Why Travel Industry Will Still Going Even After Pandemic

In 2020, travel industry was like suddenly stopped due to the major disruption of global pandemic that hits the whole world. People stopped travelling even for their business related trips to make sure they are safe from covid-19. However, almost everyone agrees that travel will always bounce back no matter what. The global pandemic is mostly seen as a big disruption but not something that can stop people from travelling at all. 

People will always travel

As vaccination is being spread, people are starting to travel back now. However, there is a major shift to today’s travel, which is how people are more conscious about their safety as well as the sustainability. People are becoming more conscious how to travel responsibly. There are always unique appeals to travel for many people that make them always crave for it regardless of climate or time differences. 

The possibility of people stop from travelling

It is hard to imagine a world where people don’t travel. Of course, there have been many benefits reported about how the earth is like healing during the pandemic where people travel less. Many places around the world that are usually crowded by people probably have well-deserved rest and make the environment so much better. It is shown by how air pollution levels dropped in various places around the world. However, it is hard to accept the idea of people stop travelling. 

Travel has become a normality in most of our lives,  it’s so natural to travel here and there for various reasons. Also, many people, especially youngster love travelling. They even live to travel because there are so many experiences they may not get anywhere else. There will always a sense of boredom when people stay at the same place for a long time. Hence, they crave for an adventure or trip from time to time.

In addition, travel contribute to the economy especially for the locals. It is one of the key revenues for them so when people totally stop travelling, there will be a significant decrease to their economic growth, especially to those places that rely a lot from their tourism.

The importance of responsible travel

There are many advantages of travelling to places, exploring more about new cultures, meeting new people, learning more about life, etc. The challenge is how to do it responsibly so that it becomes a better model for our planet. It is time for use to reflect together and try to be a more conscious traveler who care not only to have fun but to help protecting our environment as well. 

Sustainable travel is what we should promote more to raise awareness globally. It is important to reorient our focus to interest of local residents at the forefront. Travelers must have better understanding of local living conditions so they are able to shape travel plans accordingly. Global pandemic may have caused some permanent shifts to travel industry but it surely won’t make people stop travel permanently. Travel will bounce back eventually.

Sailing Komodo Tour, Explore the Original Habitat of the Komodo Dragon

Another must-see attraction in East Nusa Tenggara, especially if you are not visiting Komodo Island. You would undoubtedly regret not seeing this UNESCO World Heritage Site if you do not visit this island. The Sape strait separates the two islands, which are bordered on the east by the island of Sumbawa. This island, which will be located in the Komodo District of the West Manggarai Regency, will be home to 1300 Komodo dragons. Don’t worry, a park ranger will accompany you on this island. Are you interested in taking a sailing Komodo tour package to explore the island of Komodo?

Sailing Komodo Tour

Komodo Tour, Exploring Rinca and Komodo Island

Komodo dragon

If you participate in our Komodo Rinca tour package, you will be blown away. This National Park covers an area of 1817 km2 and is made up of three large islands: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island. The land area, which accounts for barely a third of the overall area, will undoubtedly familiarize you with the huge oceans. As a result, in addition to experiencing Komodo tourism on the island of Komodo, you must also sample marine tourism. In the seas of Komodo National Park, there are 1000 kinds of fish and hundreds of different types of coral reefs that can be found in every corner. The gorgeous waters of Komodo will bring you numerous visitors from all over the world.

Flores Island Tour & What To Prepare
Komodo Boat Charter, Luxury Cruising Experience

If you come here, feel the gusts of wind and the enticing ripples of the beach. When traveling here, at least a four-day journey will suffice. Have a comprehensive collection of tools to record every detail of your life. Why should you miss it? Because you don’t want to miss out on the magnificence of the Amazon Forest, Iguazu Falls, and Jeju Island National Park, do you? The sailing komodo island tour package will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Open Trip Komodo Island

Open Trip Komodo Island

When it comes to visiting Komodo National Park, the sailing komodo tour package will undoubtedly enchant you. Prepare yourselves, for the Komodo Island open excursion is now available. You can take a four-day trek from Labuan Bajo to Kelor Island. The Komodo Rinca tour is a fantastic excursion that allows you to see Indonesia’s virgin environment. A great and unforgettable cruise is the Sailing Komodo Tour. On a sailing Komodo tour, you can see Manta Rays and watch the sunset. The greatest Indonesian travel for this period is to visit Komodo National Park. Don’t forget to stay healthy during the tour, do social distancing, and clean your hands frequently.

Is Agritourism Good For You? 

The concept of agritourism is not new in travel industry. It is a tourism located in working farm where tourists can spend their time staying in accommodation. They can even participate in farming activities with the local farmers working there. People who are looking for more tranquil vacation experience may be more interested in this type of tourism because it is not only fun but also calming in some ways. 

Is Agritourism Good For You

Why agritourism becomes more popular these days

In the past, most travelers too focused on ticking off their list of attractions they should visit when travelling. It made the travel experience itself less meaningful because there was no time to fully appreciate each place. Hence, people start promoting more about slow travel, on how travelers more focus on enjoying as much time as possible while visiting an attraction and learn more about it. And agritourism is aligned well with the concept of slow travel. Through this kind of travel, you get to immerse experience on another level. 

Back to the nature concept

One of the most interesting part about agritourism is that you get the opportunity to get closer to the nature. You are not only spending time enjoying the views but also learn more about the local culture, history, etc. With agritourism, comes interaction that foster awareness and appreciation between the traveler, the land they visit, the people who live in it. Even  a simple activity such as eating locally grown fresh produce can boost your happiness during your stay. 

Get more meaningful experience

Through agritourism, you get to have more meaningful experience as mentioned earlier such as raising your appreciation and awareness of the nature as well as the people who live in it. There are so many things you can learn during your escape at the working farm. Explore the local’s way of life, and how they build their relationship with the land. You may get some lessons you will never get from school through this experience. 

Similar concept

Basically, agritourism is not a new concept and has been existed for decades. In the past, travelers looked for the tranquility and calming settings away from the buzz of big cities. Today, some people still like this kind of travel. However, most travelers today like to enhance their experience by learning and doing more. They help out local farmers, learn about their way of life, and try to give back to the local community.  

The benefits of agritourism

It is not only the travelers that should benefited from agritourism. A good agritourism is the one that also benefit the locals. The agritourism should help boost revenue stream to the local economic growth. It will be such a major help for the livelihood of small farms. It should be an opportunity for the farmers to grow steady income. And for travelers, make sure to put your effort in helping out the locals by staying longer, spending your money on immediate areas, eating at the local restaurants, eating organic or fresh produce, and purchase crafts from local artisans. 

Solo Traveler Tips: Booking Private Villa in Bali for Yourself!

6 Must Read Tips for Booking Private Villa in Bali for Single Traveler
Image source: Instagram/@bee_loveeee

Is there a more tranquil spot to go on a singles retreat than Bali, Indonesia? This island is excellent for a wellness holiday, with its infinite lengths of sandy beaches, lush tropical woods, and relaxing jungle noises. Take advantage of days that are full with happiness and beauty. Also, no one will be looking weird at you if you rent a private villa in Bali just for yourself!

Renting A Private Villa in Bali for Solo Travel: Yes, It’s Possible!

You’re in luck if you’re planning a solo vacation trip to Bali. This Southeast Asian island is ideal for lone travelers. Bali retreats for singles provide a wide range of activities centered on “me-time,” and there are also some excellent Bali boutique hotels. Gone are the days where solo travelers are destined to cramped up in shared bunkbed room hostels. In Bali, even solo travelers in budget can have a pleasant quality me-time with minimal expenses!

Finding the Best Villa in Bali for A Mindful Solo Retreat

Bali retreats design every aspect to be in tune with the environment. It’s a great setting for reconnecting with your inner self and focusing on personal well-being. There are many wonderful locations to stay in Bali. You can find plenty of tropical villas in Bali located in a peaceful environment, away from the distractions of tourist regions. You’ll have a good range of options whether you want to be deep in the remote jungle or close to one of the larger cities.

What You’ll Want in A Villa for Solo Traveler

What You’ll Want in A Villa for Solo Traveler
Image source: Instagram/@kclububud

Things that you need to look for when booking a whole private vacation home rental for yourself in Bali would surely be different from booking a villa for large groups or honeymoon vacation. So, what are the important things you want from a villa as solo traveler in Bali?

A Private Villa Bali in Town Centre

A brief city break may be just as satisfying and stimulating as a long solitary journey to the summit of a mountain! When it’s safe to do so, enjoy the hustle and bustle of a new place and explore a new metropolis. Staying in town also means you don’t need to hire private drivers to move around. Some solo travelers make mistakes by booking a villa in the outskirt when they picture city exploration in mind. They need to rely on private drivers to get them to the town. 

Villas in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud are the best for solo travelers. Beside, staying in the middle of the bustling town will make you feel less vulnerable. 

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A Secluded Villa with Ultimate Healing in Mind

A Secluded Villa with Ultimate Healing in Mind
Image source: Instagram/@kclububud

Bali, Indonesia, is the ideal spot to start your trip as a lone traveler. Bali offers an exuberant holiday full with joy and beauty, thanks to its vast beaches and thriving tropical forests. Furthermore, the island boasts a plethora of singles retreats with a variety of activities to meet your “me time” needs. If you want a total seclusion for the absolute me time and inner healing with no intention for city exploration at all, a secluded villa would be best to be alone for few days. Try Kintamani, Ubud, Tabanan, or private Bali villas along the Ayung River. 

A Villa with Free Wifi

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your hotel, ensure sure it has free wi-fi. You can use this time to Skype or Facetime your family and friends back home to tell them about your day’s experiences. You may also use your wifi to watch movies, send emails, and access the web.

A Villa with Breakfast Option 

When you are travelling with spouse or families, it’s always wise to stock up the fridge and cook to save more budget. But when you are travelling alone, you don’t want to buy a bulk of veggies, fruits, pasta, and other ingredients just for couple of days in the villa. Unless you are highly motivated to cook every single day, it’s best to opt for bed & breakfast villa. 

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Other Important Thing to Consider:

Book A Flight with Arrival Time Before 6 PM 

It is important to try and get to your destination during daylight hours. Darkness leaves a solo traveler vulnerable. If you must arrive at night, have your hotel pre-arrange your transportation to their property safely. You don’t want to wander after dark trying to find your villa looking like a vulnerable lost traveler!

Travelling Can Be Your Unlimited Source Of Inspiration

Benefits from traveling are very personal. Some people travel to help them remove all stress they are struggling with from everyday work and responsibilities. Some people also travel to find a new interest to make their life more enjoyable. There are also some people who travel just for the sake of spoiling themselves with luxurious amenities and services. There is no wrong or right when it comes to travel because it is personal and liberating. 

Travel as your source of inspiration

It is also often for people to travel to find new inspiration for them. It is common for everyone to feel like stuck at the same loop or being in a rut. And travel is considered one of the ways to get out of that same loop. It is true that travel can be your limitless sources of inspiration and here are ways it may happen:

Encounter new things

During travel, you encounter many new things you won’t get the chance to when you are at home. When you are busy dealing with your daily life, your focus may stick to particular areas that you don’t get to look to another direction. Hence, it is easy to fall into the same routine and feeling like you are at the same cycle. As the result, you feel like losing any inspiration and start to struggle with burnout. Hence, travel gives you lots of opportunities to discover many new things that may spark inspiration. 

Having time for yourself

When you are feeling less inspired, the reason might not be your skill or ability but lack of ‘me time’. it is true that inspiration may come to you unexpectedly but waiting for it is not the best way to do either. Instead of focusing on ideas or inspiration, it is best for you to try focusing on yourself, making yourself feeling better and happy. When you are in good condition both mentally and physically, the inspiration may just appear in your head like a bubble. But when you are currently feeling stress, down or anxious, it is harder to think bright and find inspiration. 

The chance to feel and create something

From travel, you have the opportunity to feel and create something. You are in full control of deciding where to head to. You get to determine which restaurant to visit for your next meal during your trip. This kind of actions lead to free way of you to open up your true desires and wants. It makes you unable to decide what you are really looking for. Once you realize how you feel and what you want, it is easier to decide the path to find inspiration. 

Inspiring adventures

Travel allows you to create your own adventures. When you visit a country with totally different culture from yours, you will get to experience many new things that are inspiring and mind-opening. You create memories from how you interact with the locals, learn new language or skills, and basically enjoy your time with new surroundings that help spark inspiration for you.

Flores Island Tour & What To Prepare

Most visitors come to Flores solely to see the Komodo dragons, stay in Labuan Bajo, and leave, but if you truly want to grasp why Flores is one of Indonesia’s most interesting places, you must journey inland from west to east. Choose the Flores island tour by boat as a place to stay to feel a new atmosphere on the Flores boat trip.

Flores Island Tour & What To Prepare

Why do Flores island tour

Flores is a spectacular island with incredible fauna, diversified natural beauty, and incredibly friendly people. The island is easily accessible from Denpasar, making it a perfect place to visit after Bali. The island is famous for being close to the famed Komodo Islands and for being the only site on the planet where you can view a real living dragon. Flores, on the other hand, is much more than the Komodo Islands.

For starters, the island is nearly entirely populated by Roman Catholic Christians, although the majority of Indonesia is Muslim, which brings with it a variety of traditions, ways of life, and sights to see. There’s also Kelimutu’s tri-colored volcanic lakes, Bajawa’s traditional villages, and Ruteng’s spider web rice field to keep you amused for weeks.

When to go to Flores

The best season to visit Flores is from May to September when the weather is dry and stable. Very important if you want to enjoy your trip to Flores, especially the cruise of the Komodo Islands and the Flores highlands region. The cities at sea level (Labuan Bajo, Ende, and Maumere) are quite hot, but as you reach the mountains, the temperature drops to a pleasant 20°C during the day and 16°C at night, so dress appropriately.

What to pack during Flores Komodo tour?

I’m a light traveler, as you know, and packing light for a trip like this is an art in and of itself. Here are some packing suggestions for your Flores Komodo tour, Indonesia:

Walking/Hiking Shoes: We strongly advise you to bring a nice pair of comfortable walking/hiking shoes on this excursion.

Breathable Shirts: When the sun is blazing and the sky is clear, it can get very hot outside, so pack a couple of breathable shirts with you.

Shorts/Jeans: Because you will be walking a lot more when traveling, I strongly advise you to bring a few pairs of breathable shorts. Leggings are great for both hot and cold locations, so bring some along with you.

Outer Shell Jacket: An outer shell jacket is perfect when it’s raining or a little windy outside.

Microfiber Towel: A Microfiber towel is ideal for backpackers because it is light, quick to dry, and can be compressed to save space.

Swim trunks: If you’re visiting Flores, Indonesia in the summer, bring your swim trunks just in case there’s a body of water you can jump into.

Camera: You should bring a good camera with you on your vacation so that you can document all of the wonderful events you have.

Power Bank: A 20,000+ mAh Power Bank can keep your electronics charged while you’re on the run.

Universal Adaptor: You simply need one universal adaptor to plug in your devices in whatever country you visit.

Returning To Your Normal Schedule After A Long Solo Getaway 

Adjusting to your normal life after having a well-deserved vacation is hard for everyone even for seasoned travelers. Not to mention that it is even harder when you return from along solo trip. There are some extra troubles you need to anticipate. When you have your solo trip, you experience many things on your own. There are many benefits you can take that can be very enriching for your life. However, you do it alone without any companion to reminisce memories when you are back to your normal life. Some travelers experienced real struggles from this case. 

Returning To Your Normal Schedule After A Long Solo Getaway

How to adjust your life after long solo travel

The challenges of resuming life after having an amazing time from your long solo trip are not something to joke about. Some people even have been mentally affected because they didn’t think they could return to their normal self. And it takes such a long time for them to fully recover. However, you can avoid it from happening to you by considering these tips:

Don’t be too hard on yourself and take your time

There is no obligation for you to adjust to your normal life a minute you arrive at your home from the trip. Give yourself a few days to gradually adjust into a routine. It is a recipe for a disaster if you return from the trip at midnight and the next morning you have to wake up early for work. Hence, make sure to time your return so you have enough sleep before getting back to your routine.

Reconnect with your loved ones

One of the downsides you may experience from a long solo travel is negative feeling including sadness, loneliness, irritability, lack of motivation, exhaustion, anxiety, mood swings, etc. It is because you feel disconnected after being in a bubble of your vacation on your own. Schedule lunch or dinner with your loved ones to reconnect. Talk with them and catch up with their life while you were away. 

Don’t try to forget your memories of the trip

Many people try to forget about what they have experienced during the trip once they return because they wanted to adjust to their normal routine very soon. However, it doesn’t have to be that way because you can still reflect on your trip. Organize your photos, maybe you want to print out some of them to be displayed somewhere in your house. See how the trip has changed your life. Maybe there are things you can be grateful for. Or maybe you gain new interests thanks to the trip you took. 

Take care of yourself

It is highly possible for you to feel stressed during your return since you have to adapt to your normal life. Stress can weakened your immune system and ruin your overall health so don’t forget to always take care of yourself. Eat healthy and delicious foods, drink plenty of water, and have a good sleep. Also, do regular exercises to keep your fitness and get some relaxation from spas or massages. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid at Nusa Dua Beach Resort: First Timer Must Read

5 Mistakes to Avoid at Nusa Dua Beach Resort: First Timer Must Read

Staying in beach resort is one of the perfect way to spend a relaxing holiday in Bali. Pampered by complete services with top-notch hospitality, resort makes vacation feels easy. When you plan a stay in Nusa Dua beach resort, you pay a single cost and have access to an abundance of food, drink, and entertainment. Isn’t it simple? It certainly is, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your all-inclusive vacation runs as smoothly as possible — especially if you’re new to this sort of travel.

Assuming that Everything in the Nusa Dua Beach Resort is Included

The term “all-inclusive” may lead you to assume that everything is included, however this is rarely the case. At a resort, you may be charged extra for items like select restaurants, excursions, activities, spa services, Wi-Fi, premium booze, and room service. Even if all of these are included, you will almost certainly have to pay extra for airline, luggage fees, airport transportation, and resort costs.

Before planning an all-inclusive trip, do your homework to find out what is and isn’t included. Some resorts are more all-inclusive than others, so keep this in mind while comparing rates.

Not Learning How the Beach Resort Works 

Assuming that Everything in the Nusa Dua Beach Resort is Included

Each resort has nuances that must be grasped fast in order to get the most out of your vacation, such as meal reservations. Some resorts allow you to make restaurant reservations ahead of time or upon check-in, while many require you to make reservations each morning for that evening. If this appears to be the case at your resort, you’ll need to figure out where to make reservations, which restaurants have a fee, and what time you may start making reservations each morning.

You’ll also want to learn the hours of operation for restaurants, pools, pubs, and activities. A schedule of events, as well as a map of the resort, should be posted or available in your accommodation.

Not Having Enough Cash Ready for Tipping

It is not customary to leave a gratuity tip in Bali. It’s definitely appreciated if you do, but it’s not deemed impolite if you don’t. In general, most hotels and restaurants include a service charge in their rates, so you do not need to tip. However, if you are treated very well or if you request a favor, it is preferable to leave a tip. Typically, a few bucks are left for the pleasant bartender who makes your drinks, the restaurant waiters who hustle to deliver hot meals at your table, the housekeeping crew who leaves you towel animals on your bed every night, and the bell employees who handle your baggage.

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Booking in the Wrong Season

Imagine planning up your beach vacation in Bali only to get big rains and thunderstorms for days. Be sure to check the season in Bali before booking your Nusa Dua beach resort. It’s also a goof idea to check the dates of local and national holidays. Many resorts might get busy on certain days because they give day passes or annual passes to local residents. Unless you’re visiting during the offseason to take advantage of reduced rates, you should avoid the wet and humid seasons.

Not Make Time to Explore the  Nusa Dua Beach Resort

This is your vacation, so spend it anyway you want. And if you find a favorite place at the pool for relaxing, or a favorite breakfast restaurant with Balinese jam and fresh breads, and put it on repeat daily until it’s time to go home. Especially when you have visited Bali several times, taking tours to all the temples and beaches. You might want to spend this time in the Nusa Dua beach resort to be just quiet relaxing time. 

However, we do recommend that you take the time to explore the resort and its surrounding. That involves searching for the best places to read a book—maybe in the beach bed or the lounge chair.  Maybe it’s trying the sunrise yoga class. You can also pay a visit to the resort’s tour desk, where the receptionist can sign you up to off-property adventures like snorkeling, banana boating, water sports, or even 

Not Checking Booking Options

Usually, you can book directly paying cash rates, directly using reward nights or points, through a credit card portal, or through an online travel agent. And, as several of my prior recommendations have demonstrated, no single booking method is usually the best option. Think about all of your alternatives.

Sleep Like A Baby On Your Next Flight

When your travel destination is a faraway place, you need enough rest so that your body can overcome everything that potentially overwhelming such as time zone, different environment, etc. Hence, it is important to sleep well prior the trip so you can arrive feeling more refreshed and ready  

How to sleep well during long-haul flight

Even for seasoned travelers, sleeping on a plane can be tricky because there are so many disruptions. Turbulence, noisy passengers, crying babies, unfamiliar noises, and more are some of the reasons some travelers cannot even close their eyes for few minutes. And here are some tips for you to sleep well during a long-haul flight:

Don’t feel guilty to splurge

If you plan on such a long trip where your destination is so faraway then you can splurge on first class or at least premium economy. With the lie flat seats, you will be able to rest your body better. It is more optimal to sleep and you will wake feeling energized. If first class seat is too pricey, you may opt for premium economy seat since it usually has more spacious legroom, wider seat, and have more space to recline. 

Consider your flight’s timing

For a long -haul flight, it is important to consider many points including the timing. Since you need to rest well during the flight, make sure to choose the right time when booking your ticket. Also, you will have to face different time zone. And if the gap is pretty big then timing does matter. Choose flight’s time that fit your sleeping schedule. Pick the time of your flight that is the closest to when you would sleep normally at home. 

Choose your seat wisely

When booking your ticket, choose your seat wisely to have a good sleep. It is recommended to choose window seat since you have something to lean against when you sleep. Also, avoid a seat that is too close to the galley or restroom because those areas are usually full of commotion of passengers which can disturb your sleep. You may also consider bulk seat wince it has extra room for your leg and there is no one directly in front of you to worry about. The downside is, it is near the galley and restroom. 

Consider direct flight

To reach faraway destination, you may have to take multiple flights and this is not a good news because you won’t be able to rest fully. Hence, it is highly recommended that you opt for direct flight if possible. It’s much better to opt for a one eight-hours flight instead of two four-hours flight. You can just sleep like a baby without having to worry about catching connecting flight. 

Avoid caffeinated beverages

It is highly recommended to avoid any caffeinated beverages right before your flight since you will feel more alert. Opt for healthier drinks and if possible, talk to your doctor to ask for sleeping aids or supplements they can recommend to help you fall asleep better during your flight.

Komodo Boat Charter, Luxury Cruising Experience

Komodo National Park is an interesting and challenging destination for diving and living on a boat. Komodo boat charter is perfect for divers and snorkelers who rather lose the crowth than getting lost in the crowth. Most tourists go to charming islands that unspoil and reach dive spots without wasting time. This type of nomadic tourism is becoming a trend to visit potential natural destinations in a number of islands that are difficult to reach. There are many reasons why tourists choose nomadic tourism, especially privacy, which is the main reason that tourists covet.

Komodo Boat Charter, Luxury Cruising Experience

Komodo boat charter

Most inexperienced tourists exploring Komodo National Park are often dissatisfied with the initial cruise. Why? Getting lost in the crowth is not the right choice for a vacation. Generally, foreign tourists do not understand that so many Labuan Bajo liveaboard operators offer cheap packages with minimal facilities and comfort. As a result, Komodo trips to each other become unpleasant vacations. 

Komodo boat charters for tourists who want their vacation more privacy is the way to go. The price of the Labuan Bajo liveaboard package by renting a boat is a bit more expensive than the sharing cost. But the comfort and satisfaction of the vacation are worth what you pay for. 

Another advantage is that by renting a Labuan Bajo liveaboard, you can adjust the time and itinerary. Sailing using a Komodo yacht charter will greatly save your cruise time to hunt for beautiful scenery, dive spots in the waters of Komodo National Park. Live onboard on a phinisi boat is the main attraction. Tourists can experience a unique and different vacation compared to when they have to stay at a conventional hotel.

Some Labuan Bajo liveaboard recommendations for your super premium vacation

Wisesa Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Wisesa Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

One of these Komodo boat charters offers maximum space and comfort with high quality service. Wisesa liveaboard has a length of 28 meters that can accommodate up to 10 guests, with 8 crew members. Each cabin is equipped with an air conditioner and bathroom. Wisesa liveaboard also provides water activity equipment such as kayaks, stand-up paddles, and snorkeling equipment. If privacy is a priority for a group or family vacation, Wisesa Komodo yacht charter can be a perfect choice.

Ikan Terbang luxury liveaboard Komodo

Ikan Terbang luxury liveaboard Komodo

No matter whether you want to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary with a unique and memorable diving activity, the Komodo boat charter is the right choice. The flying fish is 18 meters long and is a private boat that accommodates 2 passengers and 4 crew. Liveaboard Labuan Bajo redefines the meaning of a luxury couple cruise where guests can fully relax. Liveaboard flying fish offers sundeck facilities, onboard meals, paddleboard, onboard wifi, diving, and snorkeling equipment.