, you will be directed to the right path and avoid any dangerous trails. The guide will help you to reach the peak before sunrise by guiding you through the trails during the dark. 

Climbing Mount Batur in a day

Sitting on the northeastern side of Bali, you can climb Mount Batur in a day. It takes only a few hours drive from coast to coast. Hence, Mount Batur is pretty accessible from most parts of Bali. It takes only around  one to two hours drive to the hike’s starting point, depending on where you are staying. You can join a tour company and they usually provide pick-ups and drop-offs in their tour offering. It is more practical if you don’t want to add ore days to your vacation schedule. 

Group vs solo

You can choose either climb Mount Batur with a group of people that can consist of ten to twenty hikers. This is considered a safe way especially if you know nothing about the trails. However, it can be uncomfortable to hike with 20 or so people that consist of both seasoned and new hikers. If so, you may opt for solo hike. However, it is more recommended to instead book a tour company or operator that offer smaller tours. 

Preparing yourself

You need to make sure that you are in good condition before climbing Mount Batur. However, you don’t really have to overdo your preparation since most people can complete the trek without too much trouble. Just make sure to be prepared for a five hour-round-trip hike. It includes two hours to climb to the summit, a break, and another two hours spent walking down. It may sound easy especially for seasoned hikers but your feet will be sore at the end of the day. However, it’s definitely worth it.

Is Komodo diving Too Dangerous for Beginners?

Komodo National Park is indeed a tempting destination. Rows of islands large and small offer their own charm and magic. One thing you should not miss there is diving on Komodo island. Diving lovers know that Komodo Island is home to abundant marine life and a large coral population. The best way to hit all dive spots is to go on a Komodo diving liveaboard. But is diving in Komodo safe for tourists?

A diver explores a vibrant coral reef in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. This region harbors extraordinary marine biodiversity and is a popular destination for divers and snorkelers.

Paying attention to the current during Komodo diving

Because of its location between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Komodo currents and the strait between Rinca can be challenging. However, if the dive site is chosen correctly, beginners can dive in Komodo safely depending on the sea conditions and practice at some calmer dive sites.

If you’re a beginner diver wondering what to bring to dive in Komodo, here are our top tips for getting ready.

Slow down and take things slowly. Don’t waste your enery on unnecessary movements; instead, relax and control your breathing. Maintain neutral buoyancy of your body when inflating your BCD in the deep. In the end, you’ll still have to deflate the house while standing straight up.

Keep an eye on your Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) and set a safety stop at 50 bars.

Dive spots for beginners on Komodo island

Komodo Island is known for its dives with strong currents that challenge even experienced divers. Fortunately, there are some top dive sites for beginner divers that are less demanding while providing equally stunning underwater scenery.

Sebayur Kecil

Because it is a reef slope that goes down to 15-18 meters deep, it is well protected from high tides. There are many beautiful fish species to be found here, including boomies, crocodile fish, angelfish, trumpetfish, and many more.

Sebalong Kecil

It’s a great place for beginners to discover all of the marine life that this island has to offer! Prepare to see white-tip reef sharks, frogfish, snappers, tunas, and other species.

Bay of Crystal

It’s a great alternative for beginners to Crystal Rock, which is home to a variety of unique creatures such as damselfish, butterflyfish, trumpetfish, and moray eels.

Avoid Noise-Induced Hearing Loss While Flying With These Tips

Hearing protection has been mandated in the workplace such as for machinists, pilots, first responders subjected to sirens, etc. Those who are exposed to dangerous levels of noise should implement hearing protection program. However, it has become concerning how recreational listening practices are also part of the problem. It happens more and more in young adults with unsafe listening practices such as listening to musics or even frequent flights.

An adorable Eurasian toddler girl wears headphone and embraces a stuffed toy while watching a movie on an airplane. The child's mom is sitting next to her in the window seat and is wearing a protective face mask.

Flying safely and protecting yourself from the risk of hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing lost can be prevented and it occurs but cannot be cured. It is treatable with hearing aids. The best way is to prevent it from the beginning by implementing best practices in our everyday life including when we are on flights. Here are some tips for you to prevent hearing loss during flight:

Consider wearing hearing protection

Jet engines during a take off can reach up to 140 decibels. During take off and landing are considered the loudest times of flight so wearing hearing protection especially during those times are highly recommended. You may wear over-the-counter earplugs which can reduce the sound to 20 decibels if you wear it properly. You can also wear passive noise-canceling headphones which can block 20 decibels if you wear it right. 

Buy noise-canceling hearing protection

You may also consider buying active noise-canceling hearing protection that can sense incoming sound waves and send out opposing sound waves. This kind of hearing protection can block around 40 decibels. 

Pick your seat considerably

You can also protect your hearing by choosing ‘less risky’ seats. Seats that are louder are the ones over the engines and toward the rear of the plane. So it is best to avoid those seats. Choose the seats located in front of the engines to avoid hearing too loud noises especially during take off and landing. 

Consider download a decibel app

Being exposed to a sound over 80 decibels can be damaging. The higher the decibels, the faster the damage to your hearing. You can protect your hearing by downloading an app to your phone that will help give you a decibel level on the spot. So you don’t have to learn about how to calculate decibel level.this can help notify you if you are being exposed to sound with damaging decibel level.

Find out the signs of hearing damage

Sometimes you don’t realize that you have already signs of hearing damage. There are many signs you can notice to know if your hearing is damaged such as ringing ears after leaving a rock concert or after landing from a flight, having trouble hearing people over the phone, etc. 

Have routine check up

Just like how you routinely check up your dental health, it is also important to check up your hearing regularly. You may also have a hearing test with an audiologist. It is important especially if you are at high risk of hearing damage due to practices of everyday life such as frequent flights, listening to music loudly, work at concert venue, etc.

5 Reasons Why Property Investment in Bali Is Ideal

Property investment in Bali during the pandemic will generate more profits than other types of investment. Property investment grows at a rate that is in line with inflation. In addition, its value will continue to increase steadily every year and can be rented out for passive income.

property investment beachfront villa in Bali

Villa unit investment in Bali has become a trend for anyone who wants to own property in Bali, including investors. It’s no wonder, Bali is known as the best place for travel purposes and has even become a mandatory list in life to able to vacation in Bali. It is a retirement dream for those who wish to retire. Investors will undoubtedly recognize this opportunity and will look for potential villas in Bali.

The number of tourists who come to Bali makes hotels, inns, and villa businesses in Bali growing. In the southern Kuta area, precisely in Ungasan & Pecatu, the tourism sector is developing rapidly, many hotels, resorts, and inns are being built in this area. Villa construction Bali on all sides continues to grow.

Why is villa development in Bali a legit investment?

Best international travel destination

The island of Bali is well-known for its stunning natural beauty. The presence of this allure undoubtedly keeps many tourists from all over the world returning to this Island of the Gods. It can be used to generate business opportunities in the real estate sector.

Ever-Increasing Tourist

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of tourists visiting Bali continued to increase every year. It’s no wonder that Bali has been named a very profitable property business investment area and has good prospects. The role of tourists in the property investment business will undoubtedly be a determining factor because it opens up other larger profit opportunities.

Property Investment Business Climate Improves

The property business climate in Bali, known as a world tour that continues to be visited by tourists from various countries, is improving. Several factors, such as the number of consumers, price stability, and specific conditions that can attract profits, typically influence this business climate. As a result, property prices in Bali continue to rise. As a result, purchasing property in Bali will be ideal for those of you who are serious about long-term investment.

Property Development Increase

Property development in various districts and cities in Bali is increasing as the business climate improves. To support tourism, the island of Bali is seeing an increase in the number of hotels and villas. Not only that but the accommodation is also equipped with various facilities that support tourists. This increasing property growth also makes Bali architecture increasingly known and used in various buildings.

Culture and Infrastructure Development

Not only property, but infrastructure on the island of Bali also continues to be built based on culture. Despite continued development, the Bali provincial government maintains the balance of nature and culture through risk management. This is to avoid negative impacts on nature in Bali so that the authenticity of Balinese nature and culture is maintained. Infrastructure development that continues to be carried out will certainly make it easier for people and tourists to travel and do various other activities. Not surprisingly, now many people are increasingly interested in living on the island of Bali because the infrastructure continues to improve.

Best Remote Beaches For A Quiet Retreat

Having a quiet retreat is a dream for those whose lives revolve around the buzz of the big cities that cause so much stress. It is not that difficult to find remote places. The problem is that sometimes you want to have a quiet retreat in remote destination but still accommodated with modern amenities. Hence, you can still enjoy your trip conveniently without being afraid of unexpected wildlife or any matters related to your safety. 

Awesome small lagoon in El Nido Palawan Philippines

Remote beaches to enjoy for a quiet retreat

A nice escape from reality is something that everyone must enjoy from time to time. Having some love and peace every once in a while allows you a break from all the stress. If you wish for a quiet retreat to remote beaches, here are some of the most recommended places to visit:

Secret Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

This place is not entirely unknown since it has some online presence already. However, Secret Beach of Kauai is still a hidden gem not many people know. It is running half a mile long and such a perfect place to hunt beautiful sunset. This secret destination offers you tranquility because it has less people visiting. 

Beaches around Lizard Island, Australia

Lizard Island, Australia is located pretty remotely, making it a perfect place for a quiet retreat. This island itself is quite exclusive destination as you will already have only a few neighbors on the island. The most amazing part is that you can find your own secret beach here. Go explore your way to find the best place to enjoy a quiet retreat by yourself in one of the beaches on the island. 

Delray Beach, Florida

Florida also has pretty remote beach called Delray Beach. Not many people might believe that Florida, a hot place for sun seeker from around the world has hidden gem. However, Delray beach is the answer if you look for remote beach. It is situated in between Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Most people prefer to seek out foods and accommodation in those two areas so Delray Beach is often left less crowded and ideal for a quiet retreat. 

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

El Nido is located along the coastline of Palawan, Philippines. This place can be dubbed as a perfect paradise because of its natural beauty that looks dreamy and magical. Charming rock formation, golden sandy beaches and less crowd are things you can enjoy in your silent retreat here. You can also enjoy the place by swimming, snorkeling, or simply laying on the sandy beach overlooking beautiful view of the blue waters. 

Levera Beach, Granada

Levera Beach is Granada is located remotely that it requires a four-wheeler to get along the road. You have to take some time to travel further north of Bathway Beach in order to reach Levera Beach. This place is such an off he typical track of tourists. However, the beauty you will find once you arrive will pay off all the troubles you experience from the journey to get there.

Guide Snorkeling In Nusa Penida With Extra Tips

On the island of Bali, there are numerous options for snorkeling locations. Amed, Menjangan island, Padang Bai, Tulamben, Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida island. The decision between the many locales might occasionally be challenging. 

Guide Snorkeling In Nusa Penida With Extra Tips

Best Snorkeling In Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida snorkeling locations are regarded as having some of the most diversified underwater ecosystems in the world because of their pristine coral reefs and abundant marine life. They are a part of the Coral Tringle and appreciate the fresh, plankton-rich water that the deep, powerful currents of the Indo Pacific Throughflow bring to them.

Aerial drone landscape of the famous beach of Kelingking and located on the island of Nusa Penida in Bali Indonesia.

Snorkeling with Manta Rays

The presence of Manta Rays in the waters around Bali is one of its outstanding features. Especially at Nusa Penida, these gentle giants are frequently seen swimming elegantly in the ocean all year long.

Snorkeling nusa penida with Manta Rays

We can’t promise you’ll encounter them. However, the majority of dive shops in Bali are aware of the times and places the Mantas prefer to swim. You want to improve your chances of seeing manta rays, right? Come between May and November to experience the dry season!

Crystal Bay

There aren’t many shore snorkeling opportunities in Crystal Bay Nusa Penida, but the beach’s shallow water and convenient shore access make it one of the few sandy beaches where snorkelers of all skill levels may enjoy discovering stunning coral reefs. With its crystal-clear water and vibrant corals, I’m certain that snorkeling in Crystal Bag will astound you. Even turtles are occasionally spotted here.

Arrive as early as possible to snorkel in the bay’s left corner. The water is calmest in the morning, but the waves and currents can become strong during the day, and the bay can become congested with boats.

As the name implies, the water is crystal clear, with visibility of up to 30 meters! A dream for underwater photographers, so brings your waterproof camera!

Gamat Bay

Due to the difficult access, very few tourists visit this secluded little beach. We attempted to get there by land but failed… There is a dirt road that leads down to Gamat Bay, but the last part is a narrow, very steep path that requires climbing, so it is only manageable if you wear proper sports. The price of a snorkeling tour package in Nusa Penida Bali depends on your snorkeling location and your location. shoes.

As a result, we recommend arriving by boat. It is without a doubt one of the best Nusa Penida snorkeling spots, with crystal clear water and thousands of fish hiding among the vibrant corals. A must-see while on the island!

Point of Interest in Toyapakeh

The Toyapakeh Wall is a diver’s favorite reef due to the abundance of fish and large coral colonies. Large pelagic species such as Mola Mola fish are frequent visitors. Aside from being an excellent dive site, Wall Point is also one of the most beautiful Nusa Penida snorkeling locations!

This location is accessible by boat. Just jump into the water from the boat near the wall and slowly drift with the current that runs parallel to the wall, admiring the amazing underwater scenery.

The Buddha Temple

An underwater temple that serves as an artificial reef, with a Buddha statue and stupas visible in approximately 6-7 meters of water.

The Buddha Temple

The Buddha Temple is located next to Nusa Ceningan, but due to its uniqueness, most Nusa Penida snorkeling trips include it in the itinerary.

What to Know Before Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

As previously stated, the Nusa Islands are in the path of the Indo-Pacific Throughflow, which means that the currents around Nusa Penida are extremely strong. Because of these nutrient-rich currents, marine life is so diverse. When it comes to the variety of species and coral reef conditions, Nusa Penida is considered the best snorkeling location in Bali.

snorkeling nusa penida liveaboard

However, these currents make the surrounding waters more dangerous. Keep this in mind and exercise extreme caution when exploring Nusa Penida snorkeling spots from land or boat. The sea may appear calm, but undercurrents can drag you out to sea in seconds.

As a result, shore snorkeling is limited. If you are a beginner, we recommend snorkeling in Crystal Bay alone. Other locations are better visited by boat. The tour will take you to all of the best spots, and the staff will pick you up even if you get caught in a stronger current.

When is the best time to visit Nusa Penida?

Nusa Penida’s climate is very similar to that of mainland Bali, so to answer the question of when is the best time to visit Nusa Penida, consult the Bali climate chart. The Nusa Islands receive less rainfall than Bali. From May to mid-November, you have the best chance of sunny and dry weather. This time of year, in my opinion, is ideal for exploring both land attractions and Nusa Penida snorkeling spots.

Because the area has a tropical climate, the weather can change in an instant, making long-term forecasts unreliable. Cloudy periods are common throughout the year due to low-pressure systems in the area, but they are brief.

Don’t forget to wear UV protection whether you’re exploring on land or underwater! If you use sunscreen, make sure it is a mineral sunscreen that is reef safe! I rarely use sunscreen but always check the store selection wherever I go, and I couldn’t find any safe sunscreen in Nusa Penida.

How To Plan For A Round-The-World Trip

Adding a big trip to your life-plan is possible. Even though the last two years it made impossible for you to even get out of your house for shopping, today you can restart your plan for a round-the-world trip. Just make sure that you follow the health protocols and guides religiously for your own safety and other’s. The thing about a round-the-world trip is that it needs thorough preparation and plans. It sound impossible to do it spontaneously unless you are not afraid of making costly mishaps. 

How To Plan For A Round-The-World Trip

Planning for a round-the-world trip

Today, it is possible for you to plan for a round-the-world trip since remote work has been taken up well for the last two years. It means you can travel to anywhere you like while keeping your job done. And here are some tips to help you plan the big trip better:

Have an idea of where you’d like to go

Deciding destinations is probably one of the hardest parts of your round-the-world trip plan. There are so many destinations worth visiting for around the world. However, you need to make up your mind and decide which places you want to explore at least six to eight months before you want to leave. This much of space allows you to be prepared before actually lock down your route by buying tickets and booking this and that. 

Make your own budget

Taking a big trip requires lots of money for sure. You need to have financial backup to sustain yourself throughout the big trip. Thus, set a budget thoroughly and find information about how to estimate your budget properly. Write down your numbers comfortably based on your personal travelling style. You can use spreadsheet and even software to help you set up your budget. General main points that should be on your budget include plane tickets, accommodation, foods, entertainment, transportation, purchases, and emergency funds. 

Plan your activities

A big trip may also cause you to experience travel fatigue in which you no longer have that sparks to enjoy the trip. Sometimes, it makes you wish to stay in the hotel instead of exploring around. Hence, it is best to plan the activities you want to do in each place you are going to visit. However, avoid making too tight checklist on your itinerary and give yourself some time to be flexible with what you can do. 

Organize accordingly

It is best to buy your plane tickets ahead of time so you make sure that you won’t have any issue with your schedule. You may also make reservation of the hotel of your first destination in advance so you won’t have to wander around looking places to sleep when arrive. Make sure that the time leading to your departure is spent making smooth transition into your travelling life. Make sure you leave for a round-the-world trip without leaving behind responsibilities you have to fulfill. Organize your work schedule to align with your travel schedule. Then, prepare yourself physically and mentally for the big trip.

Architect Bali, How To Build Beachfront Villa?

Beachfront villas are a promising property investment asset. Especially in Bali, there are many domestic and foreign tourists who want to rent a villa or house on the beach. Building a villa or resort on the beach like that still has its own rules. This is stated in the regional regulations of each region, regarding provincial and district/city spatial planning plans. One of the objectives of making regulations regarding this coastal boundary is to maintain and protect the sustainability of the ecosystem. Architect Bali certainly knows that building a beachfront villa is legal but must comply with all the rules that have been set by the government.

Architect Bali, Tips for Building a villa on the beach

Architect Bali, Tips for Building a villa on the beach

There are several steps you can follow to build a building that is on the waterfront. To build buildings in this area should not be arbitrary, because the buildings in this location must be made strong in terms of architecture.

Following the Rules of the Coastal Border

The first thing you can do is check the local regulations regarding the coastal boundaries for the building you are going to build. By following these rules, you can also minimize your villa from the risk of natural disasters. For example, such as storms, floods, erosion or abrasion, tsunamis, and other disasters that often occur on the coast.

Using the Concept of Tropical Architecture

To build a villa on the beach, it is necessary to use the concept of a tropical architectural style. This villa design is very suitable for use in coastal areas in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is an area traversed by the equator, so Indonesia has a tropical climate.

When realizing this tropical architectural villa concept, professional design services Bali are needed, and have experience related to home design. Because when designing this villa, it should not be arbitrary, it must include several aspects so that the villa is comfortable, safe, and of good quality.

Main Building Facing the Beach

The main purpose of having a villa on the beach is to enjoy the beauty of the sea view. Therefore, the main building must face the open sea. You can make the living room, bedroom, and bathroom facing the sea. So you can enjoy the beauty of the beach view at any time.

Villa development Bali with this position will also be profitable if in the future it will be used as a business. It could be a restaurant business or a lodging business. The building overlooking the beach will make it an attraction, so many tourists are interested in visiting your business.

Choosing the Right Building Materials

To make a building on the beach is also required the accuracy of the materials used. For example, determining the right foundation for the building so that the building structure does not collapse easily. It also needs to be adjusted to the surrounding soil conditions, you can discuss it with the architect Bali.

Considering the villa is on the beach, materials such as wood and concrete are needed that are strong and resistant to water. In addition, you are also required to ensure that all aspects of the structure of the villa have a strong resistance to wind, to various weather conditions such as heat and rain.

Using Open Concept

Seeing the area of ​​the villa that is on the beach, then using an open concept is very suitable for use. Actually, this is a package with using tropical architecture. You can use an open concept for your kitchen design, so you can cook outdoors with a view that leads to the beach.

You can also add various plants, so that the feel of the villa is more beautiful and cool. Because the weather on the beach is sometimes very hot, so having lots of plants inside and outside the villa is highly recommended. Provide a large window in the middle of the main building, so that sea views can be directly seen from inside the villa.

What To Avoid When You Are On Cruise Ship

Travelling on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to escape from your hectic days. It is such a relaxing thing to do since you can enjoy beautiful views of the open ocean, mesmerizing sky day and night, and so on. You leave behind your problem for awhile during the cruise and have yourself enjoy the moment. 

Avoid these things when you are on a cruise ship

No matter where you go, it is important to follow guide and rules that will keep you safe and comfortable. Travelling on a cruise ship requires you to follow their guide so that you won’t put yourself in dangerous situation or even embarrass yourself in front of other passengers. So here several things you should avoid to do when on a cruise ship:

Ignoring your hands hygiene

In this time of global pandemic, you should pay attention to your self-hygiene. Even though the global pandemic is gradually improving, you still have to follow health protocol. On a cruise ship, you will be constantly reminded to keep your hands clean. There are big signs to tell you that while hand sanitizer is placed in various corner of the ship for easier access. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after using restroom and before eating as well. 

Forgetting to switch your phone data

If it is a domestic trip you are planning to embark on your cruise plan, then you may not really need to switch off your cellular data. However, it can cause costly mistake if you keep it on while having international cruise. Many cruise ships have their own rooming network that you can connect to just in case you need it. It is best to turn off your cellular data before pulling out of port. 

Skipping covid-19 protocols

As mentioned earlier that health protocol should be followed regardless of your travel destination. Hence, skipping covid-19 protocols prior your cruise will put you in trouble. If your cruise line requires you to get a pre-trip covid test then make sure to have it ready before boarding. Today, it is a must to get vaccinated and proof of negative pre-cruise test result. 

Binge eating uncontrollably

It is understandable that the foods served on a  cruise ship look ravishing and mouthwatering. However, it is not recommended to overindulge by sampling all foods and drinks crazily like there is no tomorrow. Think of enjoying the foods there like doing a marathon. Make sure to pace yourself and savor every food and drink you enjoy. Otherwise, you will be feeling sick midway through the cruise. 

Excessive alcohol consumption

It is normal to have a seasick and you can prevent or overcome it by taking proper medication. However, losing inhibition due to too much drinks during a cruise is something you should avoid. Extreme intoxication may results in accidents that both put yourself and others in danger. You may end up in a cruise ship jail if you misbehave due to being extremely drunk.

Exclusive Komodo Sailing Trip, Open & Private Boat Tour

For decades, visitors have been delighted by Komodo National Park, Komodo Dragons on land, and some of the best scuba diving spots. Komodo island, Rinca island, Padar island, and Pink beach are perfect include your bucket list during the trip. More than 5,000 Komodo Dragons live on Komodo and Rinca islands. If you prefer the flexibility of exploring Komodo island and its surrounding independently, a private boat charter Komodo is a perfect sailing trip. How to plan your Komodo sailing trip?

Exclusive Komodo Sailing Trip, Open & Private Boat Tour

Open trip Komodo sailing trip

Sailing to Komodo island and its surroundings by boat charter means you will stay on board for the duration of the cruise. Komodo sailing trip agencies will usually offer open trip packages with several boat options that you can choose from. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price! Pay close attention to the type of ship, cabin that you will be staying in during the cruise, itinerary, and other facilities. Sometimes they don’t provide detailed information and your cruise becomes a nightmare.

It’s all based on different specifications, capacities, and facilities from standard to luxury Komodo liveaboard. For open trip, there are boats with no cabin and no aircon and definitely not recommended because of the comfortable and safety reasons. 

During the high season and the opening of tourism to international markets after the pandemic, Komodo liveaboards are limited. We always urge you to prompt booking to secure your boat. Sometimes you can’t get a boat at all. What you need to know about open trips is that you will be joining foreigners during the cruise. There is a possibility that you will sleep with other people in the same cabin. 

Private boat charter Komodo

This type of private boat charter Komodo package is intended more for small and large groups. Boat options will vary depending on your group’s budget. Standard boats to luxury liveaboard Komodo offer different facilities and prices. Comfort during the cruise is important. 

You have to remember that this is a floating hotel and you can’t change rooms like in a regular hotel. Don’t try to book a Komodo last-minute private boat charter. You will not get the ship you want.

Komodo sailing trips are a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists, whether they are open or private trips. Make sure to plan ahead as you may have to spend 1 month on the perfect cruise vacation trip.

How to get to Komodo National Park?

It is important for those of you who are traveling to Komodo island for the first time. Based on a survey, the price of plane tickets to Bali after the pandemic has increased sharply. You can catch Garuda airlines, Lion Air, Batik air, or NAM air from Bali with ticket prices ranging from $120-$180. 

Once you arrive at Labuan Bajo you will notice that is really is one of the tiniest towns you’ll ever visit. If you pick up the package from the agency, they will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hotel before the cruise starts. After staying 1 night in Labuan Bajo, your Komodo sailing trip will start in the morning and explore the islands, see Komodo dragons, trekking, snorkeling, and diving.

You can book your Komodo boat tour while in Labuan Bajo. But don’t expect more to get a Komodo private boat charter according to your wishes. Be prepared to negotiate on price! We recommend booking in advance if you are short on time or have specific dates that you need to travel.