How To Enjoy A Better And Safer Snorkeling Experience

How To Enjoy A Better And Safer Snorkeling Experience

There are so many water activities you can do during your getaway to your dream beaches around the world. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two of the most favorite things people love to do, especially if the sea provide great visibility to allow you truly look at the marine life. Snorkeling however, requires far less effort and expenses compared to scuba diving. It is such a simple yet valuable activity to do. You get to see the great marine life beneath the surface. 

How to snorkel safely and get better experience

Even though snorkeling is a simple activity, not all people are brave enough to do it. Snorkeling requires you to breathe through a tube while being face down in water. It can be terrifying in the first time. So here are some tips for you to get better and safer snorkeling experience:

Choose the right gear

Even if you plan to snorkel few times in a year, it is best to choose high quality gears for your own safety. Of course, the tour operators usually provide snorkeling gears too. However, they are often worn out already. It is better if you bring your own gears. Or, you can also rent from a local dive shop instead and choose the good ones.

Use fins

Use fins

Many people leave pins for their first time snorkeling thinking they won’t help them to snorkel better. However, it is best to take your fins and use them because they can help save your energy while snorkeling. Not to mention fins can help you to swim against a string current. Choose the fins that snug your feet perfectly. 

Choose the right places to snorkel

It is best to choose the place that is designated for snorkeling. Ask for suggestions from the locals or ask dive masters around to know which areas are best for snorkeling, especially if it is your first time. Be mindful of areas with strong currents. 

Deal with fogged-up mask

It is common for your mask to get fogged-up while enjoying your time snorkeling. You can deal with it by using anti-fog sprays or baby shampoo. Or, you can simply spit on your mask hen wipe the saliva around to be then rinsed until clear before jumping into the water. 

Avoid touching anything you see in the water

Seeing marine life in real life can tempt you to touch. However, you are not allowed to do so unless you are a marine biologist. You can only observe but avoid any interaction even if the thing looks harmful. It is because you can be harmful for the marine life not only vice versa. 

Snorkel stealthily

Try not to make too many movements that can stir up the sand and spook the creatures. Try to move slowly and quietly. And when you encounter something interesting, pause, float, and watch. To move around safely, use your legs not your arms. Aside from the possibility to spook creatures, using your arms to snorkel can take up so much energy.