Keeping Your Routine During Business Travel

A business strip can be physically and mentally draining especially due to demanding schedule. It may not be a problem for you to have demanding schedule as you are used to it and you know how to deal with it. However, it is different when you have to face it during a business trip. Unfamiliar places, people, culture, and everything can be overwhelming, making you unable to stick to your routine and stay healthy from both inside and out. 

Keeping Your Routine During Business Travel

How to get your business trip easier

It must be nice for you to see new places from time to time after cooping up for hours and weeks in the office. However, there are many factors that can make business trip more draining, disrupting your attempt at maintaining your health and sleep routine. So here are some changes you may consider implementing to keep your routine during a business trip:

Avoid eating out too often

During your business trip, it is more recommended for you to dine in instead of eating out. Travelling often sometimes makes you feel a little bit lazy to prepare your own meal and decide to eat out in some restaurants. It will be draining both physically and financially. Stick to your eating routine by preparing your own meal using the hotel kitchenette. You may also consider ordering a takeout from local restaurant sometimes but not too often. 

What if you want or must eat out?

During business trips, sometimes you need to network over coffee, lunch, or dinner. Imagine if you have to do it many different clients during the trip. How many times you have to look up the menu and choose the foods or drinks. Hence, it is recommended to east as you would at home. It is perfectly fine to indulge yourself with your favorite tiramisu during one lunch with a client. However, it is best to keep it minimal. Eating out too often can make you forget those calories that keep adding up. 

Keep your workout routine

There is no reason for you to skip workout routine. Even with demanding schedule you can slip in few workout routines. For example, you can join an early morning yoga class, or simply visit a gym provided by your hotel. Even if you just want to stay in your room, you can do some exercises on your own with minimal tools. The most important thing is to keep your body fit.

Get enough rest and sleep

It may be challenging to stick to your sleep routine during business trip especially with the time zone and demanding schedule. Sometimes, a business trips make you work even harder than when you do it from the office. However, it is strongly suggested to keep your sleep routine since it is the time for you to fully recover and recharge. If you tend to get six or seven hours of sleep at home, plan to do just the same during your business trip. That way, your body won’t be thrown into unhealthy habits when you return. 

6 Reasons Why Villas in Bali is Perfect for Intimate Destination Wedding!

6 Reasons Why Villas in Bali is Perfect for Intimate Destination Wedding!

Many lovebirds dreams of tying the know in Bali and we totally understand why. Like, how can you not? This beautiful island boasts wonderful Instagram-perfect views that can make any wedding feels so magical. The even said that Bali is one of the most romantic place in the world to get married. There’s almost nowhere as romantic as Bali when it comes to scenic and unique locations for your big day. The so-called “Island of Gods” in Indonesia is breathtakingly gorgeous and adds a touch of magic to all it touches, especially with its colorful offerings and ornate temples. This little tropical island has endless beaches, clifftops, vistas, rainforests, gardens, paddy fields, villas, and luxury resorts for a destination wedding, making it one of the best wedding venues in the world. And when it comes to tropical wedding, there’s nothing better than throwing the party at beautiful villas of Bali. 

Versatile Venues from Hundreds of Five-Star Villas in Bali

Versatile Venues from Hundreds of Five-Star Villas in Bali
Image credit:

Have you ever fantasized about exchanging vows on a white sand beach? In the middle of a gorgeous jungle? On a spectacular cliffside with pounding waves in the background? Or perhaps in a rice paddy of emerald green? All of these options are viable when we are talking about villas in Bali. The gorgeous villas at Seminyak area, which is in a hip area of the island with beautiful cafés and stores, is perfect for an insanely scenic ceremony within steps of the waves. Or take a look at villas in Canggu puts you in the center of idyllic rice paddies. You can also travel to Ubud or eastern Bali to get married in front of lush green paddies. Maybe you fancy tying the knot at one of villa in Jimbaran, overlookimg a tranquil blue bay. You can also look for cliffside alternatives around Jimbaran and Nusa dua that make your jaw drop.

A Bespoke Wedding Experiences

Our villas do not offer pre-packaged “wedding packages.” There are no conventional policies, such as those found in commercial establishments such as hotels or resorts, that allow little room for your own personal additions. The villa staff is entirely committed to you and is more flexible in meeting your needs. Everything is a pleasure, whether you arrive by horse or chartering classic VW to arrive at your dream venue.

A Complete Privacy and Intimate Setting

Can you image walking into a hotel lobby in your wedding gown, only to be accosted by vacationers in shorts waiting for a taxi? Getting to the grounds by way of the pool area? There’s no chance of meeting strangers when you have your own private cottage. Your loved ones will be the only ones there!

You Have the Entire Bali Villas for Yourself

You Have the Entire Bali Villas for Yourself

Your wedding day, as well as the days leading up to it, should seem personal. When you’re in a shared location, like a hotel or a huge wedding venue with numerous weddings going on at the same time, it’s difficult to establish this degree of intimacy. You get the entire space to yourself in private villas in Bali. You, your loved one, and your guests will have a significantly more pleasant and private experience than they would in many other places.

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Make the Most of Your Vacation with Bali Family Villas

An Affordable Affair 

Villa is a cost-friendly venue alternatives and couples love it. Villa can both accommodates the wedding party and accommodation for the travelling relatives, making it as a more cost-effective option for the newlyweds. It also makes it a holiday for everyone. Let’s go to work on making your dreams a reality.

Making Use of Both Indoor and Outdoor Space of the Bali Villas

Many couples dream of an idyllic outdoor wedding or celebration. A breeze, sunshine, sand, lush foliage, or a starlit sky can add even more magic to your day. A private villa can provide both lovely indoor and outdoor settings for your wedding day, offering you a variety of possibilities. You might get married on the beach and have your reception in the villa’s ballroom or on the event terrace, for example. There are countless possibilities, and you may even adjust your plans based on the weather forecast if necessary.

What To Do When Checking A Bag At The Airport

Checking your valuable items in your bag doesn’t guarantee they will be safe through the entire flight. There have been thousands cases of damaged or lost items file at various airports. Surprisingly, 40% of the files were denied. Checking a bag is crucial part when it comes to travel. There are many pitfalls that might happen to you when checking your bag so you need to make sure your luggage arrive in one piece. 

TSA-approved lock to secure your bag

How to ensure your bag will arrive safely in one piece?

The very obvious thing to do is to not pack your valuables in your checked bag. There have been many travelers who still keep their valuables in their checked bags such as watches, cameras, golden rings, iPads, etc. Those are expensive and have been reported being stolen from traveler’s luggage. Hence, do not pack them in your checked bag but in your carry-on or backpack. If you buy pricey souvenirs from your trip, pack them in your carry-on or ship them if they are too large or heavy. 

Do not pack items that are on the list of prohibited items on the TSA. It is important what items you should and should not pack in your bag be it carry-on or suitcase. For example, lithium batteries used in cameras should be packed in your carry-on. To ensure that you pack properly, double-check the TSA’s list of prohibited items before checking your bag. 

Use only TSA-approved lock to secure your bag. If you use non-TSA approved one then it will be ripped off your bag. It is as simple as that so make sure to follow the rule. It is easy to find lock that is approved by TSA. Therefore, it will be easier for the security officers to open the lock with their master key. It makes checking process goes smoothly as well. 

Avoid getting your belonging spilled or leaked from your checked bag. Always double-check your bag from home and when it is going to be checked at the airport security. Also, do not put liquid in a bad spot. At least cushion your liquids to avoid leak or spill incidents. Make sure every pocket and compartment is zipped and fastened securely. It is strongly suggested to not leave anything hanging outside of your bag. Dangling items can get caught easily on the conveyor belt at the airport. It can end up with your bag damaged or your items lost. 

It is best to avoid booking  a tight connecting flight. It is too risky because with such short time, there is bigger chance your bag won’t make it to the final destination with you. Shorter layover can cause you anxiety because you keep worrying whether or not your bag will make it. Hence, it is best to avoid booking tight connection. At least book connecting flights with two hours transfer period. This way you can reclaim and recheck your bag before getting into your next flight without hassle.

Recommended 5 Komodo Cruise Indonesia

Your adventure experience to Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, and its surroundings never stops. There are many amazing spots for you to explore. Especially for diving lovers, there are more than 40 dive sites in Komodo National Park with spectacular underwater views. Komodo cruise trip answers all your curiosity to enjoy spectacular views on land or under the sea. 

Luxury Komodo Cruise, Exploring Labuan Bajo and Around

The ideal is that you enjoy an unforgettable vacation that is equivalent to the budget you spend. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset with views of the blue sea and mountains along the way. Exotic islands such as Komodo Island, Pink Beach, Rinca Island, offer the charm of extraordinary beauty. Komodo cruise trip takes you to visit many of the best spots along your sailing trip. Some of the best yacht recommendations that you can consider for an unforgettable vacation.

Aliikai Liveaboard

aliikai liveaboard komodo cruise

One of the newly renovated luxury yachts in 2020 with a size of 40 meters offers an amazing sailing experience. Has 7 cabins, air-conditioned, comfortable bathroom in each cabin. Aliikai yacht can accommodate more than 15 guests, with 12 crew members and a cruise director. You can use a comfortable boat deck to enjoy the sunrise and sunset as well as the surrounding scenery along the way. This ship is also equipped with comfortable outdoor dining for guests to dine under the moonlight. Are you a diving lover? Allikaii liveaboard takes you to explore the best dive spots to your satisfaction.

Magia 2 Liveaboard

magia 2 liveaboard

Phinisi boat with an area of 25 meters offers privacy that can accommodate 10 people. With the combination of French and Italian decorations, you can spoil your cruise trip. Equipped with 1 master cabin with king-size bed and sofa and 2 seater Jacuzzi will really spoil your sailing holiday. The living room which is connected to the dining room provides comfort for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your service experience is not complete without diving activities. You will be completely pampered with professional diving guides to ensure your safety while diving.

Ikan Terbang Liveaboard

ikan terbang liveaboard

The yacht with an area of 18m offers a very private moment for you, both honeymooners or for every couple who wants to celebrate an anniversary. Enjoying time and intimacy with your partner by doing a Komodo cruise trip will be very memorable. Flying fish yacht is equipped with 1 double bedroom including air-conditioned, dining room with the best view, snorkeling and diving equipment. You can share romantic adventures always because liveaboard flying fish provides onboard wifi.

La Unua By Kamma

La Unua by Kamma liveaboard

If you want to travel on a Komodo cruise with a small group, La Unua by Kamma liveaboard offers convenience. Equipped with 3 double bed cabins, 1 single cabin with ac & ensuite bathrooms, hot waters, outdoor living area, the sundeck is ready to take you to explore Labuan Bajo and its surroundings. During the Komodo cruise, guests can also enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, stand-up paddle, banana boat, and underwater sea scooter. La Unua by Kamma provides National park fees and airport transfer facilities.

Splendour Liveaboard

Splendour liveaboard exploring Komodo National Park

Phinisi boat inspired by the American style of the 1920s accommodates 8 guests to start your Komodo cruise journey. Equipped with 3 cabins for your comfortable sleep while traveling. Outdoor sleeping area, saloon and lounges are available for you to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Splendor liveaboard is not just a vacation but offers an amazing experience along the way to explore Komodo National Park.

How To Have Pleasant Red-Eye Flight Experience

How To Have Pleasant Red-Eye Flight Experience

Red-eye flight is life save for budget travelers. It is the same as overnight train that can be booked to save money. Furthermore, the best thing about red-eye flight is that you can sleep throughout the flight and wake up feeling refreshed. Many travelers choose red-eye flight so they can explore many places once they land on their destination. However, there is also the downside of it such as rumbling noise from the engine that can make you unable to sleep properly. 

Tips for comfortable red-eye flight

If you don’t get enough sleep, you will be exhausted upon arrival. Hence, it is important that you take proper rest. The key to have proper rest during red-eye flight is to follow your nighttime routine as if you were at home. 

How To Have Pleasant Red-Eye Flight Experience

You can plan ahead of what you are going to do once you are in the cabin. Keep in mind that every individual may have different nighttime routine. So you don’t really have to follow someone’s routine but yours. For example, if you are not picky about food served in the cabin, you can enjoy it to get yourself feeling full and ready to follow your nighttime routine. Or, you can also eat your dinner at home before going to the airport so you eat something you truly like. 

Make sure that you brush your teeth once your meal is finished. It is priority to have clean teeth before bed. It is basic hygiene you should follow wherever you are. If you eat your dinner at the airport, you can brush your teeth int he toilet using your own toothbrush. If you are unsure about the water, use your reusable water bottle to brush and rinse.

Remove all make up. It is even better if you don’t wear make up at all from home. But if you want to wear makeup, make sure to wash up before getting a night sleep during the flight. Washing up is common bedtime routine. It makes you feel clean and ready to bed. You can use disposable face wipes to remove any makeup from your face. Or, you can use your regular face wash and wash up in the toilet. If you usually spray some perfume before then do not skip it even when you are on flight. 

Do anything you like to do before bed such as reading book, watching movies, drinking a cup of tea, etc. If you decide to read, use low light so it won’t make you harder to fall asleep. Then, get cozy with your position. Make yourself warm by wearing your blanket. Use supportive neck pillow or wear a cardigan. Replace your tight shoes with fuzzy socks. 

Tune out all the noise and lights by wearing noise-canceling headphone or earphone and eye mask. This way, you won’t get disturbed by noise or lights from other passengers. Even though the cabin is cramp, getting cozy can help you more comfortable and able to sleep better. 

Building Modern Villas in Seminyak that People Actually Want to Stay

Building Modern Villas in Seminyak that People Actually Want to Stay

A beach house is inherently charming, airy, and even appealing. It usually happens as soon as you walk inside the house and smell the salt in the air, which has been expertly mixed with elegant patterns and layers that envelop the space. Whether you have villas in Seminyak that you visit every week during the summer, or you want to put the beach house for vacation rental, you’ll want to make it feel like part of the beach. The following suggestions will help you realize your space’s full potential and create the ideal beach house that people actually want to stay inside.

Pouring Light to the Room

Have you ever stepped inside a dark and dingy beach house? We sincerely hope not. The sun and gorgeous views are celebrated in coastal decor. Natural light is the predominant source of illumination in coastal residences due to the abundance of windows. Incorporate a lot of simple, bright, breezy window in your villas Seminyak. Pull back those drapes and let the beautiful sunlight in. After all, who wants to hide a beautiful beach view? 

Light Palette for the Villas Seminyak

Pouring Light to the Room

If color isn’t your thing, go the other way and keep all of your surfaces white, from ceiling to floor. Details like painted wood floors and beaded-board cabinet fronts add a relaxed beach house vibe. Warm wood accents, a navy tile backsplash, and stainless steel accents provide a basic layer of color and texture that elevates the aesthetic of this kitchen.

Furnishing Inspired from the Nature 

Coastal design furniture is anything from stuffy and pompous. Staying in Villas in Seminyak should be the relaxing and comfortable house. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forego style and elegance. Chairs should be made of natural fibers such as rattan, cane, or sea grass, while floor coverings should be made of jute, sisal, sea grass, or knotted wool. Slip-covered sofas in linen or cotton maintain the style casual, but with kids, a durable utrasuede or outdoor fabric in sandy tones works well and is practical. Keep your linens basic, crisp, and light. To complete the aesthetic, add hand-painted, distressed accent pieces.

Build A Small Beach Cabana

Build A Small Beach Cabana

Transform garden or beach area in your into a relaxing retreat. During pool parties or evening partying in the summer, this open-air pavilion is the ideal place to cool off. The coastal style is reflected in the blue-and-white color scheme, canvas drapes, porthole-type window, and numerous reclining chairs.

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Accessorise the Seminyak Villas from the Beach

Sea life, shells, sand, sea fans, coral, driftwood, and other coastal accessories can be used. On throw cushions, plates, glass ware, and artwork, look for nautical or coastal prints. This is the place to put your creative coastal spin on things. You get to express your family’s memories, heirlooms, and treasures by adding seaside accessories and art. We all have small (or large) bags of shells, stones, sea glass, and driftwood collected from the beach by our children (or ourselves). Take those basic tiny gems and use them to create unforgettable art and displays.

Keeping Your Home Safe While Away For Travelling

When it comes to travelling, the ultimate thing that becomes the main concern is your safety. However, it is also important to keep your home safe especially while you are away for travelling. Even if it is just for few days, things can go wrong when you return. One of the most concerning issues is that empty home is the perfect target for criminals. Hence, it is a must to take key steps to keep your home safe while exploring the world. 

How to keep your home safe and sound while you are away for travelling

Before leaving, make sure everything is safe by unplugging any appliances to prevent power surges. Also, do not leave your lights on throughout the entire vacation. It will be more suspicious and your bill will end up more costly. 

Ask for a help from a friend or neighbor to keep an eye of your house and check everything such as pipes. Ask them to drop by once every day to check on your house. Give them a key so they can enter your house. If you leave your car, give them the key just in case it needs to be moved. It is important to ask help from someone you trust and not a stranger or simply acquaintance.

Prevent yourself from giving too much information on online platform especially social media. Do not let strangers know that you are going to leave your home unattended for a vacation. It is like giving out invitation for irresponsible to raid your house. Remember that posting your vacation photos can be done after you return. It is safer that way anyway. 

Also, be mindful with your voice mail. Do not leave a message stating that you are not home or on a vacation. Just let the callers know that you cannot come to the phone right now. This might be a simple thing but can make difference. When someone knowing you are away from home especially for long duration, they can take advantage of the situation. 

If you live in a small town, you may notice the police that you are going to leave the town for longer than a week or two. Hence, they may drive by your house during patrol.  If there is local neighborhood watch program in the area then you can contact them. 

Next issue is about the curtains. If you let the curtains open, then people can peer inside your house to see if you are home or not. However, closed curtains can also stop people who aim to help from seeing inside your house. The best of the two choices is to leave your curtains exactly as you usually keep them when you are home. It indicates no changes to hint that you are away.

It is best to keep your valuable belongings out of sight. Do not let them visible from the window. You can keep them in your closet or place you always use to keep valuable things such as jewelry computers, etc.

Jump into the Komodo Island Scuba Diving

Jump into the Komodo Island Scuba Diving

Diving in the sea is very exciting and challenging, like diving into life. But life under the sea is very amazing, so humans have designed tools that can breathe under water just for the sake of watching marine biota and animals. And each water has its own unique life. Komodo Island Scuba Diving, for example, is always the best moment in life. 

Sometimes when you’re diving it feels like you have gills, but when you realize the sound of an oxygen tank rustling, you paddle your feet again. The sensation of diving is truly two-fold, you are like floating without wings in Komodo National Park Diving. 

Basic Tips for Komodo Island Scuba Diving: 

Behind the charm of Komodo Island Scuba Diving, you also have to stay alert while enjoying it. Both to animals and marine biota that live there. And the most important thing is not to damage and pollute the nature of Indonesia.

Check Equipment

Before diving, you need to make sure the diving equipment you will use is functioning normally or not. The main thing is usually to check the mask, fins, hoses, and buoys you are using are working properly. After that, another important thing is to follow the direction of the instructor who guides you. 

Do Not Panic

When snorkeling or diving, you will meet marine animals that may be bigger than you. If you want to touch them, try to gently rub their skin. This relaxed feeling will make the animals that touch also feel safe and do not feel threatened by their existence. 

Wear Clothes That Cover the Whole Body

Swimsuits that cover the whole body are the safed clothes for snorkeling and diving. The reason is that under the sea there are so many animals and marine biota that may sting or bite. Swimwear will protect us from these things. Because jellyfish stings can make our skin blister, and it can make us stop diving activities at the time. 

Watch the Ocean Currents

The diving point is determined by the Komodo Island Scuba Diving guide, so the boat you are riding will drop you off at one point and pick you up at another. Make sure to stay in touch with the captain. Therefore it is recommended not to go against the current because it only wastes energy. 

Bring the Underwater Camera

Moments under the sea are very precious and should be remembered in the future. Maybe one day you will tell your diving experience at Komodo Island Scuba Diving and show the real evidence. Therefore, make sure your camera memory is empty with a full battery, don’t forget to charge it the night before diving!

After you know all of this you can continue your Komodo Sailing Trip plan, don’t let anything be left behind when you prepare for your trip to the island of Flores. But for those of you who have never snorkeled or dived, you should join the training first. Because if you are the first and don’t take part in previous training, you will have the potential to harm yourself and others. 

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Affordable Castles You Can Book For Your Vacation

Many people dream of being able to experience how to live in a place of royalty. And castles are probable one of the most make sense place to experience that kind of feeling. There are different castles around the world that have aged as well. There is certain vibe when it comes to castles. It is not only royalty feeling that excite you but the overall uniqueness and beauty that they offer. Castles are a little but mysterious too which excites you even more to try living in one of them at least once in your lifetime.

You can save these lists of castles for your dream vacation later when the situation is deemed safe. For now, you still have to follow local and international protocols before planning for  a trip. While waiting, put these affordable castles in your bucket list.

Castrum di Serravale

Castrum di Serravale

Castrum di Serravale is located in Italy with rent fee ranged from $132 per night. This is one of the castles with top rate located in the heart of the historical center of Vittoro Veneto, Italy. It was built around 12th century by the De Camino aristocratic family. It was built on a site of a 1st century Roman settlement. So this place is really has a long history. You can book one of the comfortable rooms and explore the library or relax on sun terrace.

Czocha Castle

Czocha Castle

Czocha Castle is located in Poland with rent fee started from $52 per night. It is considered very affordable and worth a reservation. This castle looks like it comes from a fairytale. The turreted stronghold was built in the mid 13th century under the order of King Wenceslas of Bohemia. The castle stands on top of the forested hill overlooking a lake. There are dungeons, armories, and various hidden rooms in this castle. Some parts of the castles are open for public for tours.

Langley Castle Hotel

Langley Castle Hotel

Langley Castle Hotel is located in England with rent fee started from $165 which still considered affordable.  This castle has an interesting H shape surrounded by a 10-acre woodland estate. This castle was built by Sir Thomas de Lucy in the mid 14th century. It had been through attacked but was able to restore and then turned into a luxury hotel like it is today. With medieval style, this castle offer contemporary comforts such as  AC, Wi-Fi, and Sky TV.



Cahercastle is situated in Ireland with rent fee started from $194 for up to four guests. This castle was built in the 14th century. Today, it is owned by Peter Hayes and his partner, Eva. They are the one who restored the castle into glorious hotel like it is today using local materials. You can book the master bedroom that has direct access to the turret. Instead of en-suites, you can use shared bathroom downstairs because this castle is an ancient property. It also has underfloor heating as well as small kitchen and living room you can use with your travel buddies.

Creating Lush Jungle in Your Villa Ubud Bali

Creating Lush Jungle in Your Villa Ubud Bali

Ubud was once a small craftsman and rice-growing village, but it has since grown into the world’s spiritual mecca, where yogis and wellness enthusiasts gather to share their passions! We invite you to the tropical rainforests of Ubud if you are tired of running your toes through the sand on the endless beaches of sunny Bali (or if you, like some of us, are just not a beach person), and want to seek seclusion, romance, and escape from the beach and party crowd. Here, you can dance with your lover across endless paddy fields, listen to river songs from your bathtub, and wake up to the joyous sounds of birdsong as the sun rises through the lush canopy. And here is how you can bring the lushness of forest to your villa Ubud Bali.

Preparing the Soils and Creating the Jungle in Your Villa Ubud Bali

The secret to growing plants in containers or in the backyard is to ensure that the soil has adequate drainage. After you’ve finished preparing the soil, start working on the set for your lush jungle.

Focus on non-woody vegetation if you want to create a jungle effect. You’ll need a variety of foliage plants in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. Dense foliage adds depth to the space, while vibrant blooms add visual appeal to the overall composition. Begin with taller plants such as bamboo, bananas, and palm trees. They’ll build focal points to make sure the lower plants get enough shade. Also, mix evergreen shrubs with lower-growing plants.

Since tropical-style gardens aren’t manicured or heavily pruned, choose a path material that isn’t too formal. Large cobbles or stone fragments of various sizes may be used. Gravel paths can also be successful, but avoid the polished look. Choose the evergreen palm Trachycarpus Fortunei, which has big, fan-shaped leaves and makes a good focal point in a garden, if you want to walk under trees. Cordyline and musa, widely known as the banana plant, are two other tropical-looking, large-leafed plants that go well together.

Make a lush, tropical canopy

Make a lush, tropical canopy

Creating winding paths through thick planting in your villa Ubud Bali is a good way to give the impression of being in the jungle and under a tropical canopy. This is also ideal for those who don’t want to spend hours mowing their lawn! You can transform any back garden into a dramatic piece of art or a South Pacific paradise by building a tropical-style garden with intersecting paths.

Decorate the Walls and Fences’ Bases on Villa Ubud Bali

Within your jungle garden, not a single square inch should be left unused. Plant clasping plants at the base of fences and walls, and they’ll quickly climb up and wind through other plants and hedges, creating a lovely sight. Passion fruits, apples, and pumpkins are examples of clasping plants. What they really do is grasp the fences and walls with their roots, making a beautiful focal point. They also contribute to the formation of a dense canopy, which provides shelter and decreases the risk of rapid evaporation.

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Build A Tropical Hut

Build Tropical Hut

The jungle benefits greatly from the installation of a hut and other amenities where you can relax in the backyard and enjoy the relaxing green scenery at the villa Ubud Bali. Make them in such a way that they complement the flowers and greenery’s beauty. As a result, erecting them as an architectural addition is the best option. Another reason to do so is if you have a lot of free space. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space. You can still build a small hut in the style of a tropical hut. And a shed concealed in the dense foliage would suffice. Rolls of bamboo or reed may be used to cover a felt roof. This will add to the tropical atmosphere.