Majestic Mountains Around The World Too Dangerous To Visit

Many travelers like to explore beautiful places full of wonders such as mountains. There are so many amazing mountains around the world with all their mystery and beautiful nature. People explore the mountain for various purposes. Some of them love to reach the summit so they can  watch beautiful sunrise or sunset. Some people feel the excitement from the journey of climbing itself. However, there are also mountains that are too dangerous to visit or climb. Those mountain instill fear and respect from whoever dare to put their feet onto. 

Majestic Mountains Around The World Too Dangerous To Visit

Mountains that cause fear among travelers and climbers

Regardless of how experienced climbers and hikers are, exploring these extremely dangerous mountains can put them in high risk of getting injured or hurt. 

The Eiger

The Eiger is located in Bernese Alps, Switzerland with the elevation at 3,967 meter. This is such a legendary objective among mountaineers due to its epic dangers. It is considered the longest north face in the Alps with nearly reaching 6,000 feet. This is a very challenging place for climbers regardless of how experienced they are. The heavy rockfall and technical difficulties have made The Eiger to have nickname Murder Wall. 


This is another dangerous mountain for climbers and hikers, located in Himalayas, Nepal-India border with the elevation 28,169 feet. This is the third-highest peak in the world in which the fatality rate never decreases. Its death rates averaged 20 percent. This dangerous mountain is plagued with weather hazards and avalanche. The unstable snow condition and extreme weather are getting worse due to climate change. 

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is located in Himalayas, Pakistan with the elevation at 26, 660 feet. This is the ninth highest peak in the world with narrow ridge to the summit. This place has been called ‘The Man Eater’ by climbers due to its danger. On the southern side of is the largest mountain called Rupal Face which stands at 15,000 feet. The name Nanga Parbat has meaning ‘naked mountain’. Meanwhile, the peak is called king of the mountains. 


K2 is located in Karakoram range, China-Pakistan border with the elevation 8,611 meter. It is the second-highest mountain that has been popular among climbers. It has such high technical difficulty that due to its complicated glacier, ascending steep sections of rocks, as well as ice pillars that are prone to collapse unexpectedly. This is seriously one of the most dangerous mountain in the world not many climber are brave enough to explore. 


Annapurna is located in Himalayas, north-central Nepal with the elevation 8, 091 meter. There have been 73 people  reported to die during their climb. This mountain has such high fatality rate, making it one of the most dangerous mountain in the world. This 10th highest mountain in the world is possible to climb safely with more planning and preparations. For those novice hikers are recommended to opt for summiting less dangerous peaks within the Annapurna Conservation area or heading to the Mardi Himal Base Camp.