How Long Will It Take for Your Piercing Bali to Heal Completely?

The healing process if you’re getting a piercing Bali will vary according to various factors. Each body part you’re planning to pierce has its own risks associated with infections as well as healing rates. We’re going to cover some of the most basic things you need to note before you decide to get a body piercing in Bali. 

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Piercing Bali: which part of your body did you pierce? 

The rate of healing is certainly dependent on the location where you pierce your body. For instance, piercing in your ear cartilage is going to heal slower compared to your earlobes thanks to the fact that you’re modifying a part of your body that has a type of “bone”; a tissue that’s not hard and rigid as a bone but extremely stiff compared to muscles. So depending on where you pierce, the healing rate will vary as well. 

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Here are a few estimations on body piercing and the healing rates. Note that these estimations are generalized and may not reflect how your body heal:

  • Earlobes: healing up to 8 weeks (2 months) 
  • Tongue piercing: 4 weeks to 2 months 
  • Ear cartilage piercing: 6 months to a year.

Always ask your piercer when you have these questions; make sure that you choose a professional piercer that you’re comfortable to consult with. 

The common 6-8 weeks healing time for piercing

While you may hear a lot that 6 to 8 weeks (roughly a month or two), this only generally applies to earlobes piercing. When it comes to other types of piercing, healing rates will depend on the location of your piercing in your body, and how you’re treating and maintaining the health of your piercing.

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Make sure that you always go to a professional piercing Bali and never to a cheap stall at a mall or a department store to get pierced. Like with all goods and services like Bali piercing prices, you get what you pay for. Only professional piercers experienced in body piercings will be able to give you insights on the healing process specific to the location of your body piercing. 

Possibilities of infections in piercing 

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Just as the body piercing placement will affect the healing rate, each place has its own risks of getting infected, and some places of your body are just more prone to getting infected compared to other parts. For instance, nipple piercings may damage milk-producing tissues, and if you’re planning to have a baby anytime in the future, this should be one of your considerations before you pierce. Piercing in the genital areas also pose health risks of infections because the body part is often covered with tight clothing, and it will get wet frequently thanks to washing process and such. It’s imperative that you go to a piercing salon that will be able to give you insights by experienced piercers on how your piercing would heal. 

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Remember that everyone’s body is different 

One thing people often forget when it comes to the healing process—whether it’s tattoo, piercing, or any other wounds, really—is that everyone’s body is different. Your body is going to handle pain and recovery process differently compared to your friend, for some reason. There are various factors at play even here; such as genetics that affect your body’s general metabolism and your overall health and fitness. When you’re getting a piercing Bali, always remember that healing rates will vary from person to person.