Komodo Sailing Trip: One Thing in Asia You Should Try

Asia. Earth’s second largest continent where most laid-back gateway settled. A place where people flock to have relaxing holiday, spiced with tropical weather. And all of this makes more sense when we are talking about South-East Asia, that one region in the world jewelled with sparkling blue ocean and verdant lush greens. Now, you might think about Bali, Thailand, or Singapore, but we have something in mind that’s even better. See, many of us traveler make mistakes to assume that visiting the super popular South-East Asia destination is enough. Here we have found a secret gem  far in the eastern part of Indonesia, close enough from Bali to hop on but stil offer an off beaten path sense of adventure. It’s the Komodo National Park in Flores, eastern Indonesia. And in this far flung destination, Komodo sailing trip is apparently the must-thing to do.

Komodo Sailing Trip: One Thing in Asia You Should Try

Now, Flores is not about beach party, staying in grand imposing hotel, or tropical storm shop kind of trip. Located in the outer most line of east Indonesia, Komodo is a place where you will forget any worldly spree and leave everything behind to enjoy a raw display of nature’s exceptional creation. God, this region even frequently dubbed as “the most beautiful” of Indonesia, “the next Bali”, the “Jurassic Park”, even to the “Lost World”—all because of the wonderful nature.

So What’s on Komodo Sailing Trip, Really?

Five main important things make up a Komodo sailing trip: island hopping, marine life, savannah hills, Komodo dragon, and liveaboard vessel to enjoy it all. The Komodo National Park is a group of pristine wonderland bursting with small jagged islands, acres of auburn savannah, soft sands beaches, vibrant underwater display, and teeming network of coral that, combined together, make it a great sailing location.

Dive, Hike, Chill

Three things are offered on most Komodo sailing trip; diving the brilliant underwater, hiking the mountainous islands to enjoy the savannah fields and Komodo’s jaw dropping lookout, and super indulging chilling experience while you are not busy inspecting the area. The beaches and the liveaboard boat being our most recommended place to just sit back and enjoy while Komodo’s wonderful nature does it part. 

Komodo Sailing Trip: One Thing in Asia You Should Try

We feel obliged to warn you, though, that Komodo is blessed with multicoloured beaches. Yes, as if it can’t get any better than this. Sugary white beaches lined most of Komodo’s islands coastal edge. Some coast has black sandy beach as a gift from nearby volcanoes. On top of it all, you will have one of the rarest beach in the world; the Pink Beach, which quickly become one of the main highlight for travelers who venture this path.  Here’s a little secret of the Pink Beach: most travel magz and Flores tour highlight one particular Pink Beach—the one where most tourist are directed to. However, Komodo actually have half a dozen of rosy-tinted beaches, some of them are kept hidden from the crowd.

Being a frontier destination in one of Indonesia’s remotest area, Komodo might be quite hard to reach. You might won’t find truly luxurious creature comfort to pamper your body, but the chance to experience the sea and see spellbinding places where other’s cannot is totally worth it. Needless to say, Komodo sailing trip definitely should be on your to-do list for at least once in a lifetime.