Things to Do in Indonesia’s Most Pristine Islands

Indonesia’s most pristine islands are undoubtedly Raja Ampat. And while plenty of people here come to Raja Ampat for its amazing underwater lives, it is not the only thing that you can do. The islands of Raja Ampat simply has an abundance of things in store. And simply being in the place would already give you a taste of paradise.

The obvious – dive!

Raja Ampat is not dubbed as the divers’ mecca for nothing. Over 70% of the earth’s marine life exists in none other than Raja Ampat. Expect to meet manta rays during the time you dive in the waters of these islands of paradise. Diving in Raja Ampat is akin to a one in a lifetime experience. Unless of course, you decided to go again and again! Raja Ampat is obviously one of the most, if not the most favorite diving sites for divers. You’ll understand why once you’ve experienced it yourself.

Talk to the locals of West Papuan people  

Raja Ampat is unlike the rest of Indonesia. The people of Raja Ampat often prefer to be referred to as the West Papuan people. So, if you’ve been to other parts of Indonesia, notably Bali, or Java, then you’re going to be met with another side of Indonesia. A glimpse to how multicultural and multi-ethnic Indonesia is.

You won’t have to make lengthy conversations if you’re shy. Simply say hi and exchange a few words. Then observe the locals as they go on about their everyday lives. Children playing outside, singing, wives, and husbands getting home the fishes they just caught, among other activities.

Enjoy as much fish as your stomach allows

Naturally, for a region surrounded by waters with rich marine lives, the primary food source in Raja Ampat is fish. The remoteness of the island is a very good thing. Raja Ampat is difficult to reach. But on the other hand, it allows other lives other than humans to flourish. Including the wealth of fishes available to fish.

Explore the archipelago through kayaking

There is an incredible landscape of islands on an endlessly blue ocean—what better way to savor them than to get on a journey to explore them through water? Kayaking is also an ideal way to explore the gorgeous islands at your very own pace. It will be so much more peaceful compared to going on an engine. The relatively calm waters of the islands are also perfect for those who are just beginning their kayaking activities for the very first time.

Trekking in Raja Ampat

Pristine and untouched the lives of the people around the Raja Ampat islands are not like those you can find in Indonesia. Aside from the difference in the majority of religions and culture, most of Raja Ampat’s villages are very traditional. It makes as one of the most authentic experiences for travelers. Raja Ampat has not only rich marine biodiversity but also breathtaking lands as well. Beautiful tropical rainforest, rich biodiversity of birds, enjoy them at your own pace through trekking.