Best Scuba Diving Spot in Bali for beginners or experienced diver

Bali have multiple great diving spots that you can visit. Either wreck diving, or a dive to discover the marine biodiversity that Indonesia have. Whatever your skill level in diving is, there’s a spot for you to visit. Here are some of the best diving spots to visit in Bali for beginners or advanced diver when taking a vacation in Bali.

Mangrove Point in Nusa Lembongan

The diving site situated on the north side of Nusa Lembongan Island, in front of the Mangrove Forest. The mangrove is an important aspect of the local environment, providing nutrients to one of the most healthy coral reefs on the island of Nusa Lembongan. A gentle dropping slope, 10-25 meters deep, is totally covered in all varieties of coral and home to an incredible diversity of marine life. A spectacular underwater show with tons of marine life movement will unfold as you drift along the reef. Turtles, barracudas, marble rays, dolphins, leaf scorpion fish, and flathead crocodiles are some of the animals that may be found in the area. The mangrove dive site is appropriate for divers of all levels of experience, and it is also one of the top snorkeling places in the Nusa Penida region.

Manta Point in Nusa Penida

This is where schools of Manta Rays come and gather for cleaning themself in the cleaning station. The cleaning station is where cleaner fish like the wrasses come and eat bacteria and clean the manta ray colony. Here the mantas also have the chance to eat because there are many plankton here. The Manta point is 8 – 12 meters deep the mantas usually is at the 10m mark. Beside the mantas, you can spot reef shark, bamboo shark, blue spotted stingray, or some smaller rare species like nudibranchs, Zanzibar shrimps, Porcelain crabs.

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Tulamben in North East Bali, even a first timer can dive here

wreck of USAT Liberty in Tulamben Bali. thats good beginners
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Tulamben is a peaceful settlement on Bali’s northeast coast, featuring views of the Lombok Strait. you can found creatures like Mola-mola , hammerhead sharks, and whale sharks. Tulamben is one of the top dive locations in the world because of its biodiversity and position. The easy access to the village’s historic wreck, the USAT Liberty, that sunk in 1963 when Gunung Agung erupted, adds to the village’s appeal. Bumphead parrot fish can also be seen on the wreck along with many other creatures. This site is one of the best for beginners that’s been getting into diving for the first time.

Amed in Northeast Bali

Located in North east coast of Bali, 30 minutes from Tulamben, which is great you can get to another diving sites in your day trip. In Tulamben, you can meet many divers here because the place is really diver friendly. The main attraction of Amed is the spot is friendly for beginners, and theres many thing to discover like beautiful corals, many kinds of fishes, some wreck from the war, and if youre lucky you can find mola – mola or even whale shark. If you’re more experienced, there’s even a drop off that you can try to explore.