Avoid Noise-Induced Hearing Loss While Flying With These Tips

Hearing protection has been mandated in the workplace such as for machinists, pilots, first responders subjected to sirens, etc. Those who are exposed to dangerous levels of noise should implement hearing protection program. However, it has become concerning how recreational listening practices are also part of the problem. It happens more and more in young adults with unsafe listening practices such as listening to musics or even frequent flights.

An adorable Eurasian toddler girl wears headphone and embraces a stuffed toy while watching a movie on an airplane. The child's mom is sitting next to her in the window seat and is wearing a protective face mask.

Flying safely and protecting yourself from the risk of hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing lost can be prevented and it occurs but cannot be cured. It is treatable with hearing aids. The best way is to prevent it from the beginning by implementing best practices in our everyday life including when we are on flights. Here are some tips for you to prevent hearing loss during flight:

Consider wearing hearing protection

Jet engines during a take off can reach up to 140 decibels. During take off and landing are considered the loudest times of flight so wearing hearing protection especially during those times are highly recommended. You may wear over-the-counter earplugs which can reduce the sound to 20 decibels if you wear it properly. You can also wear passive noise-canceling headphones which can block 20 decibels if you wear it right. 

Buy noise-canceling hearing protection

You may also consider buying active noise-canceling hearing protection that can sense incoming sound waves and send out opposing sound waves. This kind of hearing protection can block around 40 decibels. 

Pick your seat considerably

You can also protect your hearing by choosing ‘less risky’ seats. Seats that are louder are the ones over the engines and toward the rear of the plane. So it is best to avoid those seats. Choose the seats located in front of the engines to avoid hearing too loud noises especially during take off and landing. 

Consider download a decibel app

Being exposed to a sound over 80 decibels can be damaging. The higher the decibels, the faster the damage to your hearing. You can protect your hearing by downloading an app to your phone that will help give you a decibel level on the spot. So you don’t have to learn about how to calculate decibel level.this can help notify you if you are being exposed to sound with damaging decibel level.

Find out the signs of hearing damage

Sometimes you don’t realize that you have already signs of hearing damage. There are many signs you can notice to know if your hearing is damaged such as ringing ears after leaving a rock concert or after landing from a flight, having trouble hearing people over the phone, etc. 

Have routine check up

Just like how you routinely check up your dental health, it is also important to check up your hearing regularly. You may also have a hearing test with an audiologist. It is important especially if you are at high risk of hearing damage due to practices of everyday life such as frequent flights, listening to music loudly, work at concert venue, etc.