How To Make The Most Of Your Travel As Vegan

One of the most exciting parts of travelling is when you are able to try different cuisines from the places you are visiting. There is so much to tell from foods including history and culture. Therefore, travelling without food hunting will feel incomplete somehow. However, there are also vegans out there who are a bit concerned about the trip since their choices of food tend to be more limited. It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy travelling as much as the others though. You can still make the most of your trip as vegan and here are some useful tips to consider:

How To Make The Most Of Your Travel As Vegan

Do some research before the trip

If you want to be more prepared with your trip and what you can eat later, it is best to do a research in advance. The place to find out more about food choices for vegans is social media platforms. You can visit Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter and scroll down to find visually mouthwatering dishes from around the world. Find the right hashtags to help you discover great vegan locations in your intended destination. 

Learn useful phrases in local language

There will be times when you need to ask about the foods you are going to enjoy to the server or the chef. To make it easier, learn useful phrases in local language such as asking if there is egg, fat, or meat in the food, you may also ask if there is veg dish in the menu. This way, it will be more efficient for you when selecting the right dishes.

Join local vegan community

It is also recommended that you find out more about the existence of local vegan community in your intended destination. You can search it online and if there is, join and meet them up later. You may have great times befriending them during your trip. Also, you may share various tips or tricks to enjoy the trip as vegan. 

Always carry vegan treats with you

Even though you have done your research well, there is always possibility that you are unable to find vegan foods during a trip. To anticipate this, make sure to always carry vegan treats with you. You may pack a bag of cliff bars, ginger chews, or chocolate. They will come in handy when you are craving for sweets. 

Learn more about local ingredients

It is almost impossible to know every single ingredient in the world. However, you can learn more about ingredients of the place your are going to visit at least. This way, it will be easier for you when scanning food labels. At least, you won’t be too clueless when reading the ingredients especially when they are in foreign language. 

Book accommodation with a kitchen

If you prefer preparing your own vegan foods, might as well booking an accommodation that provides kitchen as well. Hence, you can make your own foods using local produces. Not to mention that it is less costly to cook your own meals during a trip.

Labuan Bajo Tour, Explore East Nusa Tenggara After Pandemic

The natural charm of its beautiful, exotic, and beautiful nature has made Labuan Bajo one of the hit destinations after the pandemic. The existence of Komodo National Park which is a UNESCO cultural heritage has brought Labuan Bajo a global destination. An ancient animal, Komodo which you can only find in Indonesia is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Labuan Bajo tour takes you to explore many large and small islands, Padar, Rinca, Kalong Island, Komodo Island, and the stunning pink beach.

Padar island in a morning sunrise, Labuan bajo tour

Hoping island Labuan Bajo Tour

Staying in a floating hotel is a unique and memorable experience. To be able to explore the islands in Labuan Bajo, you need the right accommodation. Many people say that the Labuan Bajo cruise brings you to enjoy the beauty of a super premium destination. The Phinisi ship which is designed with high comfort makes tourists feel at home during the sailing trip to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo trip generally ranges from 3 to 4 days with prices varying depending on the type of ship you use. The more premium the ship facilities, the more expensive the Labuan Bajo tour package. 

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Why are people willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to sail on a super premium phinisi boat? Let’s check it out! The phinisi ship does look dashing from a distance. When you step into the ship, you will find an extraordinary photogenic with luxurious facilities inside. Spacious cabins with comfortable beds and direct views of the sea, luxurious furniture, lounge chairs for sunbathing, and there are even several phinisi boats that provide spa & jacuzzi facilities.

How many people can get on the ship?

The capacity of the phinisi boats varies, there are those with a capacity of 2 people to 12 people or even more. One of the premium phinisi ships, Aliikai Voyage with a capacity of 15 passengers with 12 crews who are ready to take you on an adventure. Uniquely, the cabin from Aliikai liveaboard has a terrace where you can enjoy the sunset. Each cabin is equipped with air-con and super comfortable luxury furniture. The super-comfortable deck is designed for tourists who want to relax and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. To get a spectacular experience on an exclusive ship wrapped in luxury, you need to prepare a budget of 50-100 million rupiah.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N

When you hear the price of a super premium ship of 50-100 million rupiah, it may sound very expensive. Labuan Bajo open trip is the best choice for solo traveling or 3-4 people. 3D2N open trip prices range from 3-5 million rupiah depending on the type of phinisi boat you choose. Cheaper right? Komodo Labuan Bajo Tour offers a unique experience and hoping island where you will join other people during the cruise.

Travelling As A Form of Self-Care

Travelling As A Form Of Self-Care

There are many forms of self-care aside from booking a spa or having facials. Self-care is not limited to something you do to your physical well-being but also your mental well-being. Hence, there are many ways you can do to pamper yourself from time to time, especially when you are feeling down. Travelling can be categorized into a form of self-care as well. It can change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. Exploring so many things allows you more experience, helping you build your empathy. 

How travel can be a form of self-care

Living in bubble makes one feels too comfortable yet know nothing about the world. Hence, it is important to perform self-care that makes you grow as a person as well such as travelling. It allows you to experience, appreciate, and learn many things that you may have taken for granted at home. The journey during your trip allows you to see things from different perspectives. It helps you understand what’s more important in life and allows you reflect on your own problems and realize they might not be as insurmountable as they might feel. 

Meeting new people

During a trip, you meet others you may have never imagined before. Staying in a hotel, you get to meet more people from different places around the world. It allows you to learn about their lives, their cultures, and their perspectives. Through this kind of interaction, you get such valuable life lessons.

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Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone

You will only grow if you are brave to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to break from routine. It allows you to experience new things and push you to grow better as a person. During a trip, you may face various challenges starting from when you board your plane, check in the hotel, and communicate with the people who don’t speak your mother tongue. However, it will teach you how to solve problems and be self-reliant. You might also get surprised at how capable and confident you are when facing those challenges. You get to know your own potential better. 

Detoxing from your gadget

Te constant notifications from your phone can be draining. Hence, you need to perform self-care by detoxing yourself from those devices. Taking a trip is one of the best ways because there are many more distractions along the trip that can make you forget about your devices for a while. You might only take your phone when you are about to take selfies at a place you are visiting. 

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Come back feeling fresh and recharged

One of the main purposes of performing self-care is to get back that freshness and feeling recharged. You can also get the same outcome from travelling. When you take a meaningful trip, you will come back with fresh mind and recharged soul. It shatters your routine, which is what you need to have a fresh perspectives. Consider solo travel as one of self-care method to try. 

Why You Need A Secluded Stay in Private Villa Ubud

Why You Need A Secluded Stay in Private Villa Ubud

The essence of a getaway vacation is having to get away from everything. To escape from whatever that stressed you out and get off the grid without being too far away from all the creature comforts and the fun things of a vacation. You want a perfect place to stay, and a villa in Ubud seems to be a perfect answer. Here are four reasons why you will love to stay in a secluded villa in Ubud, Bali. 

Better Physical and Mental Health

Stress is the leading cause of serious, long-term health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Stress can also cause or worsen mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

While medical intervention and lifestyle changes can assist to some extent, stress reduction is one of the most effective approaches to treat chronic disorders. A pleasant trip is the best way to disengage from the stress and confusion of everyday life.

There are plenty of other ways to unplug besides lying on the beach! Get caught up on your ‘to be read’ list and lose yourself in a new book for hours; relax and pamper yourself at a local day spa; the possibilities are unlimited!

Nesting with Your Loved One in A Secluded Villa Ubud

A quiet beach trip is the ideal setting for spending quality time with friends and family. A vacation is the perfect time to reconnect and create new memories, whether it’s a day at the beach with the kids or a romantic seaside dinner with your significant other.

Consider beach fishing or organizing a fishing charter with your family, beach water activities like kayaking or jet skiing, a bike tour of the island, or sightseeing or shell searching along the beach or marsh. For limitless beach pleasure, bring books and beach games.

Plan a walk in Tegalalang rice terraces, shop art galleries around Ubud, dine at a local restaurant, or take a day excursion to a neighboring destination for a romantic couples’ getaway.

A Complete Privacy to Heal Your Tired Soul

A Complete Privacy to Heal Your Tired Soul

A secluded villa rental in Ubud provides the solitude and quiet that hotels are unable to deliver. Their location is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, roads, and even freeways, allowing you to relax and unwind. You may enjoy the calm natural experience of the outdoors when you stay in a private villa. Bird singing and fresh air fill the mornings, creating the ideal environment for waking up.

When staying in a villa, you can also go for peaceful walks during the day to recharge your batteries and clear your mind. In comparison to resting in a room with thin hotel walls, private villa also give its guests with a restful night’s sleep. You can forget all the nosy next room neighbours or super energetic kids running around. 

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Recommended Villa Ubud Bali Close to Nature

Get Close with the Nature

How often did you get to connect with the nature during your busy life in the city? We often get suffocated by the daily tasks, expectation and pressures until we get burned out. Staying in a villa Ubud Bali is a great way to reconnect with mother nature and let our soul healed. 

During your vacation, disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and let yourself immersed in the gentle embrace of the nature. Soak up in the outdoor pool at your private villa Ubud and swim while looking at the lush forests. 

Get out and have some adventure in the outdoor. Of course, enjoying the beautiful outdoors does not require spending any money. A simple stroll along the shore or through the marsh will provide similar and stunning outcomes. There’s nothing quite like watching a pod of dolphins swim close to the shore or listening to the soothing sound of waves gently smashing on the shore.

Tips For Sleeping In The Cold During A Trip

It is a must that you experience adventure trips at least once your lifetime. There are meaningful moments you can experience by braving yourself into the wild. You may experience freezing temperature, or extreme heat. Regardless, it will worth it in the end if you feel happy experiencing all of them and make memories. However, be mindful when you are out travelling to places with extreme environment. Make sure to prioritize your own safety before anything. 

drying sleeping bags. Many sleeping bags hanging on a rail after cleaning.

How to sleep comfortably in the cold during a trip

Sleeping outdoors in a cold weather is very possible when you choose more adventurous trip. Sleeping peacefully in this kind of setting might be less possible. Meanwhile, getting enough sleep is important during a trip so you can function well and enjoy the rest of the trip in good condition. So here are some tips for sleeping in the cold during a trip:

Get everything dry

To make you sleep easier and more comfortably in the cold, make sure to wear dry clothes, and choose dry surface to sleep in. Get rid off anything wet and damp. It is not just your clothes that need to be dry, your socks should be too. Even if your clothes are just wet from your sweat and not necessarily from getting soaked in the rain, change them to fresh ones. Unless you want to be freezing the entire night and won’t be able to sleep anymore.  

Have something warm before going to bed

Have a cup of warm cocoa or tea before going to bed. Avoid anything too hot because it may make you sweat, which lead to wet clothes again. Opt for warm temperature for your drinks so your body feel nice and toasty. You may also opt for a glass of warm milk to help you fall asleep more easily. 

Avoid alcohol

It may no be a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages before going to bed especially when you are in the cold. Alcohol may get you warm up a little bit, making you drowsy and sleepy. However, your body will fail to regulate properly for the rest of the night. It can disturb your sleep instead, making you unable to sleep comfortably.

Pack some good sleeping gear

Knowing you are going to be out in the cold weather, make sure to pack some good sleeping gears in your bag. You may pack your sleeping pad or sleeping bag. Or, you can also design your own sleeping area. Put your foam pad on the ground. Then put your sleeping pad on top of it. Consider using a gel pillow and wrap your legs in dry t-shirt to provide more warmth. 

Move around before falling asleep

Help your blood circulate more and increase body temperature bu moving around. Lay down on your bed and move around for around 10 minutes since it is what it takes for your blood to settle. You will know whether you are already comfortable or need to layer up. Decide accordingly, and sleep tight.

Scuba Diving Komodo with Manta Rays

The manta ray that glides gracefully is a sight that you must see while in the Komodo National Park. Hearing its size which ranges from 4 to 7 meters, scuba diving Komodo can be very scary. In fact, manta rays are docile creatures that amaze anyone. Komodo diving is always fun but the season of manta rays is the best time for diving. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen it because the Komodo sailing trip will take you to see hundreds of manta rays dancing gracefully.

It doesn't matter if you've never seen it because the Komodo sailing trip will take you to see hundreds of manta rays dancing gracefully

Scuba diving Komodo, what to do to meet manta rays

Finding the best time to visit Komodo island and dive to meet manta rays is important. The best time to see Manta Rays in Komodo is during the Manta Season, which lasts from December to February. This is the time of year when the water temperature in the South is lower than in the North. 

Furthermore, the plankton bloom is in full swing, attracting the majestic Manta Rays to feed on them. Divers can watch the Mantas feed on the tiny planktons and even swim close to them to appreciate how beautiful and gentle they truly are. Divers should take precautions because the water will have strong currents that are better suited for advanced divers.

Where will you meet manta rays?

During the season, the best places to see one (or more) Manta Rays are Makassar Reef and Mawan Reef. Even if they weren’t, this dive site is stunning on its own. If your Komodo liveaboard heading to the northern part of the park increases your chances of seeing manta rays all year. The northern part of the park is usually not visited during January and February due to inclement weather.

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Manta rays are a popular tourist attraction in Komodo National Park, along with beautiful coral reefs, marine biodiversity, and strong currents. Every year, these gentle giants migrate to this area due to cooler water temperatures and greater food availability.

Manta ray research

Each manta ray has distinct markings that make it easy for researchers to identify them. The Manta Watch program in Komodo uses these markings to track migration patterns and population growth. The graceful manta ray can travel long distances and will often visit cleaning stations where small fish will remove parasites from their bodies. 

Because these areas are usually shallow and good for feeding, the manta rays will stay for a while, which is great for us divers. They clean up at these stations while munching on delicious plankton. They feed by filter-feeding, directing the flow of water towards their mouth with their cephalic fins.

What Will Travel Trends 2022 Look Like?

What Will Travel Trends 2022 Look Like?

In 2021, we have seen how tourism slowly restored after the slumber caused by covid-19. even though there were still many people who chose to stay at home throughout 2021, most of them started planning their trip for 2022 since it is considered to be safer time for travelling. It seems that 2022 will be filled with big moments and encounters. Even though the global pandemic has not been fully contained yet with how new variants of covid-19 keep coming out, many people are optimistic about the year of 2022. 

Family trip to spend some quality time together

It is predicted that 2022 will be a time where families get together to spend quality time travelling to family-friendly destinations. It has been a long time where people get excited from travelling with big families. Many people before 2019 felt the need to travel solo more and considered travel with family more inconvenient due to the need of extra preparation. And it seems that it will change in 2022. People seem to be anticipating 2022 for a trip. Adventurous, multi-generational trips are going to be big in 2022.

Big cities as destinations

Big cities as destinations

It is highly likely for big cities to become one of the most popular destinations for travel in 2022. Since the global pandemic has made people stay at home for too long, many of them kind of missed the bust and hustle bustle of big cities. Cultured, metropolitan, immersed trip to big cities is to be anticipated. It is also highly likely that big cities have planned on making inspiring differences for safer and more enjoyable trip. 

Pursuing the opposite?

The pursuit of the opposite seems to be anticipated as well for travel trends 2022. Many people around the world have become thirst for the unknown especially after being put through diminished horizons. Most of people now grow newfound confidence to experience bolder trip. Safaris, rugged island, volcanic ranges are the opposites of big buildings, noisy cars, and busy mobility. This year is where people are craved for untainted spaces. Many people have shown heir interest for exploring more ancient world with deeper roots.

How about solo travel?

It seems that solo travel will be going stronger in 2022. even though many people have spent their time in the past two years cooped up in their place alone, it didn’t discourage them to experience solo travel. In fact, many solo travelers anticipate the year of 2022  to commune with the world in their own terms. Many solo travelers have been anticipating ‘get lost’ expedition and solo city sleuthing. 

Tendencies to advanced preparation

In 2022, travelers seem to be more aware of the important of getting ahead when it comes to looking and booking for a trip. It is a must to plot massive escape and memorable expedition with thorough preparation since the unexpected may happen anytime. By looking far in advance, travelers also have something to look forward too. It makes the trip much more exciting to experience. 

Free Facebook Marketing Ideas for Villa Owners in Bali – No Ads Required!

Free Facebook Marketing Ideas for Owners - No Ads Required!

Social networking may be a powerful tool for increasing traffic and reservations. Even with our network’s exposure, social media can provide opportunity to meet new people. More people than ever are using social media to share vacation images and obtain travel inspiration – in fact, 60% of tourists use social media to share their travel photos. Social media can also be utilized to gather feedback, generate word-of-mouth, and foster relationships with visitors. Because the majority of people are already on Facebook, it’s definitely the ideal location to start promoting your vacation rental. This is why owners of private villa Bali should leverage on Facebook to reach more audiences and get more booking. 

And the best part is that it can be totally free! While Facebook ads is great to boost your visibility, you can essentially engage many potential customers with organic posts only. Not sure what to share in your Facebook? Here are some awesome vacation rental post ideas you can try.

Showcase Your Website

Share your blog posts’ URLs. Share your blog posts on Facebook with a photo and a brief description of why people should read them. Facebook may become an important part of your content marketing plan because it is one of the most natural and simple ways to share links to your material.

Re-share Instagram Photos of Your Private Villa Bali 

Facebook is a great place to share your Instagram photos. This is a simple technique to stay active on Facebook without actually doing anything. You can also easily make your Instagram posts shareable on Facebook.

Share Updates About Your Private Villa Bali

Have you recently undergone a kitchen renovation? Do you have a pet dog that’s been part of your private villa? Did you plant a new tree—or flower—in your garden? Share any new information or anecdotes you have about your private vacation rental in Bali. Regularly publish about the home’s unique characteristics, history, or a recent excellent guest experience to attract visitors.

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Share Videos to Your Audiences

You can use your page to share videos from other sites. It’s more difficult to navigate past a video than it is to scroll past a picture post. YouTube is an excellent resource for finding videos to share. Make short videos that make the location of your private villa Bali appear to be a good holiday spot. ff course, you can also make your own videos to share on Facebook.

Share Photos and Videos of Your Surrounding

Share Photos and Videos of Your Surrounding

Do you have any interesting restaurants, beaches, or parks around the proximity of your private vacation rental in Bali? Share some of your favorite photographs and videos from around town! Local businesses, such as visitors’ bureaus or restaurants, can be “tagged” in your posts. It gives visitors a taste of your city, strengthens ties with local businesses, and broadens your network.

Create Attractive Infographic

You can convey information on Facebook by sharing an infographic instead of text, which people are more inclined to skim over. It’s best if your posts are visually appealing. Create an interesting infographics about your villa or your area. Or you can choose any topic related to any daily life, really! General information like “10 best pool clubs in Bali” or “10 things to bring to Bali” are very shareable and it can give traffic to your villa. Just make sure to put your villa logo or link the infographic to your website.

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Share Best Deals and Promotions from Your Bali Villa

Promoting unique discounts and offers is a good idea. This can boost traffic—and eventually purchase—to your Bali villa rentals. Give tourists insider information about discounts or bargains to get them interested – and persuade them to book. Travelers usually look our for this around special dates, like Valentine, Christmas, or Nyepi (biggest celebration in Bali). 

Get Active in Facebook Groups

Participate in discussions on other Facebook sites. Local businesses, organizations, events, and other relevant Facebook sites in your area should all be followed. Share and comment on their posts. Facebook allows you to make significant, mutually beneficial connections. It’s important to remember that this is a “social” media platform.

How To Experience Stylish Leisure in Bintan

Bintan island is located in Riau province, Indonesia which is known to be one of the most perfect place for a leisure getaway. Bintan has many destinations with beautiful scenery and interesting attractions. Natural wonders here are such one-of-a-kind. You can pamper yourself with stylish leisure experience at one of many world-class resorts. Not to mention that you can try various underwater activities for better experience. Here are several ideas for you to get stylish leisure experience in Bintan:

Jetovator at Treasure Bay

Stay with style at the Residence Bintan

If you wish to slip away from your busy schedules and all the hustle bustles of big cities, try a luxurious stay at the Residence Bintan. It offers great sense of privacy for you to get more peaceful seclusion during your stay. Situated on the shores of the largest island in Indonesia, this resort offers variety of luxurious amenities you can enjoy to the fullest. Relaxation, intimacy, and luxury are all blend together in one place. 

Floating seafood dinner at Kelong Seafood Restaurant

You can experience seafood dinner while floating above the water at Kelong Seafood Restaurant. This place offers variety of seafood on their menu. Hence, you will get to enjoy hearty dinner while enjoying the scenic views of the sea. The most recommended dishes are Black pepper Crab, Gong Gong or sea snails, and stir-fried butter prawns. This restaurant is located at Nirwana Garden Resort. 

Try Glamping at the Natra Bintan

It is highly recommended to try glamorous camping or Glamping at the Natra Bintan since this is one of the tourist favorites in Bintan. This kind of camping allows you to experience camping while still being accommodated with modern amenities. This is where you get to indulge in a tropical holiday with a luxurious interior. During glamping, you can also try various water activities such as kayaking, swimming, bumper boat riding, wakeboarding, etc. 

Try riding the Jetovator at Treasure Bay

Riding a Jetovator can be one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities you can try. In Treasure Bay, you can do it safely because you will have a professional to guide and teach how to do it properly. Jetovator sets you flying mid-air. With great balance, you can stay above the water from several meter high. It may look difficult but you will be surprised at how easier it is to ride in real life once you get the hang of it. 

Play relaxing sport at The Ria Bintan

If you are not adrenaline junky and prefer more relaxing sport, you can head to The Ria Bintan to play some Golf. Aside from being able to play Golf, you will be presented with stunning scenery from every angle of your surroundings. This place is situated by the northern coast of Bintan Island overlooking the South China Sea. This is a well-known golf course with the most breathtaking views. Throughout your play, you will be exposed to clear blue ocean, magical-like clouds, as well as lush forest full of greenery and fresh wind breeze.

Dive Cruise Indonesia, A Gateway To Embark Remarkable Dive Spots

Dive cruise Indonesia is popular as a way to enjoy the greatest marine biodiversity that Indonesia has to offer. It is a true liveaboard destination, with over 50 Indonesia liveaboards ready to whisk you away to the country’s best dive regions. Indonesia is one of the world’s most popular liveaboard diving destinations and offers you to decide where to explore. 

Dive Cruise Indonesia, A Gateway To Embark Remarkable Dive Spots

Dive Cruise Indonesia Destination

Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park, an iconic Indonesia dive destination, has something for everyone. Komodo offers a rare pink sand beach, a cruise among 29 islands, hiking, and dramatic island vistas with sweeping white-sand bays. 

Crystal clear underwater scenery with many species of soft and hard corals

All of this contributes to Komodo National Park’s well-deserved designation as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Komodo highlights:

  • Swimming with enormous sunfish in Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida (July to October)
  • On Rinca, you can go trekking and meet the famous Komodo dragons,
  • Dive with a slew of manta rays (December to February)

Liveaboard diving Indonesia to Komodo National Park is highly recommended to be able to reach many of the best dive spots and save your time. Diving in Komodo is best suited for intermediate and advanced divers.

Raja Ampat 

Seeing the stunning and much-photographed 1500 islands of Raja Ampat for the first time is reason enough to visit this idyllic destination. Dive in Raja Ampat and you’ll discover a world of exceptional marine biodiversity, including vibrant soft corals, abundant hard corals, reef sharks, wobbegongs, numerous schools of fish, and a plethora of macro life. Raja Ampat dive spots highlights:

Jellyfish lake in Misool, Lenkamana, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  • Swim in Misool’s jellyfish lake. It’s teeming with thousands of non-stinging jellies.
  • Visit Manta Ridge diving to see groups of up to 25 manta rays at cleaning stations.
  • Misool is a great place to look for Indonesia’s famous ‘walking sharks,’ or epaulette sharks.

Intermediate divers who are comfortable with drift diving Best liveaboard Indonesia. 

Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi National Park, a massive UNESCO Biosphere Reserve covering 1.39 million hectares, has long been known as one of Indonesia’s top dive destinations. This remarkable conservation-focused destination is home to some of the world’s healthiest reefs, making it ideal for snorkelers and divers who enjoy exploring coral reef life. Let’s check Wakatobi highlights:

A group of bright blue social tunicates on a Wakatobi, Indonesia, coral reef
  • Short-finned pilot whales pay a visit (November to April)
  • Thousands of fish are spawning (July and August)
  • Roma dive site is one of Wakatobi’s best pinnacle dives, well-known and well-loved by all.

Wakatobi National Park is suitable for all experiences level. Liveaboard Indonesia option to get around Wakatobi, Dunia Baru, Aqua Blue, Si Datu Bua, and much more. 

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Alor’s sands are an excellent choice for black sand diving. Alor’s old lava flows are covered in corals, and there is plenty of schooling fish to be found. Alor diving spot highlights:

Portrait of  Orange-black Dragonet Dactylopus kuiteri
  • Biangabang beach is a critter haven, home to sea moths, mantis shrimp, frogfish, and excellent night diving.
  • At Sharks Galore, you’ll be surrounded by a plethora of grey reef sharks and schools of tuna.

Don’t try to dive if not certified. Alor dive spots are suitable for experienced divers comfortable with strong currents.

Banda Sea

Dive cruise Indonesia will take you to the remarkable Banda Sea. Banda Sea diving spots have healthy coral reefs and interesting wall diving, away from the crowds diving. Pelagic enthusiasts can cruise the Banda Islands and see schools of dogtooth tuna, mobula rays, spinner dolphins, and whales. Easy reef dives highlight the abundance of tropical fish, and there is plenty of macro life to be discovered. Banda Sea highlights:

Barracuda Swirl in the deep blue
  • Current dives on Pulau Ai include numerous sharks, barracuda, and Mobula rays.
  • Seeing sea turtles and eagle rays at the shallow reefs of Batu Udang Batu Payong, which are rich in hard coral fields and beautiful soft corals.

Banda sea diving spot is suitable for divers ranging from intermediate to experienced.