Getting A Bali Scuba Diving Certification ; Can We?

Getting A Scuba Diving Certification in Bali; Can We?

As one of the remarkable world’s coral triangle, the underwater of Bali has so many things to offers. Admirable landscapes of coral garden, jaw-dropping coral walls, nurseries of tiny fishes alongside billions of busy tropical fishes swimming back and forth, where pelagic and big fishes like sunfish and manta rays occasionally grace the spot. It’s easy to get tempted to explore this pristine ocean during your time in Bali, even when you’ve never done a dive suit before. Luckily, anyone who can do a basic swim can apply a scuba diving certification in Bali! You can learn how to dive in matter of days, complete the certification, and start an exciting underwater exploration soon afterwards. Also, Bali has dozens of beginner-friendly diving sites spread across the island. That means even the most novice divers could have a satisfying dive experience.

Finding A Good Dive Training Center

Here’s the step one. Find a good dive training to get your scuba diving certification in Bali. One of our recommendation is the Atlantis Bali Diving which has been operating for more than 20 years, but you are free to choose other dive center. Finding a good a reputable dive center is vital as you will first learn all the diving basic and techniques here, and it would influence your diving style. Look for instructors who can convey lessons in easy-to-understand manner. Bonus point if they speak in your language. Also, you want the price of the dive lessons suits your budget. Look for bundle package and discounts—you might find a best deal!

Acquiring Your Scuba Diving Certification in Bali

Getting A Scuba Diving Certification in Bali; Can We?

To get your Bali scuba diving certification, you will need about five to a week to complete the lessons. The lessons will cover theories, practice, and test to get your diving license. At the initial stage, you will spend a day only with theories. Then you will mostly combine the theory and practice in a confined pool. After you mastered the basic of diving technique, you will have your very first open water dive in a beginner-level dive site. In Bali, Amed and Tulamben are popular as first-time diver get-to-go destination. They are shallow in depth, low in currents, yet so alive with marine biodiversity!

Having a diving license is mandatory for a diver as it proves that the license-holder is able to adapt to the different physic underwater and tackle its challenges.

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Already A Diver? Further Your Skills with Advanced Certifications

The beginner Open Water certification only allows you to dive at maximum 12 meters. However, sometimes the best attraction lies deeper in the ocean floor. If you have already held a Beginner Open Water certification and you wish to visit deeper dive sites in Bali, continue your study. Further your skills by taking advanced open water class which allows you to dive as deep as 30m. You can also take more pro courses like Dive Master courses, instructor development course, instructor specialties, or other specialty programs like wreck diving, enriched air, deep diver, or recreational sidemount.