Tips to Pack a Backpack Properly for Your Trip

Backpacking is one the style travelers choose for travelling. This is considered more comfortable for those who like something simple. Backpacking also requires less hassle because you don’t have to deal with your suitcase. You also gain more flexibility to move from one place to another in quicker pace. However, for those who are not used to backpacking might find it difficult to pack. Packing a backpack is different from packing a suitcase. You need more calculation so that everything you need will fit in a single backpack. Besides, you need to consider the weight more because you will carry it on your back throughout your trip.

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Packing a backpack the right way

You will have to keep carrying your backpack behind you. Besides, there are different type of backpack with different compartments. Those usually require the right placement of things inside or else it can cause huge inconvenience. Therefore, it is wise for you to learn more about how to pack a backpack properly before backpacking to your travel destinations. It is for the sake of your convenience later during your short or long trip you take.

  • First thing first, you need to choose the right backpack. There are many types of backpack in the market you can purchase. Some of them have wheels so that you can drag them when you are too tired to carry on your back. Come of them can change into a duffel bag for easier access to main compartment. To choose the right pack, you need to consider your own itinerary and packing style. It is also important to examine if the backpack will make your body stay comfortable.
  • Next thing to do in packing a backpack is to pack light. It is important to avoid loading your backpack with things you may not need for your trip. Remember to not rely on ‘just in case’. Pack something that you will definitely need instead. If you have the opportunity to do laundry in your travel destinations, then might as well cut down your wardrobe. If it is possible for you to eliminate heavy materials-clothing then do it.
  • Pay attention to the placement of your load inside the backpack. The way you place things influence the weight you will carry as well as your own convenience. By placing things properly and optimize every space, you can go travelling with comfortable backpack. If you have items with awkward shape, make sure to wrap them with clothes so that they won’t poke your back.
  • Optimize every space in the backpack. For example, you can fill your shoes with socks or store foods inside the cooking pot. This way, you can carry more necessities you need for your trip without taking too much space. Compressing your load is important when it comes to packing a backpack. It is also important to ensure that your backpack can be protected from the rain. Make sure to choose waterproof backpack or the one with built-in rain covers so that your load will stay safe.