At-Home-Facial You Can Do After Returning From A Trip

At-Home-Facial You Can Do After Returning From A Trip

Travelling can put a lot of strain on your body, including your skin, it is the first to be affected by the changing temperature and all because it is the outer protection of your body exposed to harsh environment. Many travelers are suffered from dry skin and that is why it is strongly recommended to replenish hydration in your skin once you return from the trip. Hydrating facial at home can be a relaxing activity you can do to recover from all travel fatigue. 

Easy at-home-facial to do after a trip

You can always go to an aesthetician to achieve that glowing skin back. However, it may require you to go out and take a trip again, which you may not prefer after returning from a tiring trip. Also, having facial at home by yourself is considered cheaper. You can pamper yourself to the max without any limit. Here are ways to do it:

Set the mood

To set the mood, hydrate your body with a glass of water. You can also drink your favorite juice or infused water (water added with sliced cucumbers, apples, or lemons). Or, make a cup of herbal tea to help you get relaxed. Get more into the mood by burning incense or turn on your diffuser with essential oils. Don’t forget to play relaxing playlist as well. 

Do the double cleansing method

Cleansing your face is important for better penetration of any skin care products you want to apply later. Double cleansing aims to remove any makeup and impurities more thoroughly. First, cleanse your face with oil-based cleanser such as micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balms then rinse your skin. Second, use water-based cleanser such as facial wash or facial foam. Then, rinse your skin again until it is thoroughly clean. 

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is needed to get rid of dead skin cells and promote skin rejuvenation. You can use various exfoliation product in a form of physical or chemical exfoliation. However, it is more recommended to use chemical exfoliating products since it is more gentle to your skin. 

Use mask

It is recommended to use a mask to hydrate your skin after exfoliation. Avoid any drying mask such as mud mask or any purifying mask. Choose hydrating mask that moisturize your skin better. You may also use a lip mask if your lips feel dry. Depending on the type of the mask, take it off or wash it off after use. 

Apply serum 

Choose serum according to your skin concerns. Choose hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid if you need more hydration. You may also opt for serum with anti-aging formula if you have aging skin-related problems. Avoid layering too many serums because it tends to irritating skin and less effective result. 

End with moisturizer

Apply your favorite moisturizer on your face and neck thoroughly to lock in the serum. If you tend to have oily skin, choose gel moisturizer. If you have normal or dry skin, choose richer moisturizers in a form of cream.

A Glimpse of The Taste of Luxury You’ll Get at A Private Villa Ubud

A Glimpse of The Taste of Luxury You’ll Get at A Private Villa Ubud

See how it’s like to be like a celebrity. To have a full-time staff attending to your need at every whim, a private chauffeur to drive you around, delicious breakfast served every night, and private pool to soak at any given time of the day. That’s how your life in a private villa in Ubud, Bali would be like. And here’s a glimpse of it. 

Renting A Luxury Private Villa in Ubud

As one of the most popular tourist hub in the highland of Bali, Ubud surely has many villas dotting around the green lands and the main streets. Take a look around. You can rent a whole three bedroom private villa in Ubud or book a standalone luxury bedroom in a villa complex. Choose a style of villa according to your mood; from an elegant wooden house with a touch of Balinese architecture to super modern sleek house, the humble Ubud has it all. 

Whether you rent the entire house or just a room, you’ll have access to the villa’s infinity pool with views of a tropical valley and communal living, dining, and kitchen areas. The living and dining rooms provide a relaxing environment in which to watch movies, play board and video games, or have casual talks with other guests or the villa’s employees. When you rent a private luxury vill ain Ubud, you will have an exclusive access to the villa, private butler, cook, and cleaning staff. 

What an easy, luxury life, no?

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A Private Kitchen Staff to Make You Meals Every Day

You will have private kitchen personnel prepare breakfast for us every morning; they can also prepare lunches and meals with ample notice and for a little fee. Each evening, the staff inquired what you wanted for breakfast the next morning and recorded your responses. The next morning, you will be greeted with fresh yogurt, muesli, pancakes, omelettes, and eggs, as well as freshly squeezed fruit juice and piping-hot made tea and coffee.

A Private Kitchen Staff to Make You Meals Every Day
Western or Indonesian breakfast…your choice.

Have any traditional Balinese food you want to try? Just ask your butler. During your day out, they will prepare Balinese/ Indonesian delectable like satay, nasi goreng, fritters, and more. They will be ready once you get home. 

A Private Chauffeur to Drive You Around

Some luxury private villa in Bali come with a private driver that will take you wherever you want to. Whether it’s a simple dinner in the main streets of Ubud or a full day tour to the south and north of Bali, you can always count on them. All it takes is just a simple message notice one hour prior and you’ll be all good to go. When was the last time you have a private chauffeur to drive you around?

A Semi Outdoor Massage in the Privacy of Your Villa

A Semi Outdoor Massage in the Privacy of Your Villa

What’s better than enjoying a relaxing massage after a full day tour? Enjoying a pampering spa while listening to the sound of chirping birds in the gentle breeze at the jungle and looking out to the lush garden outdoor. Simply call masseuses and they will set up a massage table, a set of hot stone, and flowery scrubs at any place on the villa that you desire.

A Laundry Service 

While you can always do your own laundry or get it to the nearest laundry station, you can always use the laundry service at your Ubud villa. Sometimes, it’s about not having to worry about any house chores during the vacation that makes your feel really like a celebrity. 

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Enjoying the Beauty of the Remote

Enjoying the Beauty of the Remote

Some of the most luxurious private villas in Ubud are tucked deep around jungles and rice paddies. At the end of the difficult road and remoteness, though, you will be awarded with the true relaxing charm of the nature. Swaying palm trees, rice terrace views, water fountains, crickets chirping, and frogs croaking add to the exotic natural backdrop of the home, which only adds to the charm.

Have your mind and spirit revived as you sat on the padded poolside sofa, taking in the all-encompassing natural splendor. Feel the stresses of life simply faded away as you strolled down stone walks amongst finely planted gardens.

This is life in a luxurious Ubud villa. Will you make it yours?

Travelling As A Form of Self-Care

Travelling As A Form Of Self-Care

There are many forms of self-care aside from booking a spa or having facials. Self-care is not limited to something you do to your physical well-being but also your mental well-being. Hence, there are many ways you can do to pamper yourself from time to time, especially when you are feeling down. Travelling can be categorized into a form of self-care as well. It can change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. Exploring so many things allows you more experience, helping you build your empathy. 

How travel can be a form of self-care

Living in bubble makes one feels too comfortable yet know nothing about the world. Hence, it is important to perform self-care that makes you grow as a person as well such as travelling. It allows you to experience, appreciate, and learn many things that you may have taken for granted at home. The journey during your trip allows you to see things from different perspectives. It helps you understand what’s more important in life and allows you reflect on your own problems and realize they might not be as insurmountable as they might feel. 

Meeting new people

During a trip, you meet others you may have never imagined before. Staying in a hotel, you get to meet more people from different places around the world. It allows you to learn about their lives, their cultures, and their perspectives. Through this kind of interaction, you get such valuable life lessons.

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Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone

You will only grow if you are brave to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to break from routine. It allows you to experience new things and push you to grow better as a person. During a trip, you may face various challenges starting from when you board your plane, check in the hotel, and communicate with the people who don’t speak your mother tongue. However, it will teach you how to solve problems and be self-reliant. You might also get surprised at how capable and confident you are when facing those challenges. You get to know your own potential better. 

Detoxing from your gadget

Te constant notifications from your phone can be draining. Hence, you need to perform self-care by detoxing yourself from those devices. Taking a trip is one of the best ways because there are many more distractions along the trip that can make you forget about your devices for a while. You might only take your phone when you are about to take selfies at a place you are visiting. 

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Come back feeling fresh and recharged

One of the main purposes of performing self-care is to get back that freshness and feeling recharged. You can also get the same outcome from travelling. When you take a meaningful trip, you will come back with fresh mind and recharged soul. It shatters your routine, which is what you need to have a fresh perspectives. Consider solo travel as one of self-care method to try. 

Why You Need A Secluded Stay in Private Villa Ubud

Why You Need A Secluded Stay in Private Villa Ubud

The essence of a getaway vacation is having to get away from everything. To escape from whatever that stressed you out and get off the grid without being too far away from all the creature comforts and the fun things of a vacation. You want a perfect place to stay, and a villa in Ubud seems to be a perfect answer. Here are four reasons why you will love to stay in a secluded villa in Ubud, Bali. 

Better Physical and Mental Health

Stress is the leading cause of serious, long-term health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Stress can also cause or worsen mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

While medical intervention and lifestyle changes can assist to some extent, stress reduction is one of the most effective approaches to treat chronic disorders. A pleasant trip is the best way to disengage from the stress and confusion of everyday life.

There are plenty of other ways to unplug besides lying on the beach! Get caught up on your ‘to be read’ list and lose yourself in a new book for hours; relax and pamper yourself at a local day spa; the possibilities are unlimited!

Nesting with Your Loved One in A Secluded Villa Ubud

A quiet beach trip is the ideal setting for spending quality time with friends and family. A vacation is the perfect time to reconnect and create new memories, whether it’s a day at the beach with the kids or a romantic seaside dinner with your significant other.

Consider beach fishing or organizing a fishing charter with your family, beach water activities like kayaking or jet skiing, a bike tour of the island, or sightseeing or shell searching along the beach or marsh. For limitless beach pleasure, bring books and beach games.

Plan a walk in Tegalalang rice terraces, shop art galleries around Ubud, dine at a local restaurant, or take a day excursion to a neighboring destination for a romantic couples’ getaway.

A Complete Privacy to Heal Your Tired Soul

A Complete Privacy to Heal Your Tired Soul

A secluded villa rental in Ubud provides the solitude and quiet that hotels are unable to deliver. Their location is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, roads, and even freeways, allowing you to relax and unwind. You may enjoy the calm natural experience of the outdoors when you stay in a private villa. Bird singing and fresh air fill the mornings, creating the ideal environment for waking up.

When staying in a villa, you can also go for peaceful walks during the day to recharge your batteries and clear your mind. In comparison to resting in a room with thin hotel walls, private villa also give its guests with a restful night’s sleep. You can forget all the nosy next room neighbours or super energetic kids running around. 

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Recommended Villa Ubud Bali Close to Nature

Get Close with the Nature

How often did you get to connect with the nature during your busy life in the city? We often get suffocated by the daily tasks, expectation and pressures until we get burned out. Staying in a villa Ubud Bali is a great way to reconnect with mother nature and let our soul healed. 

During your vacation, disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and let yourself immersed in the gentle embrace of the nature. Soak up in the outdoor pool at your private villa Ubud and swim while looking at the lush forests. 

Get out and have some adventure in the outdoor. Of course, enjoying the beautiful outdoors does not require spending any money. A simple stroll along the shore or through the marsh will provide similar and stunning outcomes. There’s nothing quite like watching a pod of dolphins swim close to the shore or listening to the soothing sound of waves gently smashing on the shore.

Activities You Can Always Do Regardless Of Your Travel Destinations

It is common for us to feel like we don’t know what to plan for our trip. We focus too much on what to wear later during your trip, how to look like a cool tourist, or how not to get lost. However, a trip is the moment where you get to do what you want to do. There is no rules of what you must do during a trip, especially if it is your dream trip. You can do the most obvious activities most tourist do or try something extreme you have never thought of before. Regardless, there are activities that you can always do regardless of your travel destinations, such as:

Strolling around on foot

walking in the asphalt

Walking is a simple activity you can do when visiting certain place for a trip. It is such healthy activity that help you to stay active. Strolling around the beaches, the streets, the beautiful city, or the parks might be obvious activity most tourists do. However, it is more than just a walk since it is also how you can fully observe and absorb the charm of the place. By walking, the higher your chance to find some hidden gems. Make sure to stay abide by the rules to keep you safe while strolling around. 

Visiting museums

It is also one of the most common things to do when visiting a place. Almost every city around the world has museum or at least some sort of cultural center. These places tell you stories about the history of the city. It is such a meaningful activity to do during a  trip since you will gain more knowledge about the place you are visiting. Not to mention that most museums only require small fee and some even are open for free. 


Hiking is the best way to enjoy the scenery to the max during a trip. Going on a hike is such a great exercise as well to keep you in shape. Climbing up the mountain is no easy but the things await you at the top is worth all the sweats. Every country around the world usually has national park open for hiker or trekkers. Make sure to put your safety on top priority by following the rules. If you consider yourself unable to climb up the mountain, you can go for a short hike and camp put instead. It is still worthy option to make the most out of your trip. 

Street food hunting

Every city around the world has street food scene that is too good to be skipped. Through street foods, you learn more about the culture, customs, and tradition of the locals as well. Street foods are relatively cheap as well so you won’t feel like being robbed. Most street foods are delicious and mouthwatering. If you are unsure about the safety and hygiene, choose deep fried or boiled foods. Also, choose street vendors that have long line of customers. Avoid buying street foods from vendors located in shady areas.

Best Scuba Diving Spot in Bali for beginners or experienced diver

Bali have multiple great diving spots that you can visit. Either wreck diving, or a dive to discover the marine biodiversity that Indonesia have. Whatever your skill level in diving is, there’s a spot for you to visit. Here are some of the best diving spots to visit in Bali for beginners or advanced diver when taking a vacation in Bali.

Mangrove Point in Nusa Lembongan

The diving site situated on the north side of Nusa Lembongan Island, in front of the Mangrove Forest. The mangrove is an important aspect of the local environment, providing nutrients to one of the most healthy coral reefs on the island of Nusa Lembongan. A gentle dropping slope, 10-25 meters deep, is totally covered in all varieties of coral and home to an incredible diversity of marine life. A spectacular underwater show with tons of marine life movement will unfold as you drift along the reef. Turtles, barracudas, marble rays, dolphins, leaf scorpion fish, and flathead crocodiles are some of the animals that may be found in the area. The mangrove dive site is appropriate for divers of all levels of experience, and it is also one of the top snorkeling places in the Nusa Penida region.

Manta Point in Nusa Penida

This is where schools of Manta Rays come and gather for cleaning themself in the cleaning station. The cleaning station is where cleaner fish like the wrasses come and eat bacteria and clean the manta ray colony. Here the mantas also have the chance to eat because there are many plankton here. The Manta point is 8 – 12 meters deep the mantas usually is at the 10m mark. Beside the mantas, you can spot reef shark, bamboo shark, blue spotted stingray, or some smaller rare species like nudibranchs, Zanzibar shrimps, Porcelain crabs.

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Tulamben in North East Bali, even a first timer can dive here

wreck of USAT Liberty in Tulamben Bali. thats good beginners
source :

Tulamben is a peaceful settlement on Bali’s northeast coast, featuring views of the Lombok Strait. you can found creatures like Mola-mola , hammerhead sharks, and whale sharks. Tulamben is one of the top dive locations in the world because of its biodiversity and position. The easy access to the village’s historic wreck, the USAT Liberty, that sunk in 1963 when Gunung Agung erupted, adds to the village’s appeal. Bumphead parrot fish can also be seen on the wreck along with many other creatures. This site is one of the best for beginners that’s been getting into diving for the first time.

Amed in Northeast Bali

Located in North east coast of Bali, 30 minutes from Tulamben, which is great you can get to another diving sites in your day trip. In Tulamben, you can meet many divers here because the place is really diver friendly. The main attraction of Amed is the spot is friendly for beginners, and theres many thing to discover like beautiful corals, many kinds of fishes, some wreck from the war, and if youre lucky you can find mola – mola or even whale shark. If you’re more experienced, there’s even a drop off that you can try to explore.

How To Get The Full Benefits From Your Daily Skincare Routines

How To Get The Full Benefits From Your Daily Skincare Routines

Taking care of your skin is important because it is not only to make you look good but feel good as well. Your skin is the most outer part of your body that needs to be protected as well. You need to maintain its health from any potential damage such as from the sun exposure, aging, unhealthy foods, and poor skincare routine. 

Build beneficial skincare routine

Some people may have ten steps of skincare routine they implement on their daily life. However, it is not always for everyone. There are some people who can maintain their skin health and beauty using simple steps not more than four or five every day. Hence, it is back to what you need not following blindly influencers. Here are some tips to get the full benefits of your skincare routine:

Declutter your skincare products

If you think your skincare regimen is too messy with so many products you don’t even know about or you haven’t even tried, declutter. Take a good look and think about which steps are needed and which are not. If it is needed, you can eliminate some of excess products. You can donate some of your skincare products to your families or friends. Also, don’t forget to remove expired products. 

Keep your routine simple

Dermatologists often say less is more in skincare routine. To get the full benefits of your skincare routine, you just have to choose what your skin needs the most. Make sure you have basic skincare that include cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. You can add one or two active ingredients into your routine to help fix your skin problems.

Do your research

To know what your skin really needs, you need to do your own research from many different sources. You can watch more about skincare tips and information from dermatologists channels, reading blogs and books, or looking at official medical journal. If you have particular problems with your skin, it is more recommended to talk to a dermatologist to know for sure how to solve it. 

Choose products based on your skin type

It helps a lot for you to know your own skin type when looking for skincare products. For example, if you have typically oily skin and prone to acne, you might want to avoid heavy products. Or, if you have typically dull, dry skin, you might need richer and heavier products to give you extra moisture. However, keep in mind that regardless of your skin type, do not let it dehydrate. Even oily skin can dehydrate if you don’t put enough moisturizer.

Wear your sunscreen every day

No matter what skincare routine or regimen you have, it will got o waste if you don’t wear sunscreen. It is because 90 percent of skin damage is caused by sun exposure. Hence, always remember to wear your sunscreen at the last step of your skincare routine before wearing makeup. Also, reapply your sunscreen every two to three hours. Choose the right sunscreen that your skin loves. 

Staying in Bali Beach Resort: Secret Cooking Tips in Your Room!

Staying in Bali Beach Resort: Secret Cooking Tips in Your Room!

We all love beach resorts when it comes to Bali. Who can deny a relaxing holiday at a luxurious beach resorts in the peaceful Nusa Dua enclave? However, when it comes to eating we all love some tips and tricks. While the resort has amazing restaurants boasting culinary variation from modernised Balinese cuisine to international and vegan delicacies, sometimes we want to whip up something easy and low cost in the room. Especially when you’re travelling with families and you want to save up extra budget for the trip! Dining out significantly increases your travel costs, and you’re unlikely to eat as healthily as you would if you cooked at home. Fortunately, with a little planning ahead of time, you can prepare a great supper in your hotel room without breaking the bank. 

These tips are for those who don’t want to carry the risk of bringing cooking appliances like crock pot, stove, or rice cooker to hotel and those who don’t have microwave in the room. 

Ask Them to Empty Out the Fridge

If you plan to stock up some foods on your vacation at Benoa beach resort, you’ll need to keep your fresh food cold. Stocking up food is essential because as Benoa and Nusa Dua are quite far and secluded from everywhere else. Many hotel rooms have tiny refrigerators, but they are frequently loaded with costly beverages. Motion detectors are used in refrigerators, which detect when you move an item and subsequently charge you. It is feasible to work around what is in the refrigerator, but you can only put a few things on top of cans in most cases. Prepare the best by calling ahead and requesting a refrigerator or cooler. It never hurts to inquire about the hotel’s services.

Whip Up Some Salad for Easy Lunch in Nusa Dua Resorts

Whip Up Some Salad for Easy Lunch in Nusa Dua Resorts

Salads are refreshing, especially when vacationing somewhere like Bali. Here’s a terrific selection of salads for the main course. No-cook salads including White Bean-Tuna Salad, Salmon Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette, and Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad. It’s a perfect lunch to be enjoyed by the beach in the Nusa Dua resorts in the midst of Bali’s hot weather!

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Cooking with Electric Kettle

Instant Pot Noodles, Instant Ramen, Instant Mac & Cheese, Eggs, Potatoes

Check the amenities of your room before going. Most beach resorts in Nusa Dua provide electric kettle in the room, but it’s worth to bring your own if they don’t. You can make a pack of ramen or a cup of noodles in your hotel room if you have a kettle of boiling water. You could also add some eggs for a quick snack or boil some potatoes to make simple mashed potatoes. Add some variation to the instant meals with some mac and cheese. With the help of iron and aluminium foil to cook some bacon, you can have simple decent dinner for everyone!

These aren’t luxury meals by any means, but they can help you stay nourished without breaking the bank. You will also get amazed at how helpful instant noodles can be especially after swimming or tiring excursion when you don’t have any energy left to prepare a meal!

Cooking with Coffee Maker

Oatmeal, Boiled Sausage, Veggies

A coffee maker, like an electric kettle, heats water—so it can be an alternative. A glass coffee pot, on the other hand, is more durable than a plastic electric kettle and can tolerate foods that would otherwise damage it.

Rice cooked in a coffee maker isn’t just a convenient method to get some quick carbs. You may even steam vegetables to add to your rice or ramen for a more complete dinner. Making instant oatmeal packets or even boiling a pack of sausage for hot dog can be done with coffee maker.

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Cooking with Iron 

Grilled cheese, any grilled sandwich, bacon, panini

Most beach resorts in Bali has an iron in the room’s closet. It may, however, be used as a makeshift griddle in desperate situation. To avoid harming the hotel’s iron, make sure to include aluminum foil in your shopping list to prevent your food from coming into direct contact with the appliance.

If you have adequate space, an iron can grill practically everything that can be grilled on a griddle. Wrap a standard panini in foil, which can include sliced meat, cheese, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise on a bread. Then, like you would with a panini press, press the iron down onto it, ensuring sure you’re doing so on a non-flammable surface. If nothing else, your hotel room’s ironing board is a decent choice for a safe surface. Aluminum foil can also help you broaden your culinary horizons. Place a couple of strips of bacon inside a piece of foil and cook it with the iron. You can even cook an egg or two if you double the foil layers. You’ll want to make sure nothing spills or leaks, but if you’re careful, your DIY barbecue can provide a decent supper.

Have You Ever Tried These Comfort Foods From Around The World?

The definition of comfort foods might be different for one person to another. For some people, comfort foods are the greasiest foods they can enjoy without care  to the world. While for some others, comfort foods are simple foods they enjoy when they are in need of comfort. Regardless, comfort foods don’t always fall into healthy category. Some of them might be high in carbs or sugar. However, the purpose of eating comfort foods is to give a boost to emotional well-being. 

Comfort foods around the world worth to try

Comfort foods usually have link to your emotional connection. Those can be foods you enjoyed during childhood. Or, those could be simple foods with amazing story behind. And here are several comfort foods that can be your go-to delicacies when you need emotional booster:

Picadillo from Latin America


The visual of this comfort food is amazing and mouth-watering. It has intense taste and rich flavor that can automatically lift up your mood. It is one of popular cuisines across Caribbean, Latin America. You can find it almost everywhere. There have been many variations of this dish but the basic one is made with ground beef, tomatoes, and olives. To sweeten the flavor raisins are added. It is best served with rice. 

Spatzle from Germany


This is already a popular comfort food many people love. This food has been an original cuisine in Germany since 18th century. It was the people in the southwestern region of Swebia who consume this dish on many occasion. And now, more people are getting to know about this pasta that has eggy, creamy, and rich flavor.

Kimchi Jjigae from South Korea

Kimchi Jjigae from South Korea

Jjigae means stew in Korean and Kimchi Jjigae means kimchi stew. This is a dish you can find practically across the country regardless of what region you visit. This dish is rich in flavor because you can taste sourness, sweetness, spiciness, and even greasiness. The highlight of this dish is the kimchi. However, other ingredients added to enhance this stew such as pork, tofu, seafood, and onion. 

Koshari from Egypt

Koshari from Egypt

This dish might not be that appetizing looking from its visual. It looks like a bowl of everything mixed together. However, a bowl of Koshari contains all goodness you need from comfort food. It is made with rice, lentils, macaroni, chickpeas, and tomatoes. It is then garnished with fried onions. You can find this dish across the country since it is a national dish loved by the locals.

Adobo from Philippine

Adobo from Philippine

Adobo is beyond food because of its complex cooking method. This is made with meat preserved and marinated in traditional way from Filipino culture. Chicken is often used as the star of the dish. However, any protein will do such as tofu, shrimp, or pork. Soy sauce and vinegar are the key to create Adobo with the right flavor. It is best served with rice.

There are so many versions of comfort foods around the world to inspire the list of your go-to meals whenever you need emotional support. 

Types of Guests at Bali Holiday Villas & Ways to Target Them

Types of Guests at Bali Holiday Villas & Ways to Target Them

Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most popular Asian tourist destinations, with visitors from all over the world returning year after year for a relaxing retreat and escape from the city. its beautiful beaches, interesting culture, active nightlife, and daring nature attracts visitors of all type from. The people you’ll meet in Bali are as diverse as the island’s charms, ranging from old-schoolers and honeymooners to expats, partygoers to zen-seekers. In the other side, you, like other vacation rental owners, are probably attracting one to three sorts of guests to your Bali holiday villas. Not because you specifically sought them out, but more because they happened to bump on your vacation rental. 

Learn from hotels. Segment your customers, learn their behaviour, and begin marketing to them. Here are the five different types of vacation rental visitors you might be attracting right now. Start to be specific and focus on one or two type of guests and apply that to your vacation rental. 

Couples and Newly-weds in Honeymoon: Private Bali Holiday Villas

Couples and Newly-weds in Honeymoon: Private Bali Holiday Villas

The romantic vacation market is huge in Bali, and they tend to look for Bali holiday homes that allows them to create beautiful memories together. When couples decide to travel, they frequently do so to commemorate a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary.

How to get their attention:

  • Couples want to have the ultimate privacy. Make sure your property provides privacy and a place to unwind.
  • Provide special service to create romantic memories like flower bath, candle-light dinner, or couple spa session. 
  • Provide useful information about romantic local places by identifying nearby restaurants and local sights that can be used as date ideas. 

The Family Vacationers: Bali Villas with 2 Bedrooms or More 

Every year, it’s the thing that families look forward to: finally being able to spend time together after a hard year. The guests of this type of vacation rental are searching for leisure, memories, and enjoyment. Families with small children frequently travel during the off-season, resulting in an increase in off-season bookings. They prefer Bali villas holiday vacation rentals with pools and lots of creature comforts. 

How to get their attention:

  • Despite the fact that families are excited to be away from home for a bit, they nevertheless want to feel at home.
  • Provide the kitchen with complete amenities like microwave, coffee maker, toaster, and possibly dishwasher. Also make sure to provide all utensils like knife, bottle openers, complete set of fork and spoons, and lots of plates.  
  • Have a laundry machine or in-house laundry service
  • Stock up some board games or puzzles for the family 

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The Business Work-cationers: Private Villa in the City 

You might have been focusing too much on holiday makers while forgetting the business travellers marker. They might be invisible, but there are actually many business travelers visiting Bali for their ventures! These travelers often want to have a bit relaxing taste of Bali while also doing their work. They are the type of guests we want to welcome in the vacation rental industry; fully booking the villa from Monday through Friday, and they also tend to return and spend more. They frequently choose a vacation rental over a hotel stay since it is less expensive.

How to get business travelers’ attention:

  • Convert your home into a peaceful, well-lit environment ideal for business travelers seeking a respite from crowded hotel rooms.
  • Make sure to provide travel distances and estimated driving times to key locations in your city or the surrounding metro area.
  • Provide technology conveniences like smart-house or online check-in. 
  • Offer special service like car rental, driver on request, or luxury amenities like coffee maker. 

More Vacation Rental Business Tips:

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Group of Vacationers: Large Holiday Home

Group of Vacationers- Large Holiday Home

Large groups frequently choose Bali holiday homes for rent for their yearly gatherings. From uni students to family reunions, office outings, retreats, and adult-get-together. While the amount of space on your property is the most significant element for a group, people also want to enjoy the best that your area has to offer without feeling like they are making too many compromises by sharing a room. You’ll have to accommodate the many personalities inside the group. Some may want to party, while others will want to learn as much as they can.

How to get large group’s attention:

  • Big Bali holiday villas with 7 bedrooms or more
  • Complete kitchen amenities 
  • A welcome book with recommendation of local restaurants, bars, and attractions
  • Provide additional sleeping arrangements like inflatable beds and convertible sofas
  • Recommendation or service of minibus rental

So, have you identified the most frequent type of travelers in your Bali villa?