Hotel Safety Tips You Will Need When Travelling

Travelling is not only about fun and convenience. It is also about safety. It is supposed to be in the top your priority when it comes to travel especially when your destination is overseas. There are new things, new places, new people you are going to face when travelling. Thus, you will need everything sorted out for the sake of your safety and convenience. It applies to the matter of accommodation. One of the most used accommodations for travelling is hotel. It is a safe place to stay during your trip since it is managed by professional. However, there is always risk of your safety to be violated even in the safety hotel ever.

Hotel safety tips for more comfortable trip

The level of hotel’s security reliability depends on how good the hotel is. There are many potential dangers when it comes to hotel such as fires, break-ins, terrorist attacks, and even natural disasters. Here are hotel safety tips that will be useful for you for your next travel plan:

  • Before booking your hotel, it is highly advised to do a little research especially regarding to the security situation in the country of your destination. Try to find out if terrorist is the main threat there. It is important to pay attention not only to the amenities and rates when booking hotel but also its location. You can find out if the neighborhood causes potential threats such as break-ins, assault, etc. Then, you need to check the hotel’s security system by asking the staff directly
  • While checking in, it is recommended to avoid booking a room on the ground. It is highly advised to book a room somewhere between the fourth or sixth floor. Higher room mean the chance to break into is less. However, you shouldn’t book a room on the highest floor either since it will be difficult to reach by fire engine ladders for emergency. Try to book a room that is not directly facing the outside. When the staff gives you the key while announcing your room number too loudly, you’d better ask for another room.
  • When you arrive at your room, check a fire escape route, emergency exit, the locks on the windows, etc. If you find any of them not functioning, make sure to notify the front desk immediately. During your stay, you need to make sure that your door locked at all times even when you are in your room.
  • It is also recommended to keep your key, wallet, phone, and flashlight within your reach at night just in case you have to leave in a hurry. Don’t be careless in opening door for anyone who knocks your door even if they say they are hotel staffs. You can call the front desk first to ask if the visit is authorized. You need to keep your valuable such as laptop or camera safe by putting them in the hotel safe or leaving them at the front desk when you are out.