What To Avoid When You Are On Cruise Ship

Travelling on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to escape from your hectic days. It is such a relaxing thing to do since you can enjoy beautiful views of the open ocean, mesmerizing sky day and night, and so on. You leave behind your problem for awhile during the cruise and have yourself enjoy the moment. 

Avoid these things when you are on a cruise ship

No matter where you go, it is important to follow guide and rules that will keep you safe and comfortable. Travelling on a cruise ship requires you to follow their guide so that you won’t put yourself in dangerous situation or even embarrass yourself in front of other passengers. So here several things you should avoid to do when on a cruise ship:

Ignoring your hands hygiene

In this time of global pandemic, you should pay attention to your self-hygiene. Even though the global pandemic is gradually improving, you still have to follow health protocol. On a cruise ship, you will be constantly reminded to keep your hands clean. There are big signs to tell you that while hand sanitizer is placed in various corner of the ship for easier access. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after using restroom and before eating as well. 

Forgetting to switch your phone data

If it is a domestic trip you are planning to embark on your cruise plan, then you may not really need to switch off your cellular data. However, it can cause costly mistake if you keep it on while having international cruise. Many cruise ships have their own rooming network that you can connect to just in case you need it. It is best to turn off your cellular data before pulling out of port. 

Skipping covid-19 protocols

As mentioned earlier that health protocol should be followed regardless of your travel destination. Hence, skipping covid-19 protocols prior your cruise will put you in trouble. If your cruise line requires you to get a pre-trip covid test then make sure to have it ready before boarding. Today, it is a must to get vaccinated and proof of negative pre-cruise test result. 

Binge eating uncontrollably

It is understandable that the foods served on a  cruise ship look ravishing and mouthwatering. However, it is not recommended to overindulge by sampling all foods and drinks crazily like there is no tomorrow. Think of enjoying the foods there like doing a marathon. Make sure to pace yourself and savor every food and drink you enjoy. Otherwise, you will be feeling sick midway through the cruise. 

Excessive alcohol consumption

It is normal to have a seasick and you can prevent or overcome it by taking proper medication. However, losing inhibition due to too much drinks during a cruise is something you should avoid. Extreme intoxication may results in accidents that both put yourself and others in danger. You may end up in a cruise ship jail if you misbehave due to being extremely drunk.