Trip to Wae Rebo Village: Exploring Village Above The Clouds

A trip to Wae Rebo always brings us back to nature. Wae Rebo Village is located in Manggarai district, East Nusa Tenggara. Opposite the Poco Mandawasu mountain and surrounded by the villages of Todo, Nancar, Roea, also Ramoet. There is a hill as high as 1,200 meters above sea level which is often one of the places that must be visited on the Flores Tour for local and foreign tourists.

At the end of the hill is a tourist destination, looks like a valley, and those who have been from up there call it “Village above the clouds”, one of the highest villages in Indonesia.

How to get a Trip to Wae Rebo?

The trip to Wae Rebo will start when you’re in Labuan Bajo to Denge village with a car and it takes a few hours. Or you can start from Dintor village using a motorbike to take a 6-kilometres journey to Denge village, the place where tracking begins

And because the road entering the valley cannot be passed by a car, trekking must be done for about 4 hours. The climb on the hill is worth feeling, the sensation of splitting the forest with exotic views from the Savu Sea to the trees and other greenery which is very majestic and beautiful. Splitting the wild forest, crossing the river, to the road on the edge of a cliff.

Even though there are some quite tiring parts of the road, this climb is still relatively easy compared to climbing Mount Kelimutu and Mount Sangeang.

The climb will pass through 4 posts, where the last post is a place to signal attendance, there is a piece of wood that needs to be sounded to signal to the local customary leader that a guest has come, and finally being met with residents, the villagers of Village Above the Clouds are also very friendly and open to whoever their guests are.

The view will feel like changing to the very-very old times, a time far from modernity, technology, practicality, and the hustle and bustle of the streets. It’s like ancient traditional dwellings. However, it is so calm, beautiful, peaceful, exotic, it also provides a spiritual experience that nourishes the soul. A village on a hill, surrounded by other hills. That’s why it’s not easy to forget a Trip to Wae Rebo.

Then we can see seven Mbaru Niang (One of the East Indonesian traditional house) that are lined up in a half-circle, with palm and palm fiber roofs, as well as thatch. And each shape, in general, we can draw like a conical granary. In this village, people from all over the world flock to feel the charm.

That’s why UNESCO has designated Wae Rebo Village as a world cultural heritage since August 2012, why not? seen from the houses of its inhabitants, Mbaru Niang has a very aesthetic architectural design, and this has indeed become a trigger for attraction. The houses have several families living, so Mbaru Niang is a terraced house filled with warmth.

The important things to prepare are?

  • A strong backpack.
  • Hiking Shoes.
  • Jacket and socks
  • Cash
  • Books for Wae Rebo’s children
  • Spare battery
  • Physical preparation.

In this village, electricity is obtained from the generator and is limited to 10 at night. Even though the power plant is indeed limited, it does not rule out that it covers the soul and senior citizen. Many of the art craftsmen in that village also sell their works to tourists who come, such as souvenirs or agricultural products such as coffee, vanilla, or cinnamon. Also, they make some souvenirs from cinnamon.

And because of its height, every morning always seems to be shrouded in hilly fog that stops before the sun comes and because of its beauty, the morning at those hills feels like it is surrounded by dew from heaven. Make sure you stay longer at Village Above the Clouds.

The island of Flores is indeed blessed with a variety of very charming tours, from mountains to oceans. The very beautiful wisdom there is so fragrant with its name that it is smelled to various parts of the world. Also accompanied by small islands around it.

It’s always a great decision if you choose Trip to Wae Rebo on one of the Flores Island Tour that deserves to be touched but not to be contaminated.