Architect Bali, How To Build Beachfront Villa?

Beachfront villas are a promising property investment asset. Especially in Bali, there are many domestic and foreign tourists who want to rent a villa or house on the beach. Building a villa or resort on the beach like that still has its own rules. This is stated in the regional regulations of each region, regarding provincial and district/city spatial planning plans. One of the objectives of making regulations regarding this coastal boundary is to maintain and protect the sustainability of the ecosystem. Architect Bali certainly knows that building a beachfront villa is legal but must comply with all the rules that have been set by the government.

Architect Bali, Tips for Building a villa on the beach

Architect Bali, Tips for Building a villa on the beach

There are several steps you can follow to build a building that is on the waterfront. To build buildings in this area should not be arbitrary, because the buildings in this location must be made strong in terms of architecture.

Following the Rules of the Coastal Border

The first thing you can do is check the local regulations regarding the coastal boundaries for the building you are going to build. By following these rules, you can also minimize your villa from the risk of natural disasters. For example, such as storms, floods, erosion or abrasion, tsunamis, and other disasters that often occur on the coast.

Using the Concept of Tropical Architecture

To build a villa on the beach, it is necessary to use the concept of a tropical architectural style. This villa design is very suitable for use in coastal areas in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is an area traversed by the equator, so Indonesia has a tropical climate.

When realizing this tropical architectural villa concept, professional design services Bali are needed, and have experience related to home design. Because when designing this villa, it should not be arbitrary, it must include several aspects so that the villa is comfortable, safe, and of good quality.

Main Building Facing the Beach

The main purpose of having a villa on the beach is to enjoy the beauty of the sea view. Therefore, the main building must face the open sea. You can make the living room, bedroom, and bathroom facing the sea. So you can enjoy the beauty of the beach view at any time.

Villa development Bali with this position will also be profitable if in the future it will be used as a business. It could be a restaurant business or a lodging business. The building overlooking the beach will make it an attraction, so many tourists are interested in visiting your business.

Choosing the Right Building Materials

To make a building on the beach is also required the accuracy of the materials used. For example, determining the right foundation for the building so that the building structure does not collapse easily. It also needs to be adjusted to the surrounding soil conditions, you can discuss it with the architect Bali.

Considering the villa is on the beach, materials such as wood and concrete are needed that are strong and resistant to water. In addition, you are also required to ensure that all aspects of the structure of the villa have a strong resistance to wind, to various weather conditions such as heat and rain.

Using Open Concept

Seeing the area of ​​the villa that is on the beach, then using an open concept is very suitable for use. Actually, this is a package with using tropical architecture. You can use an open concept for your kitchen design, so you can cook outdoors with a view that leads to the beach.

You can also add various plants, so that the feel of the villa is more beautiful and cool. Because the weather on the beach is sometimes very hot, so having lots of plants inside and outside the villa is highly recommended. Provide a large window in the middle of the main building, so that sea views can be directly seen from inside the villa.