Where To Enjoy Fresh Seafood Bali

Curious to enjoy best seafood restaurant in Bali? Well, there are many places to enjoy seafood, Balinese restaurants, both local and international. Enjoying seafood Bali in traditional fish markets? Why not? You can go to Kedonganan Market, choose and buy a variety of fresh seafood. Around the Kedonganan market, there are many stalls offering services to process it. Cheap? Of course! Allows you to save money on processing the ingredients.

Seafood Bali

Jimbaran Seafood Bali

Visiting the Jimbaran area, you will find a row of favorite and popular restaurants to enjoy seafood Bali in front of the beach with a sunset view. It’s not difficult to spoil your tongue with Balinese seafood. Jimbaran seafood Bali is one of the best and perfect places for your dinner. It is recommended to arrive before sunset so you can take the best spot to enjoy the sunset.

Seafood BBQ Seminyak

Many ways and places for Balinese seafood lovers. Seafood is served in different ways. Given that Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, many seafood Bali offerings are tailored to the tastes of certain countries. BBQ is indeed the right way to enjoy seafood. But, you will find different tastes and sensations in each restaurant.

Seafood lovers can try to visit the Sea Vu Play. Shrimp, calamari, and various types of fish you can enjoy at affordable prices. This seafood restaurant Bali design is pirate-themed and perfect for all, no matter you are solo, group or family. Don’t forget to enjoy various events nearing the night on the Sea Vu Play.

All You Can Eat Seafood Restaurant Bali

Want to eat cheap and full? There are many restaurants offering promos all you can eat for you. Pay attention to the schedule set by the restaurant so that you don’t take the time wrong. One of them is Sky Garden. You only need to spend 99,000 thousand rupiahs to enjoy your meal as much as you like. After enjoying it, it allows you to exercise a little on the rooftop until midnight. There are many more restaurants you can eat so you can enjoy seafood Bali dishes at affordable prices and full.

The charm of Bali is not only limited to the scenery or the beach. Seafood Bali is one that tourists from various countries hunt. It’s strange if you don’t enjoy seafood while on vacation in Bali. Use recommendations from various culinary websites for the best seafood Bali. There is nothing more interesting and fun to enjoy seafood Bali in various restaurants, whether local or international restaurants.