Tips For Sleeping In The Cold During A Trip

It is a must that you experience adventure trips at least once your lifetime. There are meaningful moments you can experience by braving yourself into the wild. You may experience freezing temperature, or extreme heat. Regardless, it will worth it in the end if you feel happy experiencing all of them and make memories. However, be mindful when you are out travelling to places with extreme environment. Make sure to prioritize your own safety before anything. 

drying sleeping bags. Many sleeping bags hanging on a rail after cleaning.

How to sleep comfortably in the cold during a trip

Sleeping outdoors in a cold weather is very possible when you choose more adventurous trip. Sleeping peacefully in this kind of setting might be less possible. Meanwhile, getting enough sleep is important during a trip so you can function well and enjoy the rest of the trip in good condition. So here are some tips for sleeping in the cold during a trip:

Get everything dry

To make you sleep easier and more comfortably in the cold, make sure to wear dry clothes, and choose dry surface to sleep in. Get rid off anything wet and damp. It is not just your clothes that need to be dry, your socks should be too. Even if your clothes are just wet from your sweat and not necessarily from getting soaked in the rain, change them to fresh ones. Unless you want to be freezing the entire night and won’t be able to sleep anymore.  

Have something warm before going to bed

Have a cup of warm cocoa or tea before going to bed. Avoid anything too hot because it may make you sweat, which lead to wet clothes again. Opt for warm temperature for your drinks so your body feel nice and toasty. You may also opt for a glass of warm milk to help you fall asleep more easily. 

Avoid alcohol

It may no be a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages before going to bed especially when you are in the cold. Alcohol may get you warm up a little bit, making you drowsy and sleepy. However, your body will fail to regulate properly for the rest of the night. It can disturb your sleep instead, making you unable to sleep comfortably.

Pack some good sleeping gear

Knowing you are going to be out in the cold weather, make sure to pack some good sleeping gears in your bag. You may pack your sleeping pad or sleeping bag. Or, you can also design your own sleeping area. Put your foam pad on the ground. Then put your sleeping pad on top of it. Consider using a gel pillow and wrap your legs in dry t-shirt to provide more warmth. 

Move around before falling asleep

Help your blood circulate more and increase body temperature bu moving around. Lay down on your bed and move around for around 10 minutes since it is what it takes for your blood to settle. You will know whether you are already comfortable or need to layer up. Decide accordingly, and sleep tight.