What To Prepare Before Climbing Mount Batur In Bali

Mount Batur is one of the most anticipated spot for climbers and hikers. It is in fact the second tallest volcano in the island of Bali, towering 5,633 feet over the island. The peak of this beautiful mount has always become the destination since it presents amazing views of green ridges, crater lake, farm landscapes, and lush. You can also see beautiful view of Lombok island in the distance. 

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Things to know about before climbing Mount Batur in Bali

Along your journey to climb Mount Batur, you will get enjoy how the cool air against your skin. And once you witness the the golden morning rays creep over the horizon, your journey will be so  much worth it. Even though it is favorite thing to do in Bali and many people have experienced it, climbing Mount Batur needs preparation. Here are things you need to know about so you will be more prepared with climbing Bali’s Mount Batur:

Hiring a guide

It is recommended to hire a guide if you plan on climbing Mount Batur. There are many confusing web of poorly marked trails so it can be difficult for you to navigate your way. With a local guide, you will be directed to the right path and avoid any dangerous trails. The guide will help you to reach the peak before sunrise by guiding you through the trails during the dark. 

Climbing Mount Batur in a day

Sitting on the northeastern side of Bali, you can climb Mount Batur in a day. It takes only a few hours drive from coast to coast. Hence, Mount Batur is pretty accessible from most parts of Bali. It takes only around  one to two hours drive to the hike’s starting point, depending on where you are staying. You can join a tour company and they usually provide pick-ups and drop-offs in their tour offering. It is more practical if you don’t want to add ore days to your vacation schedule. 

Group vs solo

You can choose either climb Mount Batur with a group of people that can consist of ten to twenty hikers. This is considered a safe way especially if you know nothing about the trails. However, it can be uncomfortable to hike with 20 or so people that consist of both seasoned and new hikers. If so, you may opt for solo hike. However, it is more recommended to instead book a tour company or operator that offer smaller tours. 

Preparing yourself

You need to make sure that you are in good condition before climbing Mount Batur. However, you don’t really have to overdo your preparation since most people can complete the trek without too much trouble. Just make sure to be prepared for a five hour-round-trip hike. It includes two hours to climb to the summit, a break, and another two hours spent walking down. It may sound easy especially for seasoned hikers but your feet will be sore at the end of the day. However, it’s definitely worth it.