Sleep Like A Baby On Your Next Flight

When your travel destination is a faraway place, you need enough rest so that your body can overcome everything that potentially overwhelming such as time zone, different environment, etc. Hence, it is important to sleep well prior the trip so you can arrive feeling more refreshed and ready  

How to sleep well during long-haul flight

Even for seasoned travelers, sleeping on a plane can be tricky because there are so many disruptions. Turbulence, noisy passengers, crying babies, unfamiliar noises, and more are some of the reasons some travelers cannot even close their eyes for few minutes. And here are some tips for you to sleep well during a long-haul flight:

Don’t feel guilty to splurge

If you plan on such a long trip where your destination is so faraway then you can splurge on first class or at least premium economy. With the lie flat seats, you will be able to rest your body better. It is more optimal to sleep and you will wake feeling energized. If first class seat is too pricey, you may opt for premium economy seat since it usually has more spacious legroom, wider seat, and have more space to recline. 

Consider your flight’s timing

For a long -haul flight, it is important to consider many points including the timing. Since you need to rest well during the flight, make sure to choose the right time when booking your ticket. Also, you will have to face different time zone. And if the gap is pretty big then timing does matter. Choose flight’s time that fit your sleeping schedule. Pick the time of your flight that is the closest to when you would sleep normally at home. 

Choose your seat wisely

When booking your ticket, choose your seat wisely to have a good sleep. It is recommended to choose window seat since you have something to lean against when you sleep. Also, avoid a seat that is too close to the galley or restroom because those areas are usually full of commotion of passengers which can disturb your sleep. You may also consider bulk seat wince it has extra room for your leg and there is no one directly in front of you to worry about. The downside is, it is near the galley and restroom. 

Consider direct flight

To reach faraway destination, you may have to take multiple flights and this is not a good news because you won’t be able to rest fully. Hence, it is highly recommended that you opt for direct flight if possible. It’s much better to opt for a one eight-hours flight instead of two four-hours flight. You can just sleep like a baby without having to worry about catching connecting flight. 

Avoid caffeinated beverages

It is highly recommended to avoid any caffeinated beverages right before your flight since you will feel more alert. Opt for healthier drinks and if possible, talk to your doctor to ask for sleeping aids or supplements they can recommend to help you fall asleep better during your flight.

Komodo Boat Charter, Luxury Cruising Experience

Komodo National Park is an interesting and challenging destination for diving and living on a boat. Komodo boat charter is perfect for divers and snorkelers who rather lose the crowth than getting lost in the crowth. Most tourists go to charming islands that unspoil and reach dive spots without wasting time. This type of nomadic tourism is becoming a trend to visit potential natural destinations in a number of islands that are difficult to reach. There are many reasons why tourists choose nomadic tourism, especially privacy, which is the main reason that tourists covet.

Komodo Boat Charter, Luxury Cruising Experience

Komodo boat charter

Most inexperienced tourists exploring Komodo National Park are often dissatisfied with the initial cruise. Why? Getting lost in the crowth is not the right choice for a vacation. Generally, foreign tourists do not understand that so many Labuan Bajo liveaboard operators offer cheap packages with minimal facilities and comfort. As a result, Komodo trips to each other become unpleasant vacations. 

Komodo boat charters for tourists who want their vacation more privacy is the way to go. The price of the Labuan Bajo liveaboard package by renting a boat is a bit more expensive than the sharing cost. But the comfort and satisfaction of the vacation are worth what you pay for. 

Another advantage is that by renting a Labuan Bajo liveaboard, you can adjust the time and itinerary. Sailing using a Komodo yacht charter will greatly save your cruise time to hunt for beautiful scenery, dive spots in the waters of Komodo National Park. Live onboard on a phinisi boat is the main attraction. Tourists can experience a unique and different vacation compared to when they have to stay at a conventional hotel.

Some Labuan Bajo liveaboard recommendations for your super premium vacation

Wisesa Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Wisesa Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

One of these Komodo boat charters offers maximum space and comfort with high quality service. Wisesa liveaboard has a length of 28 meters that can accommodate up to 10 guests, with 8 crew members. Each cabin is equipped with an air conditioner and bathroom. Wisesa liveaboard also provides water activity equipment such as kayaks, stand-up paddles, and snorkeling equipment. If privacy is a priority for a group or family vacation, Wisesa Komodo yacht charter can be a perfect choice.

Ikan Terbang luxury liveaboard Komodo

Ikan Terbang luxury liveaboard Komodo

No matter whether you want to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary with a unique and memorable diving activity, the Komodo boat charter is the right choice. The flying fish is 18 meters long and is a private boat that accommodates 2 passengers and 4 crew. Liveaboard Labuan Bajo redefines the meaning of a luxury couple cruise where guests can fully relax. Liveaboard flying fish offers sundeck facilities, onboard meals, paddleboard, onboard wifi, diving, and snorkeling equipment.

What To Do When Checking A Bag At The Airport

Checking your valuable items in your bag doesn’t guarantee they will be safe through the entire flight. There have been thousands cases of damaged or lost items file at various airports. Surprisingly, 40% of the files were denied. Checking a bag is crucial part when it comes to travel. There are many pitfalls that might happen to you when checking your bag so you need to make sure your luggage arrive in one piece. 

TSA-approved lock to secure your bag

How to ensure your bag will arrive safely in one piece?

The very obvious thing to do is to not pack your valuables in your checked bag. There have been many travelers who still keep their valuables in their checked bags such as watches, cameras, golden rings, iPads, etc. Those are expensive and have been reported being stolen from traveler’s luggage. Hence, do not pack them in your checked bag but in your carry-on or backpack. If you buy pricey souvenirs from your trip, pack them in your carry-on or ship them if they are too large or heavy. 

Do not pack items that are on the list of prohibited items on the TSA. It is important what items you should and should not pack in your bag be it carry-on or suitcase. For example, lithium batteries used in cameras should be packed in your carry-on. To ensure that you pack properly, double-check the TSA’s list of prohibited items before checking your bag. 

Use only TSA-approved lock to secure your bag. If you use non-TSA approved one then it will be ripped off your bag. It is as simple as that so make sure to follow the rule. It is easy to find lock that is approved by TSA. Therefore, it will be easier for the security officers to open the lock with their master key. It makes checking process goes smoothly as well. 

Avoid getting your belonging spilled or leaked from your checked bag. Always double-check your bag from home and when it is going to be checked at the airport security. Also, do not put liquid in a bad spot. At least cushion your liquids to avoid leak or spill incidents. Make sure every pocket and compartment is zipped and fastened securely. It is strongly suggested to not leave anything hanging outside of your bag. Dangling items can get caught easily on the conveyor belt at the airport. It can end up with your bag damaged or your items lost. 

It is best to avoid booking  a tight connecting flight. It is too risky because with such short time, there is bigger chance your bag won’t make it to the final destination with you. Shorter layover can cause you anxiety because you keep worrying whether or not your bag will make it. Hence, it is best to avoid booking tight connection. At least book connecting flights with two hours transfer period. This way you can reclaim and recheck your bag before getting into your next flight without hassle.

Recommended 5 Komodo Cruise Indonesia

Your adventure experience to Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, and its surroundings never stops. There are many amazing spots for you to explore. Especially for diving lovers, there are more than 40 dive sites in Komodo National Park with spectacular underwater views. Komodo cruise trip answers all your curiosity to enjoy spectacular views on land or under the sea. 

Luxury Komodo Cruise, Exploring Labuan Bajo and Around

The ideal is that you enjoy an unforgettable vacation that is equivalent to the budget you spend. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset with views of the blue sea and mountains along the way. Exotic islands such as Komodo Island, Pink Beach, Rinca Island, offer the charm of extraordinary beauty. Komodo cruise trip takes you to visit many of the best spots along your sailing trip. Some of the best yacht recommendations that you can consider for an unforgettable vacation.

Aliikai Liveaboard

aliikai liveaboard komodo cruise

One of the newly renovated luxury yachts in 2020 with a size of 40 meters offers an amazing sailing experience. Has 7 cabins, air-conditioned, comfortable bathroom in each cabin. Aliikai yacht can accommodate more than 15 guests, with 12 crew members and a cruise director. You can use a comfortable boat deck to enjoy the sunrise and sunset as well as the surrounding scenery along the way. This ship is also equipped with comfortable outdoor dining for guests to dine under the moonlight. Are you a diving lover? Allikaii liveaboard takes you to explore the best dive spots to your satisfaction.

Magia 2 Liveaboard

magia 2 liveaboard

Phinisi boat with an area of 25 meters offers privacy that can accommodate 10 people. With the combination of French and Italian decorations, you can spoil your cruise trip. Equipped with 1 master cabin with king-size bed and sofa and 2 seater Jacuzzi will really spoil your sailing holiday. The living room which is connected to the dining room provides comfort for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your service experience is not complete without diving activities. You will be completely pampered with professional diving guides to ensure your safety while diving.

Ikan Terbang Liveaboard

ikan terbang liveaboard

The yacht with an area of 18m offers a very private moment for you, both honeymooners or for every couple who wants to celebrate an anniversary. Enjoying time and intimacy with your partner by doing a Komodo cruise trip will be very memorable. Flying fish yacht is equipped with 1 double bedroom including air-conditioned, dining room with the best view, snorkeling and diving equipment. You can share romantic adventures always because liveaboard flying fish provides onboard wifi.

La Unua By Kamma

La Unua by Kamma liveaboard

If you want to travel on a Komodo cruise with a small group, La Unua by Kamma liveaboard offers convenience. Equipped with 3 double bed cabins, 1 single cabin with ac & ensuite bathrooms, hot waters, outdoor living area, the sundeck is ready to take you to explore Labuan Bajo and its surroundings. During the Komodo cruise, guests can also enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, stand-up paddle, banana boat, and underwater sea scooter. La Unua by Kamma provides National park fees and airport transfer facilities.

Splendour Liveaboard

Splendour liveaboard exploring Komodo National Park

Phinisi boat inspired by the American style of the 1920s accommodates 8 guests to start your Komodo cruise journey. Equipped with 3 cabins for your comfortable sleep while traveling. Outdoor sleeping area, saloon and lounges are available for you to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Splendor liveaboard is not just a vacation but offers an amazing experience along the way to explore Komodo National Park.

Keeping Your Home Safe While Away For Travelling

When it comes to travelling, the ultimate thing that becomes the main concern is your safety. However, it is also important to keep your home safe especially while you are away for travelling. Even if it is just for few days, things can go wrong when you return. One of the most concerning issues is that empty home is the perfect target for criminals. Hence, it is a must to take key steps to keep your home safe while exploring the world. 

How to keep your home safe and sound while you are away for travelling

Before leaving, make sure everything is safe by unplugging any appliances to prevent power surges. Also, do not leave your lights on throughout the entire vacation. It will be more suspicious and your bill will end up more costly. 

Ask for a help from a friend or neighbor to keep an eye of your house and check everything such as pipes. Ask them to drop by once every day to check on your house. Give them a key so they can enter your house. If you leave your car, give them the key just in case it needs to be moved. It is important to ask help from someone you trust and not a stranger or simply acquaintance.

Prevent yourself from giving too much information on online platform especially social media. Do not let strangers know that you are going to leave your home unattended for a vacation. It is like giving out invitation for irresponsible to raid your house. Remember that posting your vacation photos can be done after you return. It is safer that way anyway. 

Also, be mindful with your voice mail. Do not leave a message stating that you are not home or on a vacation. Just let the callers know that you cannot come to the phone right now. This might be a simple thing but can make difference. When someone knowing you are away from home especially for long duration, they can take advantage of the situation. 

If you live in a small town, you may notice the police that you are going to leave the town for longer than a week or two. Hence, they may drive by your house during patrol.  If there is local neighborhood watch program in the area then you can contact them. 

Next issue is about the curtains. If you let the curtains open, then people can peer inside your house to see if you are home or not. However, closed curtains can also stop people who aim to help from seeing inside your house. The best of the two choices is to leave your curtains exactly as you usually keep them when you are home. It indicates no changes to hint that you are away.

It is best to keep your valuable belongings out of sight. Do not let them visible from the window. You can keep them in your closet or place you always use to keep valuable things such as jewelry computers, etc.

Jump into the Komodo Island Scuba Diving

Jump into the Komodo Island Scuba Diving

Diving in the sea is very exciting and challenging, like diving into life. But life under the sea is very amazing, so humans have designed tools that can breathe under water just for the sake of watching marine biota and animals. And each water has its own unique life. Komodo Island Scuba Diving, for example, is always the best moment in life. 

Sometimes when you’re diving it feels like you have gills, but when you realize the sound of an oxygen tank rustling, you paddle your feet again. The sensation of diving is truly two-fold, you are like floating without wings in Komodo National Park Diving. 

Basic Tips for Komodo Island Scuba Diving: 

Behind the charm of Komodo Island Scuba Diving, you also have to stay alert while enjoying it. Both to animals and marine biota that live there. And the most important thing is not to damage and pollute the nature of Indonesia.

Check Equipment

Before diving, you need to make sure the diving equipment you will use is functioning normally or not. The main thing is usually to check the mask, fins, hoses, and buoys you are using are working properly. After that, another important thing is to follow the direction of the instructor who guides you. 

Do Not Panic

When snorkeling or diving, you will meet marine animals that may be bigger than you. If you want to touch them, try to gently rub their skin. This relaxed feeling will make the animals that touch also feel safe and do not feel threatened by their existence. 

Wear Clothes That Cover the Whole Body

Swimsuits that cover the whole body are the safed clothes for snorkeling and diving. The reason is that under the sea there are so many animals and marine biota that may sting or bite. Swimwear will protect us from these things. Because jellyfish stings can make our skin blister, and it can make us stop diving activities at the time. 

Watch the Ocean Currents

The diving point is determined by the Komodo Island Scuba Diving guide, so the boat you are riding will drop you off at one point and pick you up at another. Make sure to stay in touch with the captain. Therefore it is recommended not to go against the current because it only wastes energy. 

Bring the Underwater Camera

Moments under the sea are very precious and should be remembered in the future. Maybe one day you will tell your diving experience at Komodo Island Scuba Diving and show the real evidence. Therefore, make sure your camera memory is empty with a full battery, don’t forget to charge it the night before diving!

After you know all of this you can continue your Komodo Sailing Trip plan, don’t let anything be left behind when you prepare for your trip to the island of Flores. But for those of you who have never snorkeled or dived, you should join the training first. Because if you are the first and don’t take part in previous training, you will have the potential to harm yourself and others. 

See More:

How To Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad Alone

Travelling alone can be fun regardless of your gender. Women can travel alone to many places they like. Of course,t here is risk and such but you can prevent it by taking necessary preparation and precaution. Travelling alone especially for women is often seen dangerous because women are still seen as easy prey. However, do not let it discourage you from creating your own adventure. 

Staying safe when travelling alone to different countries

Travelling alone to unfamiliar place with different culture and environment can be daunting. It is common for travelers to feel overwhelmed once they arrive at their destination. However, the travel experience is so worth it. Of course, it is important to stay safe especially when travelling alone because you basically rely on yourself. And here are several tips to consider for solo travelers:

Let people at your home know where you are going and give them a copy of your itinerary. This way, they know where you are about throughout your trip. Also, contact them once or twice a day to inform where you are and your current situation. This way, they will know something is off when you don’t contact them. They will call the emergency contact you wrote in the copy of itinerary. 

Do your homework by learning local police department contact, your embassy, hospital, etc. This allows you to find a way in case of emergency. For example, if you are being followed by stranger then you can directly head to the nearest police office. If it is too far, then just enter a building such as mall, hospital, or cafe. Do not head to an alley when you are being followed because it will only make your stalkers easier to get you. 

Be careful when interacting with people especially if you can’t speak local language. It is easier for them to trick you when you don’t understand what they are talking about. If you are unsure of the situation you encounter during the trip, remove yourself and move. Make sure not to offend the locals and avoid any confrontation that can lead to conflict or fight. 

If someone approaches you and ask suspiciously if it is your first time, do not give them clear answer. You can just tell them that you live nearby or that you have lived in the area for a long time. It can be dangerous if you ignore them since you don’t know who they are and how aggressive they can be. If they ask if you are alone, answer that you are waiting a friend. If they ask where you stay, just say hotel’s name that is general so they don’t know which hotel you meant. 

When you are in crowded place such as public transit, it is best to not have your phone out. It can make you an easy target for petty thieves. They can easily snatch it away from your hand and get off at the nest stop.

Trip to Wae Rebo Village: Exploring Village Above The Clouds

A trip to Wae Rebo always brings us back to nature. Wae Rebo Village is located in Manggarai district, East Nusa Tenggara. Opposite the Poco Mandawasu mountain and surrounded by the villages of Todo, Nancar, Roea, also Ramoet. There is a hill as high as 1,200 meters above sea level which is often one of the places that must be visited on the Flores Tour for local and foreign tourists.

At the end of the hill is a tourist destination, looks like a valley, and those who have been from up there call it “Village above the clouds”, one of the highest villages in Indonesia.

How to get a Trip to Wae Rebo?

The trip to Wae Rebo will start when you’re in Labuan Bajo to Denge village with a car and it takes a few hours. Or you can start from Dintor village using a motorbike to take a 6-kilometres journey to Denge village, the place where tracking begins

And because the road entering the valley cannot be passed by a car, trekking must be done for about 4 hours. The climb on the hill is worth feeling, the sensation of splitting the forest with exotic views from the Savu Sea to the trees and other greenery which is very majestic and beautiful. Splitting the wild forest, crossing the river, to the road on the edge of a cliff.

Even though there are some quite tiring parts of the road, this climb is still relatively easy compared to climbing Mount Kelimutu and Mount Sangeang.

The climb will pass through 4 posts, where the last post is a place to signal attendance, there is a piece of wood that needs to be sounded to signal to the local customary leader that a guest has come, and finally being met with residents, the villagers of Village Above the Clouds are also very friendly and open to whoever their guests are.

The view will feel like changing to the very-very old times, a time far from modernity, technology, practicality, and the hustle and bustle of the streets. It’s like ancient traditional dwellings. However, it is so calm, beautiful, peaceful, exotic, it also provides a spiritual experience that nourishes the soul. A village on a hill, surrounded by other hills. That’s why it’s not easy to forget a Trip to Wae Rebo.

Then we can see seven Mbaru Niang (One of the East Indonesian traditional house) that are lined up in a half-circle, with palm and palm fiber roofs, as well as thatch. And each shape, in general, we can draw like a conical granary. In this village, people from all over the world flock to feel the charm.

That’s why UNESCO has designated Wae Rebo Village as a world cultural heritage since August 2012, why not? seen from the houses of its inhabitants, Mbaru Niang has a very aesthetic architectural design, and this has indeed become a trigger for attraction. The houses have several families living, so Mbaru Niang is a terraced house filled with warmth.

The important things to prepare are?

  • A strong backpack.
  • Hiking Shoes.
  • Jacket and socks
  • Cash
  • Books for Wae Rebo’s children
  • Spare battery
  • Physical preparation.

In this village, electricity is obtained from the generator and is limited to 10 at night. Even though the power plant is indeed limited, it does not rule out that it covers the soul and senior citizen. Many of the art craftsmen in that village also sell their works to tourists who come, such as souvenirs or agricultural products such as coffee, vanilla, or cinnamon. Also, they make some souvenirs from cinnamon.

And because of its height, every morning always seems to be shrouded in hilly fog that stops before the sun comes and because of its beauty, the morning at those hills feels like it is surrounded by dew from heaven. Make sure you stay longer at Village Above the Clouds.

The island of Flores is indeed blessed with a variety of very charming tours, from mountains to oceans. The very beautiful wisdom there is so fragrant with its name that it is smelled to various parts of the world. Also accompanied by small islands around it.

It’s always a great decision if you choose Trip to Wae Rebo on one of the Flores Island Tour that deserves to be touched but not to be contaminated.

Benefits Of Finding Specific Niche For Your Business

There are still many people argue that being too specific is not the right strategy when building a business. It just results in more narrow market to target with. Hence, your business doesn’t have enough space to thrive. Being broad is considered the best to allow your business appeal to a wider base. However, it is not entirely true. In fact, targeting specific niche opens more potential for your business to grow and thrive. 

Why finding niche for your business is beneficial

By determining specific niche, you can produce more targeted products to the right consumers. The solution is given to the right problem. Also, it allows your business to focus on particular area then work to hone your products and skill sets. It will also allow you to refine what you can offer while building expertise that will help your business to stand for a long time. 

Hence, capitalize on niche can be the key for your business success. In fact, many startups failed because they their focus was too broad. Finding your own niche is like being a specialist. It allows you to work in a field where your expertise shines the most, making you standout from the rest of the pack. Creating a niche is not as complicated as many people said. In fact, it is a good way for your business to focus more. 

One of the many benefits of focusing on a niche is simple and streamlined operations. You don’t have to go to complicated operations to provide what you offer for your targeted consumers since everything is clear. Also, you have less direct competition, allowing your business to grow as a big fish in a small pond.

Since finding specific niche allows your business focus to more targeted, it will be easier for you to focus your audience-targeting strategy. When your niche is specific, your consumer is also targeted. It means, you know who you target with for your business offerings. You can fulfill more specific demands in the market because your targeted consumers are specified. You don’t have to guess or wonder what your consumers possibly like or dislike because the focus is already narrowed down. 

Also, in it is important to build your market expertise in business. It is the key for a long lasting success. Hence, finding your niche can help defining and excelling with a special skill set as well as knowledge in particular industry. It helps a lot in identifying, and claiming your market expertise. The specific niche also helps in building your authenticity. 

However, finding niche is not the end of building successful business. Once you master your niche, you can start planning for strategies that can make your business standout from the rest. You must have competing business within the niche your business is in. Choose something more unique and authentic within the category so you can appeal more consumers even in the same targeted market. You can take your niche to another level by working with passion and understanding of your ideal customers.

Villa Ubud Bali, A Great Property Investment In Value

What do you think when talking about Ubud? The area in Ubud with cool air, a happy atmosphere, countryside. Ubud is an extraordinary village in the middle of the island of Bali with its culture, uniqueness, and beauty. Ubud in its history has always received the attention of foreign tourists and became their destination to settle down. Villa Ubud Bali, either as a permanent residence or as temporary accommodation during the holidays, is the center of attention because it offers a stunning view. 

villa ubud Bali  - a great investment in Bali

Reasons Why Villa Ubud Bali Smart Way Investment and Smart Choice for Permanent Residence

Ubud, Art, Dance, and Culture

Ubud thrives in the midst of tourism which stimulates a real estate climate that develops pest for commercial and residential properties. An open and welcoming business climate adds to the larger tax revenue and allows other projects to proceed. Ubud as a global center of culture and arts can bring its own charm for tourists, especially foreigners. The Ubud culture and arts festival attracts world artists to visit Bali. Surely the demand for accommodation is increasing and Ubud Bali villas offer luxurious and classy facilities like a 5-star hotel. 

Ubud, the Best City in Asia

Ubud with a row of villas offering stunning views is the best city in Asia beating other countries. It is called the most friendly city, bringing positive impacts to increase property and business values for years to come. Your tour will not stop and continue by enjoying Ubud Bali villas with a unique atmosphere that you will not find in other countries.

Rejuvenate body, soul and mind

Many people think vacationing in Ubud is very boring. Ubud was created for those who want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday. You can get many benefits when you decide to enjoy a vacation in the Ubud area. Not a few foreigners then decide to settle down and make Ubud their home. The presence of foreigners in Ubud immediately increases the development of villa Ubud Bali. 

The vibrant Ubud Bali villa real estate market has spawned some of the most innovative architectural designs in Bali. Many of them combine Balinese design with modern designs so that it looks uniquely Balinese amid modernisation. 

Villa Ubud Bali is one of the best investments either as a place to live for you or to rent it back. Every moment in Ubud will be very special and impressive. There will be many rows of Ubud Bali villas that will be able to bring you to discover new and unique experiences.