Seminyak Private Villa Bali for Luxury Vacation

Seminyak is one of the most sophisticated areas in Bali where you can enjoy dining in a fine beachfront restaurant, visit sacred temple, or shopping in high-end shops. This is also where you can find luxury villas to accommodate your holiday. Finding one Seminyak private villa Bali is not that hard since most of villas offer luxury package and high-quality accommodation. Besides, Seminyak is where you can venture to popular beaches such as Kuta, Double Six, or Echo beach. Having luxury vacation in Seminyak just perfectly fit. The finest of Bali can be found in this little paradise.

Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Seminyak private villa Bali with luxury features

Bali is actually perfect for any type of vacation whether budget or luxurious. As for luxury vacation, Seminyak is the right choice for you to stay in as it offers many sophisticated features to enjoy. Here are some recommended private villas in Seminyak you can book prior to your plan to have luxury vacation in Bali:

  • Villa Ruandra – This private villa is best for peaceful, luxury vacation since it consists only of two bedrooms. This is perfect for romantic getaway as well as it serves more privacy and intimacy. The facilities are equipped perfectly in affordable price. Aside from two bedrooms, you can also enjoy other facilities such as BBQ facilities, rooftop terrace, satellite TV, as well as large ceramic bathtub. The location of this private villa is close to fine dining restaurants, the beaches, and spas. It is situated in Petitenget district. The interior of the property features open-plan living space overlooking tropical garden and swimming pool outside. The property exterior is featured with private walled garden as well as sparkling swimming pool.
  • Villa Portsea – This villa offers privacy and comfort for the guests. It only consists of two bedrooms so you have more space to stay comfortably without dealing with crowded guests. It is located only 15 minute walk away to Batubelig beach. It also features black bedroom shades with super king bed. There is also media lounge to keep you entertained during your stay. It leads to rooftop terrace overlooking the pool below. The living space is attached in the between the two bedrooms. Near the living area is kitchen with dining table. The exterior feature swimming pool with shallow wading area.
  • Villa Summer – This Seminyak private villa Bali has three bedrooms with luxury bathtub in the attached bathroom. Each bedroom features full-length glass sliding door of two sides, leading to communal pool deck. The other one leads to private garden. The bedroom is also equipped with safety box for you to use. There is balcony in the second floor where you can enjoy morning sun. The open-air living room is spacious along with a timber dining table. Close to dining area is kitchen with an island bar to enjoy your wine. There is also lofty media lounge for you to use during lazy days in Bali. The outdoor are has private swimming pool equipped with bean bags situated on the timber deck for lounging lazily.

Benefits of Choosing Villa Rentals for Holiday in Bali

Spending time in Bali for your next holiday is great idea. There are many things to explore in the island of Gods that you won’t run out ideas of what to do or where to go. Started from leisure to extreme activities, everything is available in Bali. As for accommodation, there are also many options you can pick. Hotel, hostel, guest house, or villa, everything is available to choose based on your liking. However, it is recommended to book a villa if you want more privacy and intimate environment. When it comes to villa, most people think that it is too expensive. However, there are many affordable villas in Bali you can rent.

Booking villas during your stay in Bali

Different from hotel or hostel, villas are designed in more friendly way. Thus, it brings comfort and intimacy to the guests. As for exotic place like Bali, choosing villa for your accommodation during your visit is good option. To make booking process easier, might as well choose a management company providing villa rentals. Here is more information about it:

  • It is recommended to choose a management villa rental company so that you don’t have to spend too long in searching the right villas to stay in. make sure to choose reliable company with good reputation. They will provide information about villas based on location, price, and the number of bedroom. They will also provide information about special discounts and additional service. Thus, you don’t have to research on your own. Most villas organizers also provide service for special occasion like gathering, birthday party, or wedding.
  • You can book a full-package for your holiday in Bali by booking a management company for villa rental. The package usually includes airport transfer, in-house staffs and service, professional advice, holiday plan during your stay in Bali, and many more. By choosing this type of package, you don’t have to think and plan about anything else. You just need to pay for a full-package and enjoy your holiday in Bali with ease.
  • Choosing villas for your accommodation during your stay in Bali is the right choice especially when you are planning to have romantic getaway. Villas offer more privacy and intimacy so you can enjoy your honeymoon comfortably. It is also beneficial to choose villa for your stay if you are planning to bring your group of families. You don’t have to book many rooms. You just need to book the entire villa and your family can freely roam around the place. Villas are usually equipped with standard facilities such as kitchen, private pool, a lush garden, etc.
  • To choose the right villa, you can ask more advice to the staff of the management company. However, you can also state your wish. For example, you can choose villa near the square so that you have more access to many spots such as restaurants, café, beaches, or ATM center. Or, you can also choose villas located in more secluded areas for romantic retreats.

Looking for Luxury Villa Canggu Bali with Comfortable Vibe

A holiday should be spent in free spirit. Thus, everything will be much more pleasant and enjoyable. Of course, Bali is hard to resist when it comes to amazing nature and hidden gems. Thus, having your holidays to be spent in Bali can be good idea for your next travel plan. One of the most recommended areas to stay in is Canggu. This is a welcoming area in Bali that you can meet people from walk of life. If you are budget traveler, you can still book luxury villa Canggu Bali since there are many of them. Staying in villa is more comfortable especially when you are travelling in group of friend or families. Villa will make your holiday more enjoyable since it at least tackles down one of your worries.

Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Luxury villa Canggu Bali to stay in

Holidays in Canggu means you can go venturing around the places freely. There are many places of interest you can visit during your holiday. You can hit up three main beaches such as Batu Bolong, Berawa, and Echo Beach. You can also eat out at one of the restaurants or chic cafes. Not to mention that visiting the infamous Tanah Lot is a must when you are in Canggu. As for accommodation, here are recommended villas you can book for your stay in Canggu:

  • Villa Indrani – This luxury villa is designed in Balinese traditional style where most materials are wooden based. It has five bedrooms and of course already has in-house staffs. This villa is situated near Berawa beach. Thus, you can visit the beach in a short walk. The villa is surrounded by greenery with peaceful vibe. You can also enjoy soaking in the sun at the pool providing for the guests.
  • Villa Kayajiwa – This is another luxury villa with more modern architecture. This shows off trendy vibe to the surrounding. Along with its contemporary chic style, this villa has four bedroom. It also has in-house staffs ready at your service. The 25-metre pool is ready to welcome you and let you soak in the sun. This villa is also complimented with entertainment area to keep you away from feeling bored during your stay in villa.
  • Villa Pangi Gita – This villa is designed in traditional style mixed with enough luxury to keep you comfortable during your stay. It has three bedrooms along with traditional style living pavilions. This villa is situated amongst tropical garden so the air you breathe in is refreshing and calming. There is also pool in circular shape ready to indulge you featuring gazebo for you to relax.
  • Villa Hana – This luxury villa Canggu Bali offer luxury to the next level. It has four bedrooms along with kids bunk room to provide your kids with best accommodation. There is also play room and media room ready to entertain you and your families. It also has a 15-metre pool along with the beach chairs at the side. This villa is situated at prime location, which is near Echo beach.

Things to Do in Indonesia’s Most Pristine Islands

Indonesia’s most pristine islands are undoubtedly Raja Ampat. And while plenty of people here come to Raja Ampat for its amazing underwater lives, it is not the only thing that you can do. The islands of Raja Ampat simply has an abundance of things in store. And simply being in the place would already give you a taste of paradise.

The obvious – dive!

Raja Ampat is not dubbed as the divers’ mecca for nothing. Over 70% of the earth’s marine life exists in none other than Raja Ampat. Expect to meet manta rays during the time you dive in the waters of these islands of paradise. Diving in Raja Ampat is akin to a one in a lifetime experience. Unless of course, you decided to go again and again! Raja Ampat is obviously one of the most, if not the most favorite diving sites for divers. You’ll understand why once you’ve experienced it yourself.

Talk to the locals of West Papuan people  

Raja Ampat is unlike the rest of Indonesia. The people of Raja Ampat often prefer to be referred to as the West Papuan people. So, if you’ve been to other parts of Indonesia, notably Bali, or Java, then you’re going to be met with another side of Indonesia. A glimpse to how multicultural and multi-ethnic Indonesia is.

You won’t have to make lengthy conversations if you’re shy. Simply say hi and exchange a few words. Then observe the locals as they go on about their everyday lives. Children playing outside, singing, wives, and husbands getting home the fishes they just caught, among other activities.

Enjoy as much fish as your stomach allows

Naturally, for a region surrounded by waters with rich marine lives, the primary food source in Raja Ampat is fish. The remoteness of the island is a very good thing. Raja Ampat is difficult to reach. But on the other hand, it allows other lives other than humans to flourish. Including the wealth of fishes available to fish.

Explore the archipelago through kayaking

There is an incredible landscape of islands on an endlessly blue ocean—what better way to savor them than to get on a journey to explore them through water? Kayaking is also an ideal way to explore the gorgeous islands at your very own pace. It will be so much more peaceful compared to going on an engine. The relatively calm waters of the islands are also perfect for those who are just beginning their kayaking activities for the very first time.

Trekking in Raja Ampat

Pristine and untouched the lives of the people around the Raja Ampat islands are not like those you can find in Indonesia. Aside from the difference in the majority of religions and culture, most of Raja Ampat’s villages are very traditional. It makes as one of the most authentic experiences for travelers. Raja Ampat has not only rich marine biodiversity but also breathtaking lands as well. Beautiful tropical rainforest, rich biodiversity of birds, enjoy them at your own pace through trekking.

Where To Enjoy Fresh Seafood Bali

Curious to enjoy best seafood restaurant in Bali? Well, there are many places to enjoy seafood, Balinese restaurants, both local and international. Enjoying seafood Bali in traditional fish markets? Why not? You can go to Kedonganan Market, choose and buy a variety of fresh seafood. Around the Kedonganan market, there are many stalls offering services to process it. Cheap? Of course! Allows you to save money on processing the ingredients.

Seafood Bali

Jimbaran Seafood Bali

Visiting the Jimbaran area, you will find a row of favorite and popular restaurants to enjoy seafood Bali in front of the beach with a sunset view. It’s not difficult to spoil your tongue with Balinese seafood. Jimbaran seafood Bali is one of the best and perfect places for your dinner. It is recommended to arrive before sunset so you can take the best spot to enjoy the sunset.

Seafood BBQ Seminyak

Many ways and places for Balinese seafood lovers. Seafood is served in different ways. Given that Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, many seafood Bali offerings are tailored to the tastes of certain countries. BBQ is indeed the right way to enjoy seafood. But, you will find different tastes and sensations in each restaurant.

Seafood lovers can try to visit the Sea Vu Play. Shrimp, calamari, and various types of fish you can enjoy at affordable prices. This seafood restaurant Bali design is pirate-themed and perfect for all, no matter you are solo, group or family. Don’t forget to enjoy various events nearing the night on the Sea Vu Play.

All You Can Eat Seafood Restaurant Bali

Want to eat cheap and full? There are many restaurants offering promos all you can eat for you. Pay attention to the schedule set by the restaurant so that you don’t take the time wrong. One of them is Sky Garden. You only need to spend 99,000 thousand rupiahs to enjoy your meal as much as you like. After enjoying it, it allows you to exercise a little on the rooftop until midnight. There are many more restaurants you can eat so you can enjoy seafood Bali dishes at affordable prices and full.

The charm of Bali is not only limited to the scenery or the beach. Seafood Bali is one that tourists from various countries hunt. It’s strange if you don’t enjoy seafood while on vacation in Bali. Use recommendations from various culinary websites for the best seafood Bali. There is nothing more interesting and fun to enjoy seafood Bali in various restaurants, whether local or international restaurants.

Reasons Why Bali Is Why Travelling For

Bali is a complete package for any type of travelling. Be it romantic, adventure, or leisure travelling, everything is available in this paradise island. It is said that Bali is worth travelling for at least once in a lifetime. It is already famous amongst international travelers that Bali has spectacular attractions in a wide range. You can go for a short getaway or long vacation. Some people may say that Bali is too mainstream. However, you will not able to know whether or not it is only a hype or worth travelling for until you try it yourself. This island is more than overrated travel destination.

About Bali that makes you want to visit

As mentioned earlier that Bali has everything you need for memorable vacation. There are many things to enjoy during your stay in Bali. You can go to unique sea temples, secluded caves, waterfalls by beach, spectacular water villas, affordable private pool villas, amazing Cliffside, as well as bars and beaches. Bali never sleeps so you can make the most of your vacation for 24 hours.

  • Infinity pools are available in Bali. This is where you can bask yourself in luxurious pool that spills from the edge of the cliffs to the ocean. In fact, Bali has several infinity pools claimed to be the best in the world.
  • Bali is the definition of arts. For art lovers, Bali is the right destination to visit. This is where you can find a wide range of arts. Authentic art combined with local wood and even bamboo structures can be spotted in every corner of Bali. Every shop will welcome you with artistic architecture and interior design which please your eyes and soul.
  • Bali is where endless dining options are. You will never get bored enjoying your meal during your stay in Bali because there are many options to choose. You can dine on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean, drinks in badass bars or pubs, or have a dinner with your family on a pirate ship. Everything is possible in Bali.
  • If you are looking for private and more intimate places to visit, Bali has many secret beaches that even the locals would never tell you. Instead of visiting already famous beach such as Kuta, you can opt for more secluded, pristine beaches such as Pandawa, Gunung Payung, or, Nyang Nyang.
  • Extreme sports can be found and done in Bali. This is a heaven for adrenaline junkies. You can do many extreme activities such as fly boarding, cliff jumping, etc. Prepare yourself to do all extreme sports and get the most exciting experience while in Bali.
  • If you are festival lover, Bali is a perfect place to go. This is where you can find unique to bizarre festivals. There are many annual festivals such as kissing festivals, monster parade, and many more. Authentic culture and religious traditions are what behind those festivals you can participate in or just comfortably watch.

Choosing the Right Canggu Villas Bali

When it comes to Bali, all you can think of are beautiful beaches, authentic delicacies, and distinct cultures. No wonder people around the world want to visit this island of the Gods at least once in their lifetime. There are many places you can venture when you decide Bali as your travel destination. Canggu is one of the most recommended areas in Bali suitable for any type of retreat you prefer. Be it romantic getaway or adventure trip, everything is available in Canggu. For accommodation, Canggu villas Bali are available in many options. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it.

Canggu Villas

Tips to choose the best Canggu villas Bali

It is important to find the best villa not only for the matter of the price but also security and service. Of course, Bali also has hotels and other types of accommodation. However, villas are more preferable because they offer more security and privacy. Villas are also more suitable if you bring your family to your vacation in Bali. Here are about Canggu villas Bali:

  • To make you easier in renting one of the villas in Canggu, you can contact a management company specialized in arranging and renting villas in Bali. There are many of them so make sure to choose the right one. Make sure to choose a company with good reputation and record. You can choose family-oriented management company to make you more comfortable with all the arrangement. If you bring your kids, make sure to state your needs for your kids to the staff clearly. Thus, everything you need will be provided.
  • Every management company offer different service and price. Thus, you can choose based on your budget and need. If you are looking for high standard villa, you need to prepare your budget. Most high standard villas are equipped with high quality facilities and services as well. Every prestigious and luxurious villas managed by management company has in-house staffs ready to provide your need during your stay. There is also supervisor who is ready to give you advice just in case you need up to date information about restaurant, tourist attractions, shopping, etc.
  • Make sure to ask for special offers because every management company usually has that kind of offers. However, the special offers can be different from one company to another. Make sure to understand every term and condition before making any deal. About the price and payment, make sure to choose company that charge you with reasonable amount of money that worth the service and facilities you will receive during your stay.
  • There are many Canggu villas Bali you can book such as The Iman Villa, Canggu Beachside Villa, Villa Kakatua, Villa Hansa, Villa Levi, Arnalaya Beach House, Villa The Beji, Villa Canggu North, and many more. Every villas has different features. You can choose the one that provide you the best to experience the finest of Bali, particularly Canggu. It is recommended to book at least a month prior your arrival to Bali to make sure the villa is available for you.

Best Water Villas to Stay in during Your Vacation in Indonesia

Waking up in a beautiful little house the middle of a secret island sounds like a fairytale. However, you can experience this kind of morning when you have vacation in Indonesia. There are many secret islands you can visit and stay in for few days. This is where you can enjoy the most of your life since everything looks amazing and dream-like. Indonesia has many hidden gems you can visit anytime. Water villas and bungalows are now getting popular. In maritime country like Indonesia, this can be opportunity to attract many tourist from different countries.

Best Water Villas to Stay in during Your Vacation in Indonesia

Find out the best water villas and bungalows in Indonesia

People are getting creative in making attractive charms for tourism. Water villas and bungalows are not that new in tourism. Water villas and bungalows most likely cost higher than regular hotels but it’s worth it. So here are water villas and bungalows in Indonesia you can enjoy for your next travel plan:

Ora Beach Resort

Ora Beach Resort in Maluku is one of the best water bungalows in Indonesia located in Maluku. The journey is quite tough to reach the location. However, it will be worth it. The water bungalows are situated in the seclusion of mountains and forest. It makes you forget the tough journey you went through before. There are only five water bungalows in this place. Therefore, you need to book in advance. The view of the mountain and forest is priceless and you can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling in clear sea waters.

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort is situated in Gorontalo. This is great place to spend romantic getaway with your partner. There is also a story behind this tiny private island where the prince of Gorontalo and the daughter of Dutch trader conducted their forbidden love affair. This is place where you can revamp your romance. The water villas are arranged into heart shape which looks fascinating from afar and above. There are many fun activities to fill in your vacation such as diving, stargazing, and having candlelight dinner on the shore.

Papua Paradise Eco-Resort

Papua Paradise Eco-Resort is situated in Raja Ampat. Water bungalows in this resort will make you feel like living in the past when technology was sacred. There is spacious veranda in every bungalow. Besides, the bungalows come with unique design and the finest traditional materials from Raja Ampat itself. You can enjoy the view of Pacific Ocean through the veranda. You can do many activities include diving and indulging your taste buds with great buffets of various foods made of fresh local products.

Telunas Resorts Private Island

Telunas Resorts Private Island is located near Batam. There are total of 15 water villas here you can book in advance. Every villas is designed to provide comfort with see-through windows in the living room. Thus, you can perfect view of the island. There is also infinity pool to enjoy while watching beautiful landscape. You can also try free jumping from a dock jumping. Other fun activities include standup paddle boarding, tour through a mangrove river, kayaking, etc.



Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo for Comfortable Remote Holiday

When you are having a holiday to Labuan Bajo, it’s hardly about mere destination. It’s abouta sailing trip experience; a sense of travelling from one destination to another while living a leisure time in the middle of the sea all in one trip. Rose from nowhere, Komodo quickly become the belle of travel destination. Clear turquoise water, jagged islands full of panoramic landscape, the rare giant ferocious dragon—the Komodo, and diving heaven underneath the waves are enough reason to make Labuan Bajo a dream destination. And the sailing trip is the cream of the cake that put everything into a sweet trip experience.

Here comes the famous liveaboard trip. A sailing trip with Indonesian wooden schooner to visit every pristine destination in Labuan Bajo that otherwise would be impossible without a ship. Labuan Bajo has every kind of boat to accommodate travelers need; from basic liveaboard to the grander wooden cruises. Here comes the time to have your best time with Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo, spending wonderful moment in a land devoid from human traces; just the raw nature in its best status.

Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo for Comfortable Remote Holiday

Venture off the Beaten Track

Travelling in Komodo is essentially taking a trip off the beaten path. It’s location is so remote from the world that it even unreachable with airplanes. The Komodo National Park is a deserted islands group in Flores—and among Indonesia’s best remote destination. Labuan Bajo is actually a port town in Flores as well as the main town where the airport lies. This is a little city that become the gate to Komodo, the Lost World.

It’s remoteness makes it a perfect paradise for true adventurer. The originality of this area is further strengthen by its National Park and UNESCO’s World Heritage status. On the other side, however,  being a “beaten path” destination means travelling to this place would be quite challenging. Luckily, there are Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo that makes everything easier.

A Sailing Trip with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Many people said that you need to prepare yourself to go back to basic if you want to visit Komodo. Almost every island in Komodo is uninhibited and free from development. Only Kanawa, Bidadari, and Seraya Island have private resorts on its land—the rests are completely empty. Expect no electricity, phone and internet signals, or any modern convenience on these deserted islands.

However, you can find creature comfort in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo—the vessel that would also doubled as your hotel and dive center during the trip. Though you still need to give up on internet signals (hey, it would be a perfect chance for some digital detox!), these cruisers generally provides cabins with hotel-standard amenities and services, three time meals fresh from the kitchen, and public facilites such as lounges and bars.

It’s time to try these unique cruise holiday!

Authentic Dishes You Should Try When Travelling to Sumba

Sumba is one of the most exotic travel destinations in Indonesia. There are many places to visit and various foods to try. Travelling to Sumba means you are not supposed to miss the authentic local dishes. There are authentic, traditional dishes in Sumba you can enjoy when visiting this beautiful place. Besides, the dishes are varied from one region to another. Thus, you have many choices to decide which food you will try first. If you decide to try the dishes based on the region, might as well research first about the most iconic region in Sumba in advance.

Authentic dishes from different regions in Sumba you must try

When you visit different places in Indonesia, there are always different dishes to try. In Sumba, traditional and authentic local dishes are often made of local spices and cooked with traditional method. That’s one of the reasons why the dishes are so special. Besides from indulging your appetite, you can also learn a lot while enjoying the foods. You can interact with locals and everything related to the dish since there must be a history background. Here are authentic dishes to try in various regions in Sumba:

  • Manu Pata’u – It is quite hard to pronounce the name but the taste is worth it. This is one of traditional foods you can find in Sumba. This dish is made from a whole chicken marinade with coconut milk. This dish is rather special because it is usually served for guests. The way the hosts serves the food to the guest is also unique. They will let the guests choose one part of the chicken first. Then the guests give it to the host. The rest of the chicken then belongs to the guests. This traditional dish has meaning of mutual respect.
  • Nga’a Watary Patau Kabbe – this is simple food in a form of a corn rice.  This is made from corn and beans like red beans. Instead of plain rice, local people in Sumba often eat this type of rice. They eat it with chicken and vegetables. It is also considered as staple food for people in NTT in general.
  • Ka Pu Pantunnu – this traditional dish is quite unique because it is made from the heart of banana. This middle part of banana tree is burned and mixed with grated coconut which has been roasted before. This is usually served with corn rice, fish, or chicken. This is quite simple food without strong spices included. Thus, it is light to enjoy with other dishes.
  • Bokosawu Nyale – this unique and special food from Sumba is originally a sauce made from sea worms or Nyale. In Sumba, Nyale or sea worms appear once a year. Thus, this dish is special because it is hard to get the sea worms. You can actually eat raw Nyale smeared with lemon. For this dish however, Nyale is mixed with basil leaves. The texture is savory and chewy. It is like eating fresh seafood from the ocean.