Find Out How Travel Was Like Before Cell Phones

Find Out How Travel Was Like Before Cell Phones

Cell phone is something that the majority of people cannot travel without . in fact, it is difficult to get through the day without looking at your phone from time to time. Let alone travelling without one. So can you imagine what travel was like before cell phones? Can you imagine how people navigated themselves throughout their travel without a help from built-in GPS on the phone? Or how they took their travel memories with a bulky cameras instead of compact camera phone? It sounds wild especially for people from modern era to imagine it all. 

Ways travelling was different before cell phones

No one argue that cell phone makes our lives more convenient in so many ways. We can simply send message or call someone when needed, make a purchase and payment in few clicks, and snap HD pictures anytime. So, imagining a travel without phone seems pretty daunting today. But here are ways travel was different before cell phones:

Trying to a way without built-in GPS of cell phone

Today, almost every phone has a builtin GPS to help navigate our ways. However, there was no such thing in the past and travelers had to navigate their way using huge book of road maps. It was challenging to find the right page and figure out where they were on he map and which directions to reach the destination place. 

Ways travelling was different before cell phones

Researching about travel in advance

In the past, researching about the travel, destination, where to eat, where to sleep, or what to do was a must. It was done by buying a full-length travel book that contained all information about the trip. The travelers from the past bought the book, studied it prior the trip, and carried it around through the entire trip. FYI, those books were heavy and bulky because they covered a whole country or a large region. 

Communicating with the locals was far more challenging

Today, there are so many translation apps to help you overcome language barriers when interacting with the local residents of your travel destination. However, it was more challenging to overcome language barrier in the past when cell phone has not existed. Travelers in the past used to carrying around pocket dictionary. Some even studied the local language long before the trip. 

Asking help from strangers was pretty safe

Today, we are so wary about interacting with strangers when travelling, making us more self-reliant. If our car breaks down, we can just look up for the nearest mechanic from the phone and the problem fixed. However, travelers in the past seemed to be more willing to rely on the help of strangers and got more opportunities to make friends. 

Staying in touch was very challenging

Today, we can stay in touch with the people at home while travelling around the world. However, it was not the same in the past before cell phones. Travelers in the past either used payphone to call or looked for post office. Communication while travel before cell phones was indeed very challenging.