How To Have Pleasant Red-Eye Flight Experience

How To Have Pleasant Red-Eye Flight Experience

Red-eye flight is life save for budget travelers. It is the same as overnight train that can be booked to save money. Furthermore, the best thing about red-eye flight is that you can sleep throughout the flight and wake up feeling refreshed. Many travelers choose red-eye flight so they can explore many places once they land on their destination. However, there is also the downside of it such as rumbling noise from the engine that can make you unable to sleep properly. 

Tips for comfortable red-eye flight

If you don’t get enough sleep, you will be exhausted upon arrival. Hence, it is important that you take proper rest. The key to have proper rest during red-eye flight is to follow your nighttime routine as if you were at home. 

How To Have Pleasant Red-Eye Flight Experience

You can plan ahead of what you are going to do once you are in the cabin. Keep in mind that every individual may have different nighttime routine. So you don’t really have to follow someone’s routine but yours. For example, if you are not picky about food served in the cabin, you can enjoy it to get yourself feeling full and ready to follow your nighttime routine. Or, you can also eat your dinner at home before going to the airport so you eat something you truly like. 

Make sure that you brush your teeth once your meal is finished. It is priority to have clean teeth before bed. It is basic hygiene you should follow wherever you are. If you eat your dinner at the airport, you can brush your teeth int he toilet using your own toothbrush. If you are unsure about the water, use your reusable water bottle to brush and rinse.

Remove all make up. It is even better if you don’t wear make up at all from home. But if you want to wear makeup, make sure to wash up before getting a night sleep during the flight. Washing up is common bedtime routine. It makes you feel clean and ready to bed. You can use disposable face wipes to remove any makeup from your face. Or, you can use your regular face wash and wash up in the toilet. If you usually spray some perfume before then do not skip it even when you are on flight. 

Do anything you like to do before bed such as reading book, watching movies, drinking a cup of tea, etc. If you decide to read, use low light so it won’t make you harder to fall asleep. Then, get cozy with your position. Make yourself warm by wearing your blanket. Use supportive neck pillow or wear a cardigan. Replace your tight shoes with fuzzy socks. 

Tune out all the noise and lights by wearing noise-canceling headphone or earphone and eye mask. This way, you won’t get disturbed by noise or lights from other passengers. Even though the cabin is cramp, getting cozy can help you more comfortable and able to sleep better.