Is Scuba Diving for Beginners Dangerous? Here’s the Truth

Is Scuba Diving for Beginners Dangerous? Here’s the Truth

The experience of scuba diving may be both breathtaking and soothing. It’s a memorable experience to be able to explore the ocean and make important discoveries. The ability to immerse  in the underwater and see the world you don’t usually see! To meet the fishes, the turtles, and get a glimpse of the majestic Manta Ray. All the money and time are well spent. But here comes the question: is scuba diving actually dangerous for your safety? Is it safe for your body? Just how dangerous scuba diving actually is?

The Risk of Scuba Diving for Beginners

Scuba diving has risks, just like any other activity you might engage in. Scuba diving isn’t any riskier than driving your car to work every day because injuries can occur in any situation, whether they result from an accident or poor safety procedures. Actually, it’s safer than that. Scuba diving is completely safe as long as the safety regulations are followed and you recall your instruction. But if you are new to scuba diving, you need to know the risks that come with this recreational sport. Here is the guide for the risks of scuba diving every beginners need to know. 


This is the most likely scenario for scuba diving fatalities out of all the others. Scuba divers who lose consciousness while diving or drown due to a preexisting ailment are the most common causes. When diving, panic is simple to feel. The majority of diver fear occurs while they are submerged in a dangerous or emergency circumstance, as when they come across a sea monster they might find terrifying or something much worse.

Decompression Sickness

This is one of the most common risk of scuba diving that every beginners need to know. When diving, decompression sickness, also known as DCS, can happen if safety procedures aren’t followed or if you’re not in good health. When diving, DCS occurs when you breathe in too much nitrogen from the compressed air. In this case, as you surface from the water, nitrogen bubbles will form in your tissue due to the nitrogen that your body absorbed from the compressed air. 

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Nitrous Oxide Narcosis

Since it doesn’t result in any direct harm to the diver, this one is only indirectly risky. If you dive 80 to 100 feet or deeper in saltwater, you may experience nitrogen narcosis, which makes you feel intoxicated. This sensation of intoxication can lead to reckless behavior and mishaps that can result in injuries like decompression sickness. You need additional certification and training to dive deeper than 60 feet because of this condition.


Increased underwater pressure damages the air pocket in the middle ear, resulting in barotrauma. During a dive, divers “equalize” their ears by biting their lip and blowing, chewing, or swallowing to force more air into the middle ear. A diver’s ability to equalize can be compromised by a quick descent, which can cause excruciating pain and potentially middle ear damage.

Blood Air Embolism

One of the most dangerous health risk of scuba diving is blood air embolism. Fortunately, this is a rather uncommon injury that is particularly uncomfortable. An air embolism in an artery is an obstruction that prevents blood from flowing. If you are holding your breath or experience pulmonary barotrauma during your ascent to the surface, this may occur. Your lungs suffer damage from this, which frequently results in death. Following safety guidelines and receiving the appropriate diving training are crucial to preventing this.

Attack from the Marine Animal

Divers should never lose sight of the fact that every dive is like entering an uncharted wilderness. A diver cannot afford to forget that she is surrounded by wild animals, even if the majority of marine life does not assault divers and attacks are incredibly uncommon. The well-known wildlife TV show “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin passed away in 2006 after being stung by a stingray, a common and typically innocuous water animal. Divers must never handle any marine life, including coral. This safeguards not only the diver against harm but also other marine life.

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So, Can Beginners Scuba Dive Safely?

So, Can Beginners Scuba Dive Safely?

The answer is yes! Even beginners need to start somewhere. However, every beginner need scuba diving practices and get proper guide to use the equipment safely and prevent diving accidents.  Like any activity you might partake in, there are potential dangers to scuba diving. Injuries can happen in any way, whether it be from an accident or improper safety protocol, but scuba diving is no more dangerous than driving your car to work every day. It’s safer than that actually. As long as the safety guidelines are followed and you remember your training, scuba diving is perfectly safe. But for you to be safe, you need to get proper training and certification, and know the potential injuries you need to avoid.

What To Avoid When You Are On Cruise Ship

Travelling on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to escape from your hectic days. It is such a relaxing thing to do since you can enjoy beautiful views of the open ocean, mesmerizing sky day and night, and so on. You leave behind your problem for awhile during the cruise and have yourself enjoy the moment. 

Avoid these things when you are on a cruise ship

No matter where you go, it is important to follow guide and rules that will keep you safe and comfortable. Travelling on a cruise ship requires you to follow their guide so that you won’t put yourself in dangerous situation or even embarrass yourself in front of other passengers. So here several things you should avoid to do when on a cruise ship:

Ignoring your hands hygiene

In this time of global pandemic, you should pay attention to your self-hygiene. Even though the global pandemic is gradually improving, you still have to follow health protocol. On a cruise ship, you will be constantly reminded to keep your hands clean. There are big signs to tell you that while hand sanitizer is placed in various corner of the ship for easier access. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after using restroom and before eating as well. 

Forgetting to switch your phone data

If it is a domestic trip you are planning to embark on your cruise plan, then you may not really need to switch off your cellular data. However, it can cause costly mistake if you keep it on while having international cruise. Many cruise ships have their own rooming network that you can connect to just in case you need it. It is best to turn off your cellular data before pulling out of port. 

Skipping covid-19 protocols

As mentioned earlier that health protocol should be followed regardless of your travel destination. Hence, skipping covid-19 protocols prior your cruise will put you in trouble. If your cruise line requires you to get a pre-trip covid test then make sure to have it ready before boarding. Today, it is a must to get vaccinated and proof of negative pre-cruise test result. 

Binge eating uncontrollably

It is understandable that the foods served on a  cruise ship look ravishing and mouthwatering. However, it is not recommended to overindulge by sampling all foods and drinks crazily like there is no tomorrow. Think of enjoying the foods there like doing a marathon. Make sure to pace yourself and savor every food and drink you enjoy. Otherwise, you will be feeling sick midway through the cruise. 

Excessive alcohol consumption

It is normal to have a seasick and you can prevent or overcome it by taking proper medication. However, losing inhibition due to too much drinks during a cruise is something you should avoid. Extreme intoxication may results in accidents that both put yourself and others in danger. You may end up in a cruise ship jail if you misbehave due to being extremely drunk.

Exclusive Komodo Sailing Trip, Open & Private Boat Tour

For decades, visitors have been delighted by Komodo National Park, Komodo Dragons on land, and some of the best scuba diving spots. Komodo island, Rinca island, Padar island, and Pink beach are perfect include your bucket list during the trip. More than 5,000 Komodo Dragons live on Komodo and Rinca islands. If you prefer the flexibility of exploring Komodo island and its surrounding independently, a private boat charter Komodo is a perfect sailing trip. How to plan your Komodo sailing trip?

Exclusive Komodo Sailing Trip, Open & Private Boat Tour

Open trip Komodo sailing trip

Sailing to Komodo island and its surroundings by boat charter means you will stay on board for the duration of the cruise. Komodo sailing trip agencies will usually offer open trip packages with several boat options that you can choose from. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price! Pay close attention to the type of ship, cabin that you will be staying in during the cruise, itinerary, and other facilities. Sometimes they don’t provide detailed information and your cruise becomes a nightmare.

It’s all based on different specifications, capacities, and facilities from standard to luxury Komodo liveaboard. For open trip, there are boats with no cabin and no aircon and definitely not recommended because of the comfortable and safety reasons. 

During the high season and the opening of tourism to international markets after the pandemic, Komodo liveaboards are limited. We always urge you to prompt booking to secure your boat. Sometimes you can’t get a boat at all. What you need to know about open trips is that you will be joining foreigners during the cruise. There is a possibility that you will sleep with other people in the same cabin. 

Private boat charter Komodo

This type of private boat charter Komodo package is intended more for small and large groups. Boat options will vary depending on your group’s budget. Standard boats to luxury liveaboard Komodo offer different facilities and prices. Comfort during the cruise is important. 

You have to remember that this is a floating hotel and you can’t change rooms like in a regular hotel. Don’t try to book a Komodo last-minute private boat charter. You will not get the ship you want.

Komodo sailing trips are a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists, whether they are open or private trips. Make sure to plan ahead as you may have to spend 1 month on the perfect cruise vacation trip.

How to get to Komodo National Park?

It is important for those of you who are traveling to Komodo island for the first time. Based on a survey, the price of plane tickets to Bali after the pandemic has increased sharply. You can catch Garuda airlines, Lion Air, Batik air, or NAM air from Bali with ticket prices ranging from $120-$180. 

Once you arrive at Labuan Bajo you will notice that is really is one of the tiniest towns you’ll ever visit. If you pick up the package from the agency, they will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hotel before the cruise starts. After staying 1 night in Labuan Bajo, your Komodo sailing trip will start in the morning and explore the islands, see Komodo dragons, trekking, snorkeling, and diving.

You can book your Komodo boat tour while in Labuan Bajo. But don’t expect more to get a Komodo private boat charter according to your wishes. Be prepared to negotiate on price! We recommend booking in advance if you are short on time or have specific dates that you need to travel.

A Glimpse of The Taste of Luxury You’ll Get at A Private Villa Ubud

A Glimpse of The Taste of Luxury You’ll Get at A Private Villa Ubud

See how it’s like to be like a celebrity. To have a full-time staff attending to your need at every whim, a private chauffeur to drive you around, delicious breakfast served every night, and private pool to soak at any given time of the day. That’s how your life in a private villa in Ubud, Bali would be like. And here’s a glimpse of it. 

Renting A Luxury Private Villa in Ubud

As one of the most popular tourist hub in the highland of Bali, Ubud surely has many villas dotting around the green lands and the main streets. Take a look around. You can rent a whole three bedroom private villa in Ubud or book a standalone luxury bedroom in a villa complex. Choose a style of villa according to your mood; from an elegant wooden house with a touch of Balinese architecture to super modern sleek house, the humble Ubud has it all. 

Whether you rent the entire house or just a room, you’ll have access to the villa’s infinity pool with views of a tropical valley and communal living, dining, and kitchen areas. The living and dining rooms provide a relaxing environment in which to watch movies, play board and video games, or have casual talks with other guests or the villa’s employees. When you rent a private luxury vill ain Ubud, you will have an exclusive access to the villa, private butler, cook, and cleaning staff. 

What an easy, luxury life, no?

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A Private Kitchen Staff to Make You Meals Every Day

You will have private kitchen personnel prepare breakfast for us every morning; they can also prepare lunches and meals with ample notice and for a little fee. Each evening, the staff inquired what you wanted for breakfast the next morning and recorded your responses. The next morning, you will be greeted with fresh yogurt, muesli, pancakes, omelettes, and eggs, as well as freshly squeezed fruit juice and piping-hot made tea and coffee.

A Private Kitchen Staff to Make You Meals Every Day
Western or Indonesian breakfast…your choice.

Have any traditional Balinese food you want to try? Just ask your butler. During your day out, they will prepare Balinese/ Indonesian delectable like satay, nasi goreng, fritters, and more. They will be ready once you get home. 

A Private Chauffeur to Drive You Around

Some luxury private villa in Bali come with a private driver that will take you wherever you want to. Whether it’s a simple dinner in the main streets of Ubud or a full day tour to the south and north of Bali, you can always count on them. All it takes is just a simple message notice one hour prior and you’ll be all good to go. When was the last time you have a private chauffeur to drive you around?

A Semi Outdoor Massage in the Privacy of Your Villa

A Semi Outdoor Massage in the Privacy of Your Villa

What’s better than enjoying a relaxing massage after a full day tour? Enjoying a pampering spa while listening to the sound of chirping birds in the gentle breeze at the jungle and looking out to the lush garden outdoor. Simply call masseuses and they will set up a massage table, a set of hot stone, and flowery scrubs at any place on the villa that you desire.

A Laundry Service 

While you can always do your own laundry or get it to the nearest laundry station, you can always use the laundry service at your Ubud villa. Sometimes, it’s about not having to worry about any house chores during the vacation that makes your feel really like a celebrity. 

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Enjoying the Beauty of the Remote

Enjoying the Beauty of the Remote

Some of the most luxurious private villas in Ubud are tucked deep around jungles and rice paddies. At the end of the difficult road and remoteness, though, you will be awarded with the true relaxing charm of the nature. Swaying palm trees, rice terrace views, water fountains, crickets chirping, and frogs croaking add to the exotic natural backdrop of the home, which only adds to the charm.

Have your mind and spirit revived as you sat on the padded poolside sofa, taking in the all-encompassing natural splendor. Feel the stresses of life simply faded away as you strolled down stone walks amongst finely planted gardens.

This is life in a luxurious Ubud villa. Will you make it yours?

How Challenging Could It Be To Travel As a Couple

Travelling with the one you love must be exciting. In reality, it is not always rainbow and sunshine because there are many challenges that can potentially ruin your travel experience. Travelling around the world with your partner can be a great moment for healing from all you have been through in the past two years due to the situation with the global pandemic. 

How Challenging Could It Be To Travel As a Couple

How to travel seamlessly as a couple

Travelling as a couple can be challenging especially if it is your first time. Even if you are used to being together, the stress due to being on a road can take a toll on you both. Hence, you need to work through the challenges in the road so instead of clashing, you grow closer and have stronger relationship than ever.

Be willing to compromise

Travelling as couple regardless how compatible you are with each other can be challenging because you are two different people after all. There are many reasons and moments where you end up arguing. The key to stay peaceful is being able to compromise. Be willing to give and take when travelling as couple. Don’t try to dictate each other because it can end up in constant struggle. 

Have unlimited patience

There might be times when you cannot stand each other during your trip as a couple. You are going to fight no matter what and being annoyed to each other sometimes is inevitable. Therefore, it is importance to have unlimited patience to work through all the hardships you experience throughout the trip. With patience, your bond will get stronger.

Always communicate openly

Communication is key in every relationship. Establishing open communication can make relationship work for a very long time. When having a trip as couple, you may have to communicate more than you do at home. It is because there might be more challenges you didn’t use to face. You and your partner are going out of your comfortable space. You may be more vulnerable when being exposed to so many new things. You may get hyper sensitive to each other actions. Avoid playing mind games and talk about everything instead. 

Don’t ignore the signs

When you see the signs of discomfort, disappointment, anger, and any other negativity, address them instead of ignoring them. Don’t play dumb and pretend everything is okay when you both have internal conflicts about something during the trip. Try to pay attention to each other more and never ignore what the other is feeling. 

Be aware of each other’s boundaries

Just because you are couple doesn’t mean you should stick to the hips all the time. It is okay to set clear boundaries of when you want to be left alone or what you prefer to do. Just make sure to communicate this matter in advance to avoid misunderstanding. Also, be aware of each other’s fear and avoid forcing the other to do what you want. Also, arguing is healthy in relationship but make sure to not hold grudge.

Explore Bali Through These Cultural Travel Ideas

Bali also known as the Island of Gods is a complete package for ideal vacation. There are many things to explore from mesmerizing landscape to distinctive culture. However, Bali has many more and beyond that it is impossible for you to run out of ideas of what to do during your vacation in Bali. Lots of people visit Bali mostly because they also want to learn more about the rich cultures. They want to experience all unforgettable cultural tourism in the island to the fullest. And here are several cultural activities you can consider to do during your visit to Bali:

Bali Hindu Temple - Ubud Water Palace Panorama. Majestic Hindu Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati Temple in Ubud under blue summer sky. Ubud, Bali Island, Indonesia, South-East Asia, Asia

Spend a night at one of tourist villages

There are many tourist villages in Bali that welcome tourists and travelers alike to experience what it is like to live in a traditional Balinese village. There are so may aspects to learn from cultural to natural experiences. Spend one or few nights at one of the tourist villages in Bali and blend in with the locals. You can observe how the locals live day by day and how they interact with each other and nature. You can also directly involve in various activities the locals do to fully experience the cultural aspects. 

One of the most recommended tourist villages to visit is Penglipuran village. It is situated on the south of Bangli, providing more serenity, away from the hustle bustle of big city. The people living in this village still retain traditional Balinese Hindus values.

Get to know more Balinese heritage

Get authentic experience learning more about Balinese heritage by checking out Samsara Living Museum. This is such a one-of-a-kind destination situated in Jungutan village. In this museum, you get to learn more about various traditional Balinese rituals and ceremonies. Since this is a living museum, you get to observe the people. You will learn more about how the locals practice ceremonies and rituals in a proper way.

Aside from observing, you are also welcome to enjoy various activities such as learning how to make traditional Balinese delights and taste them. You may also get the opportunity to learn how to brew Balinese alcoholic beverage called arak. Or, join a practice the locals practicing to Balinese traditional dance performance. 

Have healing moment on a spiritual journey

It is recommended to visit Tirta Empul to embark on spiritual journey. This temple is special because it’s featured Bali’s sacred pool of purification. This temple is situated near the Presidential palace of Tampaksiring in Manukaya village. People visit this temple to also witness purification ritual known as Melukat done within the pristine pools of the temple. 

Hunt authentic collectibles that scream Balinese culture

It is recommended to do shopping spree at one of many souvenir markets in Bali. One of the most recommended places to check out for is Guwang Art Market. This is where you can find wide range of handmade traditional Balinese crafts and artworks. They are relatively affordable and the most important thing is the products are exceptional and authentic.

The World’s Best Snorkeling Spot in Indonesia

For water sports lovers, at least you should try a snorkeling spot in Indonesia. Snorkeling is one way to enjoy the underwater scenery of Indonesia. Unlike diving, you don’t need to use oxygen or other diving equipment. You only need to use snorkel equipment such as snorkel, mask, and fins. You don’t need special skills to explore Indonesian snorkeling spots. Facts about the underwater beauty of Indonesia are not new anymore. This also makes Indonesia considered a paradise for world-class snorkeling. Yup, without having to dive too deep, we can already see the underwater beauty in Indonesia.

The World's Best Snorkeling Spot in Indonesia

5 Snorkeling spots in Indonesia must to try

Kri Island, Raja Ampat

One of the Snorkeling spots in Indonesia that offer amazing underwater charm without having to dive deeper favorite place for snorkeling in Indonesia is Raja Ampat. This is due, of course, to its exceptional natural beauty. Meanwhile, according to a report by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, this area is home to approximately 75% of the world’s marine biota species. There are many marine biotas such as coral reefs and very beautiful fish caught with your portrait under the sea.

The seawater on Kri Island is very clear and clean, so we can easily see pieces of coral reefs that are still beautiful. In fact, without having to dive too deep, we can also easily see colorful fish and marine life.

Wakatobi Nasional Park

This national park is the second-largest marine park in Indonesia and was inaugurated by the government in 1996. This park has a diverse natural wealth that is undeniably beautiful on the seafloor. It turns out that Wakatobi is an abbreviation of Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. Of these places, Tomia is one of the best places for you to dive and enjoy the underwater beauty. When you swim and dive to the bottom of the sea you will be presented with beautiful views such as coral reefs and colorful fish.

Derawan Island

Derawan has long been known as the best diving and snorkeling spot in Indonesia. Because of its beauty, the Derawan Islands are dubbed Pristine Island.

Apart from having stunning views of coral reefs, Derawan is also a habitat for various fish and jellyfish. Even if we are lucky we can see dolphins and turtles in Derawan.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is recommended for you snorkeling and diving lovers. Especially for snorkeling, there is more than one spot that can be visited. Each place has its own beauty and characteristics that should not be missed.

Teluk Manta or Manta Point is located in the western part of Nusa Penida. Named Manta Bay because this area has many types of large stingrays known as Manta Rays. Some animals are considered quite small. However, you can also find large ones that are more than a meter tall.

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Uniquely, the Manta Rays here are quite tame. They hardly ever catch the attention of divers and the animals even seem to enjoy playing with them. If you prefer to snorkel, animals may not be approached so easily. But for sure, you can see them swimming in the depths along with the amazing underwater sea view.

This Wall Point is actually quite shallow. It is possible to enjoy the scenery without diving or snorkeling. But, if you want to see them more frequently, you’ll need snorkeling gear. This area is ideal for snorkeling beginners.

Komodo island, a famous snorkeling spot in Indonesia

Snorkeling with Manta Rays at Nusa Penida, an island just off the coast of mainland Bali, is one of the most incredible experiences you can have while visiting Indonesia. If you jump into the water you will immediately stare face to face with a giant Manta Ray. The most magnificent sea creatures! The Manta Ray is not dangerous, but it is frightening when a 5-meter creature swims straight at you before ducking away at the last second.

How To Make The Most Of Your Travel As Vegan

One of the most exciting parts of travelling is when you are able to try different cuisines from the places you are visiting. There is so much to tell from foods including history and culture. Therefore, travelling without food hunting will feel incomplete somehow. However, there are also vegans out there who are a bit concerned about the trip since their choices of food tend to be more limited. It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy travelling as much as the others though. You can still make the most of your trip as vegan and here are some useful tips to consider:

How To Make The Most Of Your Travel As Vegan

Do some research before the trip

If you want to be more prepared with your trip and what you can eat later, it is best to do a research in advance. The place to find out more about food choices for vegans is social media platforms. You can visit Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter and scroll down to find visually mouthwatering dishes from around the world. Find the right hashtags to help you discover great vegan locations in your intended destination. 

Learn useful phrases in local language

There will be times when you need to ask about the foods you are going to enjoy to the server or the chef. To make it easier, learn useful phrases in local language such as asking if there is egg, fat, or meat in the food, you may also ask if there is veg dish in the menu. This way, it will be more efficient for you when selecting the right dishes.

Join local vegan community

It is also recommended that you find out more about the existence of local vegan community in your intended destination. You can search it online and if there is, join and meet them up later. You may have great times befriending them during your trip. Also, you may share various tips or tricks to enjoy the trip as vegan. 

Always carry vegan treats with you

Even though you have done your research well, there is always possibility that you are unable to find vegan foods during a trip. To anticipate this, make sure to always carry vegan treats with you. You may pack a bag of cliff bars, ginger chews, or chocolate. They will come in handy when you are craving for sweets. 

Learn more about local ingredients

It is almost impossible to know every single ingredient in the world. However, you can learn more about ingredients of the place your are going to visit at least. This way, it will be easier for you when scanning food labels. At least, you won’t be too clueless when reading the ingredients especially when they are in foreign language. 

Book accommodation with a kitchen

If you prefer preparing your own vegan foods, might as well booking an accommodation that provides kitchen as well. Hence, you can make your own foods using local produces. Not to mention that it is less costly to cook your own meals during a trip.

Labuan Bajo Tour, Explore East Nusa Tenggara After Pandemic

The natural charm of its beautiful, exotic, and beautiful nature has made Labuan Bajo one of the hit destinations after the pandemic. The existence of Komodo National Park which is a UNESCO cultural heritage has brought Labuan Bajo a global destination. An ancient animal, Komodo which you can only find in Indonesia is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Labuan Bajo tour takes you to explore many large and small islands, Padar, Rinca, Kalong Island, Komodo Island, and the stunning pink beach.

Padar island in a morning sunrise, Labuan bajo tour

Hoping island Labuan Bajo Tour

Staying in a floating hotel is a unique and memorable experience. To be able to explore the islands in Labuan Bajo, you need the right accommodation. Many people say that the Labuan Bajo cruise brings you to enjoy the beauty of a super premium destination. The Phinisi ship which is designed with high comfort makes tourists feel at home during the sailing trip to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo trip generally ranges from 3 to 4 days with prices varying depending on the type of ship you use. The more premium the ship facilities, the more expensive the Labuan Bajo tour package. 

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Why are people willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to sail on a super premium phinisi boat? Let’s check it out! The phinisi ship does look dashing from a distance. When you step into the ship, you will find an extraordinary photogenic with luxurious facilities inside. Spacious cabins with comfortable beds and direct views of the sea, luxurious furniture, lounge chairs for sunbathing, and there are even several phinisi boats that provide spa & jacuzzi facilities.

How many people can get on the ship?

The capacity of the phinisi boats varies, there are those with a capacity of 2 people to 12 people or even more. One of the premium phinisi ships, Aliikai Voyage with a capacity of 15 passengers with 12 crews who are ready to take you on an adventure. Uniquely, the cabin from Aliikai liveaboard has a terrace where you can enjoy the sunset. Each cabin is equipped with air-con and super comfortable luxury furniture. The super-comfortable deck is designed for tourists who want to relax and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. To get a spectacular experience on an exclusive ship wrapped in luxury, you need to prepare a budget of 50-100 million rupiah.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N

When you hear the price of a super premium ship of 50-100 million rupiah, it may sound very expensive. Labuan Bajo open trip is the best choice for solo traveling or 3-4 people. 3D2N open trip prices range from 3-5 million rupiah depending on the type of phinisi boat you choose. Cheaper right? Komodo Labuan Bajo Tour offers a unique experience and hoping island where you will join other people during the cruise.

Travelling As A Form of Self-Care

Travelling As A Form Of Self-Care

There are many forms of self-care aside from booking a spa or having facials. Self-care is not limited to something you do to your physical well-being but also your mental well-being. Hence, there are many ways you can do to pamper yourself from time to time, especially when you are feeling down. Travelling can be categorized into a form of self-care as well. It can change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. Exploring so many things allows you more experience, helping you build your empathy. 

How travel can be a form of self-care

Living in bubble makes one feels too comfortable yet know nothing about the world. Hence, it is important to perform self-care that makes you grow as a person as well such as travelling. It allows you to experience, appreciate, and learn many things that you may have taken for granted at home. The journey during your trip allows you to see things from different perspectives. It helps you understand what’s more important in life and allows you reflect on your own problems and realize they might not be as insurmountable as they might feel. 

Meeting new people

During a trip, you meet others you may have never imagined before. Staying in a hotel, you get to meet more people from different places around the world. It allows you to learn about their lives, their cultures, and their perspectives. Through this kind of interaction, you get such valuable life lessons.

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Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone

You will only grow if you are brave to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to break from routine. It allows you to experience new things and push you to grow better as a person. During a trip, you may face various challenges starting from when you board your plane, check in the hotel, and communicate with the people who don’t speak your mother tongue. However, it will teach you how to solve problems and be self-reliant. You might also get surprised at how capable and confident you are when facing those challenges. You get to know your own potential better. 

Detoxing from your gadget

Te constant notifications from your phone can be draining. Hence, you need to perform self-care by detoxing yourself from those devices. Taking a trip is one of the best ways because there are many more distractions along the trip that can make you forget about your devices for a while. You might only take your phone when you are about to take selfies at a place you are visiting. 

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Come back feeling fresh and recharged

One of the main purposes of performing self-care is to get back that freshness and feeling recharged. You can also get the same outcome from travelling. When you take a meaningful trip, you will come back with fresh mind and recharged soul. It shatters your routine, which is what you need to have a fresh perspectives. Consider solo travel as one of self-care method to try.