Jump into the Komodo Island Scuba Diving

Jump into the Komodo Island Scuba Diving

Diving in the sea is very exciting and challenging, like diving into life. But life under the sea is very amazing, so humans have designed tools that can breathe under water just for the sake of watching marine biota and animals. And each water has its own unique life. Komodo Island Scuba Diving, for example, is always the best moment in life. 

Sometimes when you’re diving it feels like you have gills, but when you realize the sound of an oxygen tank rustling, you paddle your feet again. The sensation of diving is truly two-fold, you are like floating without wings in Komodo National Park Diving. 

Basic Tips for Komodo Island Scuba Diving: 

Behind the charm of Komodo Island Scuba Diving, you also have to stay alert while enjoying it. Both to animals and marine biota that live there. And the most important thing is not to damage and pollute the nature of Indonesia.

Check Equipment

Before diving, you need to make sure the diving equipment you will use is functioning normally or not. The main thing is usually to check the mask, fins, hoses, and buoys you are using are working properly. After that, another important thing is to follow the direction of the instructor who guides you. 

Do Not Panic

When snorkeling or diving, you will meet marine animals that may be bigger than you. If you want to touch them, try to gently rub their skin. This relaxed feeling will make the animals that touch also feel safe and do not feel threatened by their existence. 

Wear Clothes That Cover the Whole Body

Swimsuits that cover the whole body are the safed clothes for snorkeling and diving. The reason is that under the sea there are so many animals and marine biota that may sting or bite. Swimwear will protect us from these things. Because jellyfish stings can make our skin blister, and it can make us stop diving activities at the time. 

Watch the Ocean Currents

The diving point is determined by the Komodo Island Scuba Diving guide, so the boat you are riding will drop you off at one point and pick you up at another. Make sure to stay in touch with the captain. Therefore it is recommended not to go against the current because it only wastes energy. 

Bring the Underwater Camera

Moments under the sea are very precious and should be remembered in the future. Maybe one day you will tell your diving experience at Komodo Island Scuba Diving and show the real evidence. Therefore, make sure your camera memory is empty with a full battery, don’t forget to charge it the night before diving!

After you know all of this you can continue your Komodo Sailing Trip plan, don’t let anything be left behind when you prepare for your trip to the island of Flores. But for those of you who have never snorkeled or dived, you should join the training first. Because if you are the first and don’t take part in previous training, you will have the potential to harm yourself and others. 

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