Staying in Bali Beach Resort: Secret Cooking Tips in Your Room!

Staying in Bali Beach Resort: Secret Cooking Tips in Your Room!

We all love beach resorts when it comes to Bali. Who can deny a relaxing holiday at a luxurious beach resorts in the peaceful Nusa Dua enclave? However, when it comes to eating we all love some tips and tricks. While the resort has amazing restaurants boasting culinary variation from modernised Balinese cuisine to international and vegan delicacies, sometimes we want to whip up something easy and low cost in the room. Especially when you’re travelling with families and you want to save up extra budget for the trip! Dining out significantly increases your travel costs, and you’re unlikely to eat as healthily as you would if you cooked at home. Fortunately, with a little planning ahead of time, you can prepare a great supper in your hotel room without breaking the bank. 

These tips are for those who don’t want to carry the risk of bringing cooking appliances like crock pot, stove, or rice cooker to hotel and those who don’t have microwave in the room. 

Ask Them to Empty Out the Fridge

If you plan to stock up some foods on your vacation at Benoa beach resort, you’ll need to keep your fresh food cold. Stocking up food is essential because as Benoa and Nusa Dua are quite far and secluded from everywhere else. Many hotel rooms have tiny refrigerators, but they are frequently loaded with costly beverages. Motion detectors are used in refrigerators, which detect when you move an item and subsequently charge you. It is feasible to work around what is in the refrigerator, but you can only put a few things on top of cans in most cases. Prepare the best by calling ahead and requesting a refrigerator or cooler. It never hurts to inquire about the hotel’s services.

Whip Up Some Salad for Easy Lunch in Nusa Dua Resorts

Whip Up Some Salad for Easy Lunch in Nusa Dua Resorts

Salads are refreshing, especially when vacationing somewhere like Bali. Here’s a terrific selection of salads for the main course. No-cook salads including White Bean-Tuna Salad, Salmon Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette, and Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad. It’s a perfect lunch to be enjoyed by the beach in the Nusa Dua resorts in the midst of Bali’s hot weather!

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Cooking with Electric Kettle

Instant Pot Noodles, Instant Ramen, Instant Mac & Cheese, Eggs, Potatoes

Check the amenities of your room before going. Most beach resorts in Nusa Dua provide electric kettle in the room, but it’s worth to bring your own if they don’t. You can make a pack of ramen or a cup of noodles in your hotel room if you have a kettle of boiling water. You could also add some eggs for a quick snack or boil some potatoes to make simple mashed potatoes. Add some variation to the instant meals with some mac and cheese. With the help of iron and aluminium foil to cook some bacon, you can have simple decent dinner for everyone!

These aren’t luxury meals by any means, but they can help you stay nourished without breaking the bank. You will also get amazed at how helpful instant noodles can be especially after swimming or tiring excursion when you don’t have any energy left to prepare a meal!

Cooking with Coffee Maker

Oatmeal, Boiled Sausage, Veggies

A coffee maker, like an electric kettle, heats water—so it can be an alternative. A glass coffee pot, on the other hand, is more durable than a plastic electric kettle and can tolerate foods that would otherwise damage it.

Rice cooked in a coffee maker isn’t just a convenient method to get some quick carbs. You may even steam vegetables to add to your rice or ramen for a more complete dinner. Making instant oatmeal packets or even boiling a pack of sausage for hot dog can be done with coffee maker.

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Cooking with Iron 

Grilled cheese, any grilled sandwich, bacon, panini

Most beach resorts in Bali has an iron in the room’s closet. It may, however, be used as a makeshift griddle in desperate situation. To avoid harming the hotel’s iron, make sure to include aluminum foil in your shopping list to prevent your food from coming into direct contact with the appliance.

If you have adequate space, an iron can grill practically everything that can be grilled on a griddle. Wrap a standard panini in foil, which can include sliced meat, cheese, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise on a bread. Then, like you would with a panini press, press the iron down onto it, ensuring sure you’re doing so on a non-flammable surface. If nothing else, your hotel room’s ironing board is a decent choice for a safe surface. Aluminum foil can also help you broaden your culinary horizons. Place a couple of strips of bacon inside a piece of foil and cook it with the iron. You can even cook an egg or two if you double the foil layers. You’ll want to make sure nothing spills or leaks, but if you’re careful, your DIY barbecue can provide a decent supper.