Sustainable Architecture, Bamboo Application For Your Property 

How do you construct a future out of grass? One organization on the Indonesian island of Bali has set out to do just that. Bamboo is a tensile and flexible material with the strength of steel. Sustainable architecture in several Bali construction companies uses bamboo to construct green villas. The engineering process’s adaptability and efforts to ensure our bamboo’s integrity over time. Bamboo grows abundantly in river valleys throughout Asia, and the clumps regenerate each year. Bamboo is ready for use as building material when it is 3-5 years old.

Woman admiring tropical nature and rice paddies from a hammock on vacation in Bali, Indonesia - sustainable architecture

Sustainable Architecture – Organic shape building with bamboo

Bamboo is not always used as a building material in organic-shaped structures. Bamboo buildings are mostly inspired by wooden structures, which are typically built with a simple frame structure. A bamboo house can last a lifetime if it is carefully chosen, treated, designed, and maintained. The bamboo houses are designed and built to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain, and they are varnished with a weather-resistant coating. 

Architecture cannot be separated from form, and architecture also necessitates structure in order to create form; without structure, a form cannot be achieved and only exists as a concept. Structure systems are classified as form active, semi-form active, or non-form active.

With the growing popularity of bamboo among the general public, particularly designers, the use of bamboo as a building material began to be implemented in commercial structures such as exclusive yet expensive resort hotels and restaurants.

The roof is designed with organic shapes. In addition, the roof form can be created and developed from a spatial or surface structure.

Bamboo historical in Bali

Bamboo has historically and traditionally been used as the most instinctive and readily available material in tropical regions for almost anything. Local Balinese people who build these houses can go out into their community with their knives and volunteer their time to build something for three hours.

Is it the goal of a company that has built homes currently inhabited by foreigners who visit or move to the tropical island to be holistically Balinese? “What exactly is Bali?” 

Bali was a forest two thousand years ago. Bali is now known for its rice fields and the elegant link between what the people want to do with the land and how it is done.

The UNESCO World Heritage Rice Terraces were built to capture the natural flow of water and disperse it among the communities, which helped to shape the culture.

The architecture firm has positioned itself as another layer of Balinese culture, one created by people from all over the world who are inspired by and drawn to Bali. The natural forms created by local artisans and architects have struck a chord with people all over the world.

In the end, Bali architecture is increasingly concerned about the use of bamboo for the construction of houses, villas, or resorts with an eco-green concept. Bamboo is a future material that is increasingly in demand by investors as a spectacular sustainable construction.