Underrated Destinations For A Beach Holiday

Underrated Destinations For A Beach Holiday

A good beach vacation might not solve your problems. But with it, at least you can unwind and distract all the stress you have. There are many fun and relaxing things you can do during you beach holiday included sipping on cocktails, taking a dip in the blue water, or simply lounging on long stretches to enjoy the view. Aside from listing the things you want to do for your beach holiday, it is just as important to choose the right destination. Instead of choosing overrated, popular beaches, why not visiting one of those more underrated ones?

Underrated best beaches for a vacation

Visiting popular beaches often result in unpleasant crowd. In the end, you don’t really enjoy the vacation and have to deal with a lot of stress coming from too much crowd. Hence, it is worth a try to visit those ‘less popular’ beaches instead. They tend to be lack of crowd which allows you to enjoy more your vacation. And here are some of the most amazing beaches that are mostly underrated:

Busan, South Korea

Yes, Busan is one of the big cities in South Korea and famous for its beautiful beaches. This busy city has various beaches that are flanked by towering skyscrapers. You will find modern amenities available to accommodate your beach holiday.  However, there are also so many more secluded beaches you can visit for a private getaway. 

Darwin, Australia

Australia is known for its majestic marine life. The majority of beaches in Australia are favorable for swimming and other water-related activities. The most interesting point of Australian beaches is how the low tide expose a great number of reefs and rock pools. There are also playgrounds and picnic areas in the majority of the beaches in Australia, making them more suitable for a family group vacation. 

Oslo, Norway

Norway is popular as winter travel destination most of the time. However, this place is also such a great destination for a summer holiday. There are many spectacular beach destinations you can put on your bucket list. However, be mindful with the colder climate and low water temperatures here. It may gives you unusual yet unforgettable experience to visit one of the beach in Oslo for your holiday. 

Belfast, Ireland

Just like Norway, you may think this place is too cold for beach vacation. However, Belfast has some amazing beaches to explore. Those beaches have breathtaking natural rock formation and green waters. If you wish for unforgettable experience, forget about swimming and go for surfing or windsurfing when visit one of he beaches here instead. 

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is actually an industrious business city located in the West Coast of Sri Lanka. However, this city is flanked by golden beaches with green waters. You can go for a leisure stroll along the golden sandy beach or go for an underwater adventure, looking for a great views of amazing coral reefs and shipwrecks. You will be accommodated with variety of modern amenities so you can enjoy your vacation conveniently.