Recommended Destinations for Train Trip

Taking train trip can be fun and more exciting than air travel. There are scenic that is priceless you can enjoy throughout the ride. There are many rails around the world offering routes as scenic for travelers to try. Attractive scenery is part of perks of taking train trip. Thus, the journey to your destination won’t e bad and it can be addicting indeed. Lots of travelers prefer train for travelling instead of other modes of transportation because they have already find the perks of it. Some travelers also choose trains that specifically designed for sightseeing. These trains usually offer longer routes in order to travel through the most breathtaking scene.

Best destinations to enjoy train trips

There are also routes travelled by ordinary workday trains and offer expansion for summer schedule. You can also ride with your ordinary tickets to enjoy scenic train trips. Make sure to book the best reservation so your trip will be memorable. You can choose either first or standard class service. Here are best destinations for train trips you can try:

  • Swiss is where you can find Bernina Express. It is on the run between Cur and Tirano in Northern Italy. Its line extends from St. Mortiz to Tirano. During your trip, you will see famous segment including circular viaduct as well as the spectacular decent from the Bernina Pass to Tirano. The full trip will take about four hours if you take it from Chur. However, it will take only two hours if you take the St. Mortiz-Tirano trip. There are more options you can take so you just need to choose the route that you’d like.
  • The next recommended destination for train trip is America where you can visit 6 National Parks in America in 14 days-adventure. The 6 National Parks include Glacier, Waterton Lakes, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, and Canyonlands. The tour will begin in Chicago and you are going to board Empire Builder to go to Glacier National Park. Then, you will continue your journey to Waterton National Park in Canada. Your trip will end when you visit Salt Lake City, Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks.
  • Canada is also great destination if you want to have the best train trip. You will be able to travel to 7 provinces in Canada along storied rail routes. The adventure will be fun and memorable since there are many things you can see during your trip. The scenery and the culture of the infamous Canada are there to explore. The trip covers coastal city of Vancouver, through Canadian Rockies and end in Halifax on the Atlantic Coast.
  • Berlin, Prague and Vienna are also great destinations for train trip. You will be able to enjoy the Imperial cities of Berlin, as well as Prague and Vienna in one rail vacation. The scenery throughout the trip is mesmerizing. You can also stop by interesting spots. Each city you travel to offer a unique mixture of historical and modern vibes. This train trip doesn’t take too long and fits for your busy schedule.