How to Meet Travel Companions While You’re Traveling Solo

There is that sense of liberation when you’re traveling all by yourself in a foreign place. Enjoying the company of yourself is one of the best things afforded by solo travel. However, traveling solo can get right down boring. Especially when there is no one to talk to throughout your travel save for the brief interaction with the convenience store staff when you buy snacks. Meeting people during your travel is also one of the things that enriches your travel experience.

How to Meet Travel Companions While You’re Traveling Solo
Websites dedicated for travelers

There are numerous websites out there that can help you meet people during your travel.

You can start with the most popular and most commonly used website by travelers around the world; couchsurfing. You don’t have to stay at someone else’s home and their bed (or a literal couch) in order to meet someone during your travel. In fact, most of the people who use couchsurfing meet without having to stay at the other’s dwelling places. Narrow down your searches to locations, join groups, and be proactive in connecting with fellow travelers or even the locals.

Make use of social media sites

Take advantage of your social media well. You can connect with virtually anyone using your social media. Modern smartphones these days already have the app pre-installed. You don’t have to install new apps or follow a certain forum when you’re using your social media site.

Start joining groups dedicated for travelers.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about your travel. Whether it’s about your destination, or whether anyone would like to meet over a karaoke session, or even asking about travel safety tips. Groups generally provide the chance for you to exchange information. Remember to ask beforehand when you wanted to add someone in the group into your friend list. While you may think you’ve talked enough to be an online friend at least, they may not think so. Other than that, have fun with interacting with groups!

Join activities

There’s bound to be many opportunities in your travel. You can try signing up for classes in your destination. It’s an excellent way to strike a conversation without having to come up to strangers and comment on the weather. Join a tour group or perhaps join a sports events. By joining activities, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people with common ground to talk about. In addition to meeting new people you can actually talk to, you can also immerse yourself better within the culture of your destination.

Take the first step

There may be a general assumption when you’re traveling, you’re going to meet a lot of new people. While that may be true, passing by people and meeting and actually have a talk with them are two very different things. Most of the time, it takes initiatives to make things work. This is why taking the first step is important. Being proactive can make so many things happen. Be the first one who initiate a conversation. This can be anything from messaging people to meet up, to initiating a conversation in a bar. By learning to be proactive, you chose who you interact with, instead of being chosen. It takes time, of course, especially if you consider yourself to be someone who’s shy and reserved. But you’ll get better with practice.