Travel Exhaustion; How To Prevent And Overcome It

Travel Exhaustion; How To Prevent And Overcome It
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Travelling is fun and has healing properties to your mind because it can help lift up your mood. You get the rush from the smells, sounds, tastes, and colors. However, one of the downside of travelling is exhaustion. It occurs to travelers especially those who have traveled a lot. Travel exhaustion is mostly caused by various elements that are overstimulating to your senses. Your sensory input then becomes exhausted, making you experienced many discomfort both physically and mentally. 

Preventing and overcoming travel exhaustion

Travel exhaustion may last from few hours to days. Each individual may experience it differently. Travel usually requires you to engage in painful and laborious effort which may put a strain on your body and mind. Overdoing strenuous activities can really put you in extreme exhaustion if it is left unfixed. And here are several tips to help prevent and overcome travel fatigue:

Find out what triggers you

Try to identify what tires you, if it’s noise, crowds, noise, bad smell, too much physical activities, etc. By defining your source of stress, you know what to do to avoid them or at least minimize being exposed to them too much. 

Bring what comforts you from home

Bring what comforts you from home

You may have your own comfort items you always have at home you always use when you feel out of it. It may be a diffuser, tea bags, old pillow cover, headphones, lamp, puzzle, book, etc. You can bring one of the items on your trip so you have them ready to comfort you during tough times. 

Build a routine

Travelling can be exhausting because you feel like you are constantly on edge, expecting and anticipating things. Routine can be boring but it helps you feel centered and grounded. Hence, build a routine during your travel such as spend fifteen minutes in the morning to sip your favorite tea or spend an hour or two to read your favorite books in the evening. 

Build your own sanctuary

Regardless of where you are staying during a trip, make it your safe place to rest and restore. Build your own sanctuary and make it your personal space to do anything that help you de-stress. 

Organize your clutters

Organizing things can be soothing and calming. You can do it to reduce your travel exhaustion. Go through your bags and sort out your belongings. Try to organize them to your liking and see how it affect your mood. 

Redirect your focus

You are experiencing travel exhaustion probably because you are all over the place. Hence, try to concentrate on your surroundings. First you sit and be comfortable. Then, look at the nearest object. You may also focus on one sound. Let details in the area fall away why fixing your breathing. 

Socialize with others

Maybe the reason behind your travel fatigue is the lack of real human connection while being too long on the road. Hence, try making meaningful connection with others. Socialize with the people you meet. Listening to their stories is probably what you need to release all that travel exhaustion.