Charter Private Boat And Start Your Journey From Labuan Bajo

For those of you who want to join a Labuan Bajo tour, many operators offer tour package services for Labuan Bajo tour exploring Komodo. The price offered also varies depending on the type of ship used. But if you want to arrange your own trip without joining a tour operator, it’s also not a bad choice. It will definitely be more difficult because everything is arranged by yourself. The benefit you will get is more flexible.

Charter Private Boat And Start Your Journey From Labuan Bajo

Type of Private Boat Labuan Bajo

There are types of private boats in Labuan Bajo that are commonly used for sailing. There are yachts, phinisi ships, medium ships, and open deck ships. The difference between these ships is in terms of facilities and of course also the price. However, the ones most often used by travelers are medium ships.

There are 2 Medium ships, ac medium ships, and non- ac medium ships. The selection of which ship is suitable for you and your friends is based on this division, considering the hot weather in Flores and of course making the body sticky.

Rent a non-ac medium Labuan Bajo boat (Fan) is not a bad choice, but if I may suggest it is better for you to choose a medium ac boat because the difference in rental prices is not too significant but you will get a comfortable sleep at night.

Yacht Labuan Bajo

Yacht charter Labuan Bajo was identified with the actual floating hotel. In the sense that all facilities, both exterior, and interior are luxurious and classy manner. In Labuan Bajo, there are only a few small and medium-sized yachts.

Usually, the capacity of the yacht is only for 5-8 people. With the large size of the yacht and only a small capacity, so we can imagine how luxurious this private boat is. The cost of renting a yacht charter in Labuan Bajo ranges from 150-250 million for a 3 day trip and only for a maximum of 5-8 people.

Phinisi Boat Charter

The Phinisi ship is a traditional ship made in Indonesia, precisely from Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. This area is indeed famous as a center for making Phinisi Ships, even people from various parts of the world are already queuing up to build ships here.

Currently, many phinisi ships have arrived and compete with each other in Labuan Bajo. Even now some ships have been modified from the original phinisi form to a phinisi form which is more suitable for tourism use.

The phinisi boat charter available in Labuan Bajo come with various price options. The price range starts from 15 million – 50 million per day. There are 3 types of Phinisi boat itself, in Labuan Bajo, luxury Phinisi, Phinisi, and Semi Phinisi. What distinguishes the three is usually the facilities and the size of the ship. You will feel the cool traditional feel mixed with a modern interior.

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