Risks Of Travelling On COVID-19

Nobody know how long this global pandemic will continue. Travelling seems to be more of a hassle now with various modified regulations and guidance. Some countries have eased off their restrictions but some are still facing a crisis. Therefore, even if where you live bow has been relieved from strict restrictions, your travel destinations might not be the same. Travelling on COVID-19 out you at risk of infection. You don’t know if in the middle of your trip you will be interacting with infected people with no symptoms or touch something that has been infected by the virus then you unconsciously spread it to people you interact with. 

travel during covid

Travel during the global pandemic and its risks

In some countries, the case has gradually slowed down. The rate of spread is slowing down. However, it doesn’t make us truly safe especially when the curve still not flat. Being considerate, resourceful and thoughtful in planning your trip is critical for everyone’s safety. You need to look for advice and guidance for safe travel even if the situation is getting better. 

There are many risks you need to consider about travelling during this global pandemic. The very first risk is getting sick and it is the most obvious one. You may not realize that you are already infected due to the less of the symptoms. Throughout your trip, you may spread the virus unconsciously and it can increase the case. Also, some people are at higher risks than general population such as people under medication, elderly people, kids, etc. 

Another risk is mandatory of self-quarantine. Some places are open for visitors but self-quarantine is the mandatory they should follow. If you visit a place, you may have to face self-quarantine for at least 14 days to ensure that you are not carrying the virus from the trip that can be spreading. Even if you have gone through screening and passed it, you may still have to self-quarantine when you get back to your place after the trip. 

Travelling during the global pandemic can be unpredictable. We don’t really know the time frame of this pandemic. We don’t know when the virus will stop or continue spreading. Due to the unforeseeable future, it is possible for your booking to get canceled. There might also be various changing arrangements. You may also face penalty issues due to the situation. If you really have to travel to some places, it is wise to opt for flexible booking now so you can reschedule your trip if it the situation requires it.

It is wise to stay at home and minimize travelling especially to other countries during this global pandemic. Some countries may have eased up their regulations but the risk is still there. If it is not urgent situation, staying at home is considered safer. If you really need to take a trip, using your own car is more recommended. Also, implementing social distancing is a must when you are going outside.

Bali villas for rent long term for your dream home

Why do many people, mostly foreigners, hunt Bali villas for rent long term? Bali is not a large area, but there are clear tourist destinations in every corner of the area. Bali has always been enchanting that attracts tourists, including a row of villas that offer spectacular views. If you love Bali, you will often visit. Every time you visit, you have to pay for a hotel, resort, or villa. 

bali villas for rent long term for your dream home

Many spots in Bali with villas and facilities that you never imagined before. The villas offer a resident the comfort of having their own home. Bali villas for rent long term not only comfort you but also offering pleasure and a unique atmosphere every day. This is a place to live that you never imagined where you could absorb the coolness and shade of nature.

How to choose Bali villas for rent long term?

Why choose in Canggu?

Canggu has a high-speed growth. Villas have sprung up with varying prices. Many of the villas in the Canggu area are very new. Canggu is an area mostly fields, and you can see the locals harvesting when the season arrives. There are several points in the beach area that you need to visit to enjoy the sunset. If you want safety for your kids, there are clubs in Canggu for them to spend their time.

Canggu area is the right choice if you are looking for Bali villas for rent long term. They offer serenity with views of the fields and cool air without pollution. The price provided may be a little high because Canggu has recently become a favorite area for foreign tourists to get peace, whether on a short or long term vacation. 

Why choose in Jimbaran?

The Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and surrounding areas are one of the favorite locations for domestic and international tourists. Located in the highlands, Jimbaran Area, Uluwatu, and its surroundings offer cool air and serenity. If in the Canggu area, you can find views of rice fields, then in Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and their surroundings, you will take you to the breathtaking and remarkable views of the open sea. Rows of villas on the hill are always hunted by international tourists. Bali villas for rent long term in the Uluwatu, Jimbaran, and even Ungasan areas are inhabited by ex-pats and retired foreigners.

Villa prices for rent long term for Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ungasan and surrounding areas

The price of villas for rent in the Canggu area is definitely higher than the Jimbaran, Ungasan, and surrounding areas. Although the Jimbaran area and its surroundings are no less attractive than the Canggu area, most ex-pats choose this area as a temporary residence. The ease of reaching several areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, and surrounding areas is the reason why they chose the Canggu area. In the past five years, the area of Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ungasan, and their surroundings has not been spared by ex-pats. Each offers a wide selection of pleasure, serenity, and comfort.

How To Stay Comfortable During A Trip For Pregnant Women 

Traveling can be stressful even for frequent travelers. It can be worse for when you travel during your pregnancy. However, travelling when you are pregnant is still possible and allowed with under conditions such as you are in low risk of having complication. It is important to plan your trip in advance especially when you do it during your pregnancy. Choosing the right time, location, and activities in advance is necessary to keep yourself safe and stay comfortable throughout the trip even after you return to home. 

travel comfortable

Comfortable trip for pregnant women

Feeling safe and comfortable is important for pregnant women on a trip. Travelling may lead you to various hassles that can stress and wear you out. You may end up getting sick if you are not being careful enough. So what to do to stay comfortable throughout the trip for pregnant women?

Comfort first

Dress comfortably. Avoid fabrics that can irritate your skin uncomfortably. Travelling is already stressful at it is so you don’t have to add another discomfort. Choose loose clothes to help you stay comfortable and allow your blood circulation. Choose breathable fabric such as cotton so you won’t get hot or cold too easily. Always bring a sweater or jacket regardless of your destination just in case you need it. 

Ready your water bottle

Bring your own bottled water. You don’t want to risk your baby by drinking from random tap water. It is best to bring your own bottled to ensure your healthy and safety during the trip. Drink plenty of water even if you have to go to the restroom more frequently. It is to keep you hydrated throughout the trip because it can lead to serious problems if you let yourself dehydrated. 

Choose alternatives such as canned juice or soft drinks if you feel nauseous drinking mineral water. If you want to drink milk, make sure that it is pasteurized. Pack your own snacks to ensure that you eat healthy foods full of nutrition needed by your body and your growing baby inside. If you still have morning sickness, pack light snacks you can munch on during the trip. Avoid eating fresh vegetables, uncooked meats and fish, and skinless fruits during the trip. 

Plan ahead!

Plan your activities in advance so you know when to take rests stops, restroom breaks, or stretches. Staying in the same position for too long will only cause major discomforts. Thus, always remind yourself to move from time to time. Always ensure your own safety measure even if you travel with a companion. You are the one who know your body the most. When you need a break, then do it. Do not force yourself to follow itinerary if you are tired.

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Another important thing to stay comfortable when travelling during pregnancy is to enjoy and make the most of it. Taking precaution is important but don’t let yourself getting paranoid. Enjoy the trip as a way for you to reduce your stress and have fresh air after staying at home for so long.

What to Prepare for Komodo Diving on a Boat

Going on a liveaboard for Komodo diving is a worthy investment for those who are serious on their diving. It’s perfect for those wanting to get as much diving as possible. Liveaboard gives you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to dive compared to resort diving. And the Komodo National Park is just the perfect place to go living on a boat – impressive marine wildlife and everything. 

diving komodo

Komodo diving Flores 

Diving in Komodo is known as one of the most wonderful dives – no wonder that it’s high up on the bucket list of most divers. Beyond the pleasant tropical waters that make long dives possible, Komodo island diving boasts an impressive marine wildlife with a staggering biodiversity. Reef sharks, manta rays, pygmy seahorses, sunfishes; scuba diving Komodo is full of promises of an epic adventure. 

komodo diving

Going on a liveaboard is certainly a privilege. It’s no doubt the best way to get the most diving Komodo as possible; nothing could beat a diving cruise when it comes to both the quality and quantity of dives you could get during your trip. But liveaboards are different from just staying on land on a dive resort. As a diver, what should you be prepared for? 

Check your diving gears before you pack them

It doesn’t matter if you just have it serviced. It’s happened time and again; if you didn’t check your equipment after receiving it back from the service, be prepared for the worst. There will be no dive shops that you could hit if you’re on the road. So make sure to give it a test dive first and foremost, even if you only do it in the local pool. You’ll see how some guests on board would have problems on their equipment even on their very first dive. So make sure to test-dive, you’ll thank yourself later. 

Be prepared for backups of your diving equipment 

scuba diving komodo

Test-diving done, you’re one step closer to enjoying hassle-free Komodo diving Flores. But never underestimate backups. Always bring them! Some of the liveaboard veterans out there even suggested that you bring a backup of your backup. Anything could fail on you, and you won’t be able to find dive shops easily, especially if you have a diving equipment of particular brand or model. 

Have a fully stocked save a dive kit of your own. Always before you go on any liveaboard trip whether it’s Komodo diving or Raja Ampat or any other destination. Nothing sucks more than going on a diving cruise but losing some dives that you’ve looked so much forward to. Have a backup equipment for batteries and all sorts of diving gears to save your dive. For underwater photographers, make sure to have a backup of SD card, fibre-optic cables, and whatnot. 

Pack your very own essentials 

Again, you’re going to be isolated. You’re going to be smack in the middle of the ocean with no access of shops whatsoever. Don’t always expect the rooms will have everything you need, always bring your own. Small, trivial things like conditioner or lotion and sunscreen, if you forget to bring it, it’ll be an inconvenience for the whole boat trip. So make sure that you make your Komodo diving as smooth possible by preparing as best as you can. 

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Know your Komodo dive sites 

You’re coming all the way here to Komodo National Park on huge investment of a liveaboard. There’s no way you don’t know the diving spots. But it’s best to be well prepared. Talk to your dive masters or instructors, for most diving cruise or liveaboard they’re usually available. Talk to your captain as well; they’re the ones who are the expert sailing the seas as they’ve taken hundreds of people before you through the oceans. They’ll have interesting stories to tell, and you can probably learn from one or two of them. 

Exploring Kaohsiung, The Largest Port City In Taiwan 

Taiwan is an interesting country worth traveling for. There are many places you can visit in this country to indulge your adventurous soul. One of the most recommended places to visit is Kaohsiung. It is known to be the port city in Taiwan. However, it is also a great travel destination in Asia. There are many things to see and enjoy during your visit to this city. It is lively and the locals are charming. There are many things to learn as well including their culture, tradition, and cuisines. 

Why Kaohsiung is worth visiting for?

There are many reasons why Kaohsiung in Taiwan is such a great travel destination. The weather is almost always good regardless of the season. The people are friendly and laid-back, the city is lively, the life of the city is slow-paced, and more. If you need more reasons to visit Kaohsiung, here they are:

The gorgeous Formosa Boulevard

Kaohsiung has a pretty metro station you may never find in another place. It is The Formosa Boulevard Station that has attracted so many visitors both local and international ones. This is a three-storey station designed by Takamatsu Shin, a Japanese architect. The entrance of the above ground has unique design that resembles a pair of clasped hand mimicking a prayer gesture. The underground is also very pretty if not more. It is where you get to see a colorful mural glass built into the ceiling of the station.

taiwan xinxin train station
image credit: aglasshalf-full

Art travel

Kaohsiung is also a great destination for art lovers. This is a city where you get to enjoy public artwork. You get to see enormous arts at Pier -2 Art Center. There are statues you get to see when visit this place. Throughout the park, you will get to enjoy beautiful artworks created by talented artists. One of the most favorite is Heartbeat Light, a pillar with a light display synced with human heartbeats. It is very heartwarming to see. 

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Gourmet food

Kaohsiung is also a great destinations for foodies. There are fresh gourmets you get to enjoy when you explore Kaohsiung including fresh seafood, lamb hotpot, chicken-based dishes, and more. There is wide selection of local cuisines worth travelling for. Most recommended dishes to try include taro sago sweet soup, sticky rice with pork wrapped in leaves, noodle dishes, oyster soup, and taro and pork dumplings. 

Pier-2 Art

Even if the weather is not that bright, there are still many places you get to explore in Kaohsiung. One of them is Pier-2. It is where you get to visit various indoor attractions. Pier-2 Art Center is a place to enjoy and appreciate artworks through different exhibitions. Aside from art center, you will also find stylish coffee shop and theaters inside the building. If you want to enjoy art, food, radio broadcast, and live music at the same place, visit Our Time. While enjoying your meals, you can oversee the in-house web radio station. If you are not hungry, them you can just order a cup of coffee or tea. There is also The Wall Pier-2, a concert venue without roof. 

Best Tattoo Seminyak Step by Step Safe Tattoo Practice

Looking for best tattoo Seminyak sometimes could seem to be a faraway dream. When you’re deciding whether or not to get a tattoo in Bali you must have heard tales of nightmares. Concerns about safety of tattooing in Bali is definitely a valid concern that you should be prepared for. But if you’ve here, then you’re already in the right place.

There are numerous concerns about how to find a professional artist to whether you could find a reputable tattoo studio back home. Bali is delightfully cheaper than back home, that’s for sure. And this applies to their tattoo scene as well. Whether you’re tattooing in Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Canggu, or other places, chances are, even the tattoo studio that’s considered into the pricier category could still be affordable for you.

bali seminyak tattoo hygiene

Despite the title, we’re not exactly going to tell you how to be a professional tattoo artist, but rather, what to look for in the right studio or in any space you decide to tattoo in. Arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid long-term regrets. 

How to find the best tattoo Seminyak 

What each person feels the “best” – especially when it comes to art; is highly subjective. No two person will answer you the same. This is also the case with best tattoo in Seminyak and any other areas in Bali. Start by taking a look at some of the tattoo places near where you stay. Or go to the areas that have a bunch of tattoo places open, mainly the tourist areas of best tattoo Seminyak or Legian, Kuta, Canggu, to name a select few. Go inside the tattoo studio and take a look at how they work. Talk to the shop staff that you’re here simply to get an idea of price range (you must bring a sketch of sorts of the tattoo or a something similar in your mind, it doesn’t have to be a fixed design). The locals are generally very friendly and they’ll likely welcome you without much fuss. 

bali tattoo seminyak

Be knowledgeable about the tattoo artist’s previous work 

A big A.K.A. take a look at your tattoo artist’s portfolio! There’s no excuse that you don’t do this first and foremost when you’ve decided to get Seminyak tattoo. Generally, this should be something you’d do yourself before you come to have an actual consultation with a tattoo studio. But a good artist would usually let you know his or her portfolio when you talk to them about what kind of tattoo you’re looking for. 

safe tattoo seminyak

The environment you’re tattooing in is hygienic 

In Asia, you can find even the most developed countries limit tattoo practices. You’ve probably known that South Korea imposes a rule that you can’t open a tattoo practice unless you’re a doctor with valid license. While that rule is certainly too much for the tattoo communitypoint is, tattoo is serious business. You should treat it as such. Don’t settle for less than the best tattoo Seminyak especially since price tags in Bali starts from a very affordable range. 

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Sure, the tattoo place you’re getting into is painted black and had graffiti on the walls and might look super gothic. But the inside of the place where you will get tattooed at must be clean and well-lit. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your tattoo studio interior needs to be as clean as your doctor’s office. You’re going to get your skin pierced here, possibly for hours. Bacteria should be the least of your concern when you’re also handling the pain when the tattoo artist is working on you. 

best tattoo seminyak

Things to look for 

Here are things to look for in your environment. Don’t settle for less than the best tattoo Seminyak it’s just not going to worth the regret (and the infection that may come later). If it does not meet even one of these criteria, you should definitely reconsider the tattoo shop. 

  • The “operation” room where your artist works on your tattoo is well-lit, airy, and clean. Halogen lights are standard equipment. 
  • There are proper containers to dispose the used equipment. These usually resemble the type of containers you see in your doctor’s office. 
  • You feel comfortable in the space. 

The Most Terrifying Outdoor Attractions In China 

China is known as the a country with the largest population in the world. Aside from that, there are many interesting things about China which makes you want to learn more. One of them is their tourism. China is already a popular destination among international tourists and travelers alike. They have many things to indulge and entertain their visitors from beautiful nature to unique attraction. Therefore, visiting China for your next travel plan is a good idea. 

Most terrifying outdoor attractions to visit in China

One of the most interesting things when it comes to tourism in China is their attractions. There are various kinds of attractions ready to entertain every visitors. Not only do they have natural charms from stunning nature, they also build unique attractions which hard to be found anywhere else. If you are into thrilling travel experience, you might want to visit these most terrifying tourist attractions during your trip in China:

Glass bridge Hebei

The longest glass bridge in the world at Hongyagu, Hebei. This is a very terrifying bridge for skywalking. This is a glass-bottomed suspension bridge which is considered the longest in the world that China has built. It can be such a memorable experience especially when you look at the scenic view of its surroundings. The bridge is 488 meter long above 218 meters high. It is made up of 1,077 glass panels of 1.6 inches thickness. It can accommodate up to 2,00o people. At particular time, only 600 people will be allowed. The bridge use suspension cables and you will be equipped with special shoe gloves to protect the glass. 

Hiking trails Shaanxi

Hiking trails at Mount Huashan, Shaanxi can be the scariest spot for hikers. This is even considered as the most dangerous trails in the world. This is a great place for adventurous travelers to test out their guts. The trails even have terrifying names such as Black Dragon Ridge, the Thousand-Foot Precipice, and the Hundred-Foot Crevice. Just looking at the name may make you back off. However, it is worth trying if you are seasoned hikers. The paths are truly terrifying because of how dangerous they are. There are only thin chain banisters that lies between you and the terrifying drops. You will have to go through two-way roads made from wooden planks. It is highly recommended to take necessary preparation and precaution before exploring this dangerous hiking trail.

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Shilinxia Glass Viewing

Glass viewing platform at Shilinxia, Beijing is considered the biggest in the world. It looks intimidating and terrifying. The platform juts 32,8 meters over the edge of a 396 meters valley. This platform stretches 11 meters farther than the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Thus, this is multiple times more terrifying. However, it is worth trying for because you will also get to enjoy the stunning scenery of the forest-like formations of the Shinlin Gorge peak. To reach the platform, you need to hike from the valley. It takes about 90 minutes to arrive. There is also a facility of cable car if you want to reach the platform faster and easier.

Bedroom Furniture in Yogyakarta Considerations & Personal Preferences

Whether you’d like to furnish your new home or villa in Indonesia, one of the most important considerations would be Bedroom furniture Yogyakarta as a space which holds a highly personal value. Let’s dive a bit on how you can find furnitures in the old city of Yogyakarta. 

Bedroom furniture in Yogyakarta 

In Yogyakarta Indonesia, you can find plenty of furniture shop. All you have to do is find them. Jogjakarta Indonesia is one of the areas known for the availability of furnitures made of teak wood and other materials. However, Jepara is undoubtedly the area of Indonesia with the highest level of skilled labors as well as manufactures. Most of the furnitures in Jepara are family business that have lasted for centuries. 

bedroom furniture yogyakarta

What are some of the things that you can look for when you’re doing your furniture supply search or bedroom furniture in Yogyakarta? In Bahasa Indonesia, this is what you should look for: 

  • Toko furniture Jogja 
  • Mebel Jogja 
  • Furnitur kamar tidur (bedroom furniture) 
  • Furnitur ruang tamu (living room furniture)   

The word toko mebel Jogja basically refers to a furniture shop in Bahasa Indonesia. When you’re looking for local furniture shops, make sure that these are the words that you look for. 

Where to place the bed? 

The bed is after all, the piece of furniture where the room gets its name from. And for most people, it’s undoubtedly the piece of furniture that takes up the most space. The placement of the bed is one of the first things that you need to consider when planning your bedroom furniture in Yogyakarta Indonesia.  

bedroom interior yogyakarta

The bed is undoubtedly the focal point of the bedroom. Take notice of the permanent fixtures of your room, most notably the door and the windows.

  • How do you want the window to face the bed? Is there a window that you would frequently open? Then make sure not to place that bed under a window that’ll be opened frequently
  • Take care not to create obstruction out of the bed placement. This doesn’t just include an entryway to the bedroom but also to the ensuite bathrooms or to other rooms. 
  • Where you will put other piece of furnitures such as your closet or desk? Consider this too. 
  • Create a room plan by sketching a layout. It’ll help you tremendously. 

Bedroom is a highly personal space 

Just as there’s no two people are the same, no two bedrooms are. Bedrooms usually reflect the state of the living condition and even gives you a glimpse of the personality of said person. Or so they say. But it stands true that as one of the most, if not the most intimate spaces you have in your life; designing and planning your bedroom furniture is one of the things that you should do well. 

However despite the individuality of bedrooms for individuals, bedrooms have several things in common that are fundamental to fulfill its functions. So first, let’s remember that the bedroom is the place where you rest.

Redefining the function of a room for yourself 

Are you used to having a TV in your bedroom? If you’re designing multiple-rooms house and not a studio apartment, then it’s best to get television out of the room. Things like this should be considered. For instance, if you don’t plan having a television in your room, then you don’t have to think about the shelves or the tables that you need to purchase in order to accommodate that tv. 

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How Graphic Design Bali Can Promote Your Business

There are so many graphic design services in Bali. They are creating you the best and interesting graphic assets for your business so people are noticing your brand or the otherwise, your logo or promotional design are the worst ones.

Graphic design services in Bali are increasingly developing. Many businesses are looking for the services that can make their own logo with strong  brand identity, design an eye-catching and professional website, promoting the new business or even the old ones on online marketing platforms to reach more customers and many more.

Graphic design materials are important for all of that including for your simple business card, stationary, and every single part of your business visual aspects. It is vital because we are as people or human being is a visual creature as well. We do interested by what we are seeing and then we will decided whether or not we are going to bring back home what we have been seen.

Here is how the graphic design services in Bali can help promote your business

The interesting thing that I have been watching about the projects for graphic designers in Bali is they are experienced in designing for both local and international business. The clients are from the Indonesian people itself and also from the foreign businessmen.

Knowing that, it can be a good thing for your business ever since their experiences will be good to help you design what your business needs. They are experienced in knowing the needs for the small business to the medium and the world-class ones. You will need those experiences so you are also getting the best graphic design materials for your brand and even to be used as the promotional materials for your business ads, etc.

Graphic design Bali to help you promote your business

To know exactly how the graphic design services in Bali will help promote your business, see the below explanations!

#1. Better graphic design assets will help you build a better brand recognition

Did you remember a product you have been buying before, where anytime you are hearing about it, your mind is actually thinking about the logo of the product? I bet that you are experiencing the same as mind. And I am sure that many of us are also experiencing the same.

That’s one of the way how the brand recognition is working. We are associating the brand with the visual assets it has. It can be a logo, the tagline, the brand ambassador that have been an image of the company, the web design and many more.

All the graphic design assets are creating the memorable brand in our mind through the visual assets we have been seeing before and that will be a good chance for promoting and even building your own business.

#2. Set your business differently with your business competitors

Promoting your business is also means that you have to visually appeared in more different and unique way with your competitors. One simple way you can do that is by hiring the graphic design Bali agency to get the best graphic design assets that will really help your business for its brand recognition as well as set your business apart from your competitors.

If you are underestimating what I just told you, then you mustn’t known that being different and unique is really important for your business in a competitive market. Because people will recognise your business if it is different with the others especially the other same businesses that are offering the same as you are.

Now, what if you just started a new business and it is not the only one kind of business in your location? Then if people have not been known about it, you have to think about the ways your business can be noticed. That’s where the graphic design services in Bali will be needed.

#3. Unique graphic design assets will help your business in reaching more different audiences

There are times where it is not a matter at all when most of the local businesses weren’t considering about the advertisement to reach more audiences or customers. But in today, it is even recommended that you are using the ads platforms to win the local business in your industry. Many of the businesses have been set online with their own official sites where sometimes it is getting harder to reach more audiences.

The business Facebook’s page is even recommended to be uniquely and better designed so people can see the page is professionally managed. So do the other social media channels and platforms that will need to be visually optimised to reach more and different audiences by the times.

#4 Graphic design materials are important to promote your business through advertisement platforms

It is not a new thing for businessmen in promoting their businesses using ads platforms. And while you are considering to gives it a go for your business, you will need a better, unique and different images or videos to be displayed on your ads.

A text-base ads may important but what if you are possible to combining it with the graphic resources? I think you will do that since your ads will really an eye-appealing ones that could attracts more internet users as your customers.

As the conclusion, you have been known why it is important to hire the graphic design services in Bali and how it can helps you in promoting and developing your business in the future. You will do that to gain the above benefits and the others.

But the most important thing you have to know for now is that–making a great impression through your customers is seriously important for your business. And you can achieves that through the better graphic design assets you have now.

Hanami in Japan’s Capital: Enjoying the Sakura and Where to View

Although Tokyo is an urban jungle packed with skyscrapers and cutting-edge architectures, the city boasts the most viewing spots for Sakura compared to anywhere else in the country. If you’re in Tokyo during March – April, then hanami (flower-viewing) is a must to partake in. Aside from appreciating nature, hanami is a part of the long-standing Japanese culture. The short lifespan of the blossom is a reminder that beauty and life is a fleeting thing.

Book your accommodations early

Spring is high season for all of Japan. Especially in Tokyo—the city would be filled with even more people than usual. Expect prices to rise considerably during the dates of cherry blossoms. A lot of hotels and guest houses would be fully-booked. So make sure to book your rooms well in advance.

Regions in North Japan see a later sakura blossom

If you’re heading to Japan in the springtime but afraid that you may not catch the blooms because of their extremely short lifespan, then worry not. You would have to redo some planning and perhaps off starting with the Northern areas, instead of, say, Tokyo. Go to areas such as Hokkaido, where the blossoms would be blooming at a later date, compared to the warmer climates. However, generally, other places with colder climates will see the blooms later. Mountains are one of the examples. Planning a hike would be quite a rewarding experience for you.

Ueno Park

The Ueno park is undoubtedly of the most popular hanami spots in Tokyo. Expect a crowd of a wide range of people. Families, high school students, a large group of friends, couples, and more. There are parties held here so expect a very festive, if not busy, hanami-viewing scene.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Park is one of the largest and most-frequented parks when it comes to flower-viewing. Shinjuku is a central district so also expect a crowd in the Shinjuku Gyoen. It is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, and it boasts different species of sakura trees, and they have different blossoming time. This makes the sakura in Shinjuku Gyoen quite lasting. Grab some food and let a friend join you for a festive hanami this year.

Yoyogi Koen

The Yoyogi Park is located at the heart of the city, sharing a neighborhood with the famed youth district Harajuku. This park is frequented by young people and there are often numerous festivities such as concerts and various performances.

Koishikawa Korakuen

This garden is among the oldest ones in Tokyo, dating as long as the year 1629. Koishikawa Korakuen features Japanese-style garden. This style of garden influenced by Zen Buddhism as well as Shintoism. It’s an excellent place to enjoy a traditional Japanese garden style complete with the cherry blossoms.

Zenpukuji River

This river is located in the Suginami ward and it borders the park of the same name. Suginami ward is one of the residential neighborhood towns in Tokyo and therefore, people here won’t be as crowded as in the metropolitan Shibuya’s Yoyogi or Shinjuku’s. The sakura trees lining the river makes it seem to have a tunnel-like appearance as if it comes straight out of an illustration.