Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation In Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat is definitely one of the most gorgeous dreamland in the world. It has undisputable beauty that beyond words. Consisting of 1,500 islands, Raja Ampat presents beauty from every angle. You will get to enjoy many elements of the steep, lush jungle-covered islands. There are also white-sand beaches, pellucid turquoise water, and treasured lagoons. Enjoying this paradise is not enough in short time. At least spend few days travelling around Raja Ampat to get the best experience of your vacation here. 

Remote limestone islands in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, are surrounded by healthy coral reefs. This biodiverse region is known as the "heart of the Coral Triangle" due to its amazing marine life.

Get around Raja Ampat 

Raja Ampat is accessible and it is relatively easy to navigate your way around the island. However, it is highly recommended that you hire reliable tour guide to help you get the best experience. If you decide to travel alone without local guides, make sure to plan your itineraries in advance. And here are some of travel tips when you are in Raja Ampat:

Where to go

There are so many destinations you can head to during your stay in Raja Ampat. In fact, you need to do your own research in advance to decide where to go to maximize your vacation time. One of the most recommended places to visit in Raja Ampat is Mansuar Island. This beautiful island has large range of colorful corals to be admired from many diving spots. 

Another recommended place to visit is Pasir Timbul or the Rising Sand. It is a small body of sand in the middle of the sea. It only appears when the sea water is receding. It is best place to snap some Instagrammable pictures. This place is surrounded with majestic scenery of pristine water, blue sky, and white sandy beaches, making it even more magical. 

Things to do

In Raja Ampat, water activities are highly recommended since there are many spots you can visit to do those activities. For example snorkeling in Friwen. This place is located in South Waigeo District. This is well-known to be one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. With extra clear visibility, the sea is relatively calm and safe for swimming or snorkeling in comfort. 

Another recommended thing to do in Raja Ampat is visit Kabui Bay. This is a stunning place located in Waigeo island that has crystal-clear water filled with colorful coral reefs. Another interesting part is the rock formation around the are filled with rich lush greenery. Some rock formations can be climbed as well but make sure to do it carefully. 

What to eat

To complete your trip in Raja Ampat, make sure to get a taste of their authentic cuisine. Papeda is the most recommended local foods you must try. It is delicacy made from sago flour base. It is then poured with ho water and stirred until its consistency similar to glue. It is served with fish dishes cooked in yellow spices with refreshing flavor of sour, sweet, and a bit spicy. You can enjoy Papeda for lunch or dinner while it is still warm.