Best Foods to Try When Travelling to Sri Lanka

When it comes to travelling, food touring is one of the list on your priority. Tasting the local delicacy will never be old. There is always something new you can taste whenever you visit different travel destination. Sri Lanka is one of your best option if your main aim is to taste various, authentic dishes. Remember that most Asian countries are rich in herbs and spices which often used in various dishes to add some flavor. The mixture of different spices, cooking method, and fresh ingredients, you will enjoy authentic dishes with the best taste.

Best Foods to Try When Travelling to Sri Lanka

Recommended dishes to try while travelling to Sri Lanka

There are various dishes you can try while travelling to Sri Lanka. The history and culture rooted and grown in Sri Lanka have been influencing their type of dish. However, it has also been influenced by outside cultures when colonization and trading occurred in the past. Thus, there is a blend with Indian, Arab, English, Portuguese, Dutch, and Malay to the dishes Sri Lanka owns. Here are recommended dishes you should try if you visit this beautiful country:

–        Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Sri Lanka. Of course, you might think of India as well when it comes to curry. However, there is slightly difference between curry in India and Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, they have coconut milk in curries topped with seafood caught from the coastline. They also add chilies to make it spicier. It is best served when it’s still hot. It is also often served with hot white rice as it is Sri Lanka’s staple food. Actually, you will find a slightly different version curry when you visit different region in Sri Lanka. However, they all are delicious just the same.

–        Remember that past trading and colonization have influenced the culture and history in Sri Lanka. It has also influenced the cuisine growing in this country automatically. Thus, you shouldn’t miss to enjoy a cup of tea along with various pastries in the evening after walking around the city or touring to various attractions. Sandwiches, scones, cakes are served with various jam choice and cream. There is also Love Cake which is made of semolina, ground cashews, honey, and nutmeg. This is usually served as celebratory cakes in Sri Lanka. There is also bolo fiado, a layer cake pastry, topped with dried fruits and syrup.

–        It is also highly recommended to try seafood since Sri Lanka is surrounded by water. While strolling around the beaches, you can easily find restaurant which serves various seafood you can order. There are various dishes which can make you salivate such as grilled shrimp, crabs, and many more.

–        There is also special pancake in Sri Lanka you can enjoy for breakfast called hoppers. It is made with rice flour and coconut milk. It has wispy and crispy texture with the shape of a bowl. It is best to eat with a fried egg which is cooked inside. If you like spicy foods, you can add sambol, special sauce in Sri Lanka.