Solo Traveler Tips: Booking Private Villa in Bali for Yourself!

6 Must Read Tips for Booking Private Villa in Bali for Single Traveler
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Is there a more tranquil spot to go on a singles retreat than Bali, Indonesia? This island is excellent for a wellness holiday, with its infinite lengths of sandy beaches, lush tropical woods, and relaxing jungle noises. Take advantage of days that are full with happiness and beauty. Also, no one will be looking weird at you if you rent a private villa in Bali just for yourself!

Renting A Private Villa in Bali for Solo Travel: Yes, It’s Possible!

You’re in luck if you’re planning a solo vacation trip to Bali. This Southeast Asian island is ideal for lone travelers. Bali retreats for singles provide a wide range of activities centered on “me-time,” and there are also some excellent Bali boutique hotels. Gone are the days where solo travelers are destined to cramped up in shared bunkbed room hostels. In Bali, even solo travelers in budget can have a pleasant quality me-time with minimal expenses!

Finding the Best Villa in Bali for A Mindful Solo Retreat

Bali retreats design every aspect to be in tune with the environment. It’s a great setting for reconnecting with your inner self and focusing on personal well-being. There are many wonderful locations to stay in Bali. You can find plenty of tropical villas in Bali located in a peaceful environment, away from the distractions of tourist regions. You’ll have a good range of options whether you want to be deep in the remote jungle or close to one of the larger cities.

What You’ll Want in A Villa for Solo Traveler

What You’ll Want in A Villa for Solo Traveler
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Things that you need to look for when booking a whole private vacation home rental for yourself in Bali would surely be different from booking a villa for large groups or honeymoon vacation. So, what are the important things you want from a villa as solo traveler in Bali?

A Private Villa Bali in Town Centre

A brief city break may be just as satisfying and stimulating as a long solitary journey to the summit of a mountain! When it’s safe to do so, enjoy the hustle and bustle of a new place and explore a new metropolis. Staying in town also means you don’t need to hire private drivers to move around. Some solo travelers make mistakes by booking a villa in the outskirt when they picture city exploration in mind. They need to rely on private drivers to get them to the town. 

Villas in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud are the best for solo travelers. Beside, staying in the middle of the bustling town will make you feel less vulnerable. 

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A Secluded Villa with Ultimate Healing in Mind

A Secluded Villa with Ultimate Healing in Mind
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Bali, Indonesia, is the ideal spot to start your trip as a lone traveler. Bali offers an exuberant holiday full with joy and beauty, thanks to its vast beaches and thriving tropical forests. Furthermore, the island boasts a plethora of singles retreats with a variety of activities to meet your “me time” needs. If you want a total seclusion for the absolute me time and inner healing with no intention for city exploration at all, a secluded villa would be best to be alone for few days. Try Kintamani, Ubud, Tabanan, or private Bali villas along the Ayung River. 

A Villa with Free Wifi

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your hotel, ensure sure it has free wi-fi. You can use this time to Skype or Facetime your family and friends back home to tell them about your day’s experiences. You may also use your wifi to watch movies, send emails, and access the web.

A Villa with Breakfast Option 

When you are travelling with spouse or families, it’s always wise to stock up the fridge and cook to save more budget. But when you are travelling alone, you don’t want to buy a bulk of veggies, fruits, pasta, and other ingredients just for couple of days in the villa. Unless you are highly motivated to cook every single day, it’s best to opt for bed & breakfast villa. 

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Other Important Thing to Consider:

Book A Flight with Arrival Time Before 6 PM 

It is important to try and get to your destination during daylight hours. Darkness leaves a solo traveler vulnerable. If you must arrive at night, have your hotel pre-arrange your transportation to their property safely. You don’t want to wander after dark trying to find your villa looking like a vulnerable lost traveler!