Things to Do in Ikebukuro, Tokyo’s Less Touristy District

If you’re staying in Tokyo and feel rather tired of the extremely packed and crowded Shibuya and Shinjuku, then you may want to give their less flashy neighborhood; Ikebukuro. Often dubbed as the gateway to Saitama, a neighboring prefecture. Ikebukuro located in Toshima ward, is a definitely a worth visit and provides a closer glimpse to Tokyo inhabitants’ everyday lives. What are some of the places recommended for visit?

Owl Statue Meeting Spot

Often compared to the more famous Hachiko statue in Shibuya, Ikefukuro is also a common meeting place for the locals at the Ikebukuro station. The Owl Statue is located underground in the JR Station. “Ikefukuro” is a play in the word “fukuro” and “Ikebukuro”. Fukuro is Japanese for owl. Thus, the “Ikefukuro” name play. Be aware though, the owl is often hidden by people who are gathering around them to meet their friends. So if you spot people already crowding an area inside the underground JR Ikebukuro Station, then you’ve found it.

Minami Ikebukuro Park

Minami in Japanese means “south”, denoting the location of this park that is an escape from the more crowded area of Ikebukuro. The park is easy to reach. Take the East Exit of the JR Ikebukuro Station and you’ll reach the area in around 5 minutes walk. There are play areas for kids, and some decks to relax at. You may be able to catch the locals doing all sorts of activities together such as yoga class or picnics especially during spring hanami and autumn leaves-viewing.

You can also easily enjoy an assortment of cuisines from the shops and the occasional stalls available around the park

Check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater

It’s a stylish building that is the center of the performing arts in Tokyo operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture. Catch various exhibitions and performances at this gorgeous establishment. Ikebana, which is the Japanese art of arranging flowers, photography exhibitions, and many others. Concerts are often held here as well.

Cat cafe Mocha Ikebukuro

Who isn’t familiar with cat cafes? A lot of Tokyo residents simply don’t have the space to have pets, and a lot of apartments don’t allow them. Cat cafe emerged as some sort of the ‘solution’ to the busy and often restrictive urban life. They allow residents to enjoy the companion of cats without the commitment.  

Rikkyo University Main Campus

The university is famous for its building reminiscent of European architecture. It’s one of the historic red brick buildings was built around 1918. Rikkyo Daigaku is also famous for being one of “Tokyorokudaigaku” or “Tokyo Big Six Universities” along with Tokyo University. If you’re in Japan in autumn, then catch the annual student festival known as Saint Paul’s festival when the university is open to public. The student activity groups and student associations would prepare food stalls, organize numerous events and entertainment. It would be a nice glimpse inside the Japanese students’ lives.

Explore Best Scuba Diving In Bali With Amazing Groups

Do you think about exploring the best scuba diving spots with spectacular views? Indonesia is the best country in the world for its marine life. The diversity of unique and rare species, coral, coral reefs which are the core of marine life. Stretching from Sabang to Marauke, you can explore all the dive spots.

best scuba diving in bali

One of the best spots is diving in Bali. Many underwater mysteries that you can find. Ranging from rare species to shipwrecks will take you to the amazing underwater. Many of the best scuba diving in Bali are in remote locations and offer perfect underwater views. Whether you will go with your friend or plan to enroll in a diving class, Bali is the place.

When landing in Bali, you will be welcomed with the warmth of a tropical island that provides comfort. The most lively and glorious summer adventures in Bali have been drawn. Looking for the best scuba diving in Bali you can try by visiting the dive center. To ensure safe diving, the diving certificate is also provided by the dive center in the form of training. A certificate is an obligation to ensure that you are worthy of diving. This also prevents you from getting an unwanted accident.

Exploring the best scuba diving in Bali through packages from the diving center will greatly save your budget. You will get the best training from experts including diving equipment provided during the course, especially for beginner divers. Not unlike a dive package for professionals. You don’t need to bring your own diving gear, except for some special ones such as masks or wetsuits. If you are not comfortable using rented wetsuits, recommend the best dive equipment shop recommendations.

Making use of promos will probably help you save a little more. Usually, there are many special promos for the best scuba diving package in Bali. especially during summer. Bali does have a warm and friendly weather all year long and is worth your visit throughout the year. Some of the best scuba diving spots in Bali are usually planned to explore underwaters such as Tulamben, Amed, Menjangan Island, Nusa Penida, and many other dive spots.

Each of the best scuba diving in Bali offers a special underwater view. There is no boredom exploring the underwater Bali. It is difficult to describe with words of beauty that are very real and different from the land. This is to make sure you are protected by diving insurance for security and safety. Planning an adventure, spending many days and nights with friends will be very pleasant. Night diving is highly recommended for professional divers because underwater species will emit amazing light.

Hotel Safety Tips You Will Need When Travelling

Travelling is not only about fun and convenience. It is also about safety. It is supposed to be in the top your priority when it comes to travel especially when your destination is overseas. There are new things, new places, new people you are going to face when travelling. Thus, you will need everything sorted out for the sake of your safety and convenience. It applies to the matter of accommodation. One of the most used accommodations for travelling is hotel. It is a safe place to stay during your trip since it is managed by professional. However, there is always risk of your safety to be violated even in the safety hotel ever.

Hotel safety tips for more comfortable trip

The level of hotel’s security reliability depends on how good the hotel is. There are many potential dangers when it comes to hotel such as fires, break-ins, terrorist attacks, and even natural disasters. Here are hotel safety tips that will be useful for you for your next travel plan:

  • Before booking your hotel, it is highly advised to do a little research especially regarding to the security situation in the country of your destination. Try to find out if terrorist is the main threat there. It is important to pay attention not only to the amenities and rates when booking hotel but also its location. You can find out if the neighborhood causes potential threats such as break-ins, assault, etc. Then, you need to check the hotel’s security system by asking the staff directly
  • While checking in, it is recommended to avoid booking a room on the ground. It is highly advised to book a room somewhere between the fourth or sixth floor. Higher room mean the chance to break into is less. However, you shouldn’t book a room on the highest floor either since it will be difficult to reach by fire engine ladders for emergency. Try to book a room that is not directly facing the outside. When the staff gives you the key while announcing your room number too loudly, you’d better ask for another room.
  • When you arrive at your room, check a fire escape route, emergency exit, the locks on the windows, etc. If you find any of them not functioning, make sure to notify the front desk immediately. During your stay, you need to make sure that your door locked at all times even when you are in your room.
  • It is also recommended to keep your key, wallet, phone, and flashlight within your reach at night just in case you have to leave in a hurry. Don’t be careless in opening door for anyone who knocks your door even if they say they are hotel staffs. You can call the front desk first to ask if the visit is authorized. You need to keep your valuable such as laptop or camera safe by putting them in the hotel safe or leaving them at the front desk when you are out.

Luxury and Splendor Beachfront Villa Bali, A Good Reason For Investment

If you are in the real estate market then know for sure that the location determines the value of your investment. Bali Beachfront Villas, of course, many ideal property properties and valuable investment assets. Did you know that many people are willing to pay dearly to live and enjoy a vacation on the beach?

beachfront villa bali

Beachfront villas offer everything the honeymoon couple wants. For those of you who want to relax enjoying the luxury of Bali beachfront villas, then make the right decision to stay overnight. Visiting Bali is like turning a trip to a long time ago, where you can enjoy tranquility, peace, and privacy.

The high interest of tourists to stay at Bali’s beachfront villa, lure investors to invest on a large scale. Don’t be surprised if you will only find luxurious and prestigious beachfront Bali villas.

Why do people really like staying at the beachfront villa Bali?

Tourists who like water activities, such as swimming, snorkeling or diving will look for Bali beachfront villas. This is a fact! There are even many individuals who are willing to buy Bali beachfront villas or rent in the long run. Staying at a beachfront villa is a pleasure because you will enjoy the sunrise and the sound of the waves in the morning.

Benefits offered by beachfront villa Bali

  • You can enjoy sunset and sunrise every day of the year.
  • Perfect investment
  • Reasons to visit Bali when the holidays come

Don’t be too happy. There are advantages, there are also disadvantages to having beachfront villa Bali investment. What are the disadvantages?

  • Buildings eroded
  • Losses if a disaster occurs without protection from insurance
  • Need more extra care because it is exposed to sand, salt water, sea air or strong winds.

Beachfront villa Bali is indeed the most sought-after accommodation for tourists even though the price is high. Investing properly with the best care, especially buildings on the beach is very important. A good and maintained building not only adds to the selling value of your villa but also a good review for guests. This is the best promotion quickly. The villa service that satisfies the tourists will be able to capture more guests. This is an investment with perfect profits.

Beachfront villa Bali can be accommodation for you and your family, while at the same time being the best investment in the short or long term. Look carefully at all the benefits and risks that can occur at your Bali beachfront villa investment. No matter the purpose of buying it, whether investment or rent, you will enjoy all the benefits associated with beachfront villa Bali ownership.

How to Meet Travel Companions While You’re Traveling Solo

There is that sense of liberation when you’re traveling all by yourself in a foreign place. Enjoying the company of yourself is one of the best things afforded by solo travel. However, traveling solo can get right down boring. Especially when there is no one to talk to throughout your travel save for the brief interaction with the convenience store staff when you buy snacks. Meeting people during your travel is also one of the things that enriches your travel experience.

How to Meet Travel Companions While You’re Traveling Solo
Websites dedicated for travelers

There are numerous websites out there that can help you meet people during your travel.

You can start with the most popular and most commonly used website by travelers around the world; couchsurfing. You don’t have to stay at someone else’s home and their bed (or a literal couch) in order to meet someone during your travel. In fact, most of the people who use couchsurfing meet without having to stay at the other’s dwelling places. Narrow down your searches to locations, join groups, and be proactive in connecting with fellow travelers or even the locals.

Make use of social media sites

Take advantage of your social media well. You can connect with virtually anyone using your social media. Modern smartphones these days already have the app pre-installed. You don’t have to install new apps or follow a certain forum when you’re using your social media site.

Start joining groups dedicated for travelers.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about your travel. Whether it’s about your destination, or whether anyone would like to meet over a karaoke session, or even asking about travel safety tips. Groups generally provide the chance for you to exchange information. Remember to ask beforehand when you wanted to add someone in the group into your friend list. While you may think you’ve talked enough to be an online friend at least, they may not think so. Other than that, have fun with interacting with groups!

Join activities

There’s bound to be many opportunities in your travel. You can try signing up for classes in your destination. It’s an excellent way to strike a conversation without having to come up to strangers and comment on the weather. Join a tour group or perhaps join a sports events. By joining activities, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people with common ground to talk about. In addition to meeting new people you can actually talk to, you can also immerse yourself better within the culture of your destination.

Take the first step

There may be a general assumption when you’re traveling, you’re going to meet a lot of new people. While that may be true, passing by people and meeting and actually have a talk with them are two very different things. Most of the time, it takes initiatives to make things work. This is why taking the first step is important. Being proactive can make so many things happen. Be the first one who initiate a conversation. This can be anything from messaging people to meet up, to initiating a conversation in a bar. By learning to be proactive, you chose who you interact with, instead of being chosen. It takes time, of course, especially if you consider yourself to be someone who’s shy and reserved. But you’ll get better with practice.


Liveaboard Labuan Bajo: Three Basic Facts

The popularity of Komodo National Park as the last sanctuary of the only Komodo dragons left in the world has reach international exposure. Islands around the National Park has also reveal its hidden beauty, along with well-protected pristine diving sites that will make other sites looks rather pale. With so much things going around, the Komodo National Park is not a single destination. With the trip comes Liveaboard Labuan Bajo (name given from the famous port town where all the boat docks), which also become increasingly popular among travelers. The Komodo trip and the boat is inseparable, and today you’ll learn some interesting facts about this Phinisi.

Liveaboard Labuan Bajo: Three Basic Facts

All the trip launched and back at Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a port town as well as the capital district of Wes Manggarai, located in the tip of westernmost of Flores. It’s the gateway to the Komodo National Park and around. Every single boats that will take you for a Komodo trip is docked here. By the end of the trip, your boat will return to Labuan Bajo and probably stay for a few days for some maintenance.

It’s not exclusive for divers

Liveaboard was almost synonymous with a dive trip. They were originally made to cater diver’s need for a lodge during underwater exploration. Liveaboard boats offers a place to stay on a multiple day trip in the ocean and a chance to reach remote dive sites that are not accessible on a day trip. Labuan Bajo, however, have a different approach on a liveaboard trip.

The Komodo National Park is more than dragons and premium diving sites. There are deserted islands with unparalleled scenery, empty shores, and pink beaches begging to be explored. It’s perfectly fine to go to an absolutely no-diving trip with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo if you are not a diver (or not certified for diving level in Komodo. The land excursion itself is extremely fulfilling. Padar, Gili Lawa, and Kalong are some of the most famous island with absolutely gorgeous scenery.

All Liveaboard Labuan Bajo is inspired by Indonesian traditional phinisi

Hundred years ago, the Indonesian were known as remarkable sailor men. They took a two-masted model of schooner for sailing—a style that’s been adopted by most Liveaboard Labuan Bajo today. Entirely made of wood, their boats preserve the old tradition, yet equipped with modern technologies. Nothing can complete the experience of sailing around the prehistorical-looking Komodo like a wooden phinisi do. 

We can say, sailing with liveaboard is the most perfect way to enjoy the whole Komodo. Have you try a Komodo trip with liveaboard? Share your experience below!

Travel Tips to South Korea during Winter

In South Korea, it is late autumn now. Winter is near and the excitement of traveling around this beautiful country is higher. Winter starts from December to February in South Korea. Spending your holiday during winter in South Korea will give you a memorable experience. This travel destination gives off the vibe of a romantic winter wonderland somehow. That is why lots of people from all over the world are eager to spend their holiday in South Korea in the winter. However, no matter how exciting it is to travel to South Korea during winter, some travelers find it concerning because those who don’t come from four seasonal countries may have difficulties to survive.

Travel Tips to South Korea during Winter

How to survive traveling to South Korea during the winter

It is sometimes easy to forget about all necessary things due to the hype of traveling overseas, especially where the destination is South Korea. It is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world after all. There are lots of attractions for tourists to enjoy especially during winter. However, it is also important to remember what you should do so that you can survive the harsh weather during winter. Here are some tips to make your trip to South Korea during winter more bearable and still enjoyable:

  • The first and most important thing is to dress properly. South Korea is like a fashion icon that visitors almost have an urge to dress up when traveling around the country. You need to be prepared of how cold the temperature could be when you step in the country. Your clothes are your ultimate weapon to survive. There are basic rules of clothing highly suggested for those who are eager to visit South Korea during winter. First is base thermal layers which consist of merino wool or synthetic fabrics. Second is mid insulation layer which consists of wool, down or fleece. Then the third is outer waterproof which consists of a shell layer which is waterproof and wind resistant. In addition, you need to stay wearing a scarf, beanie, and bring heat packs.
  • Eat something warm. It is like committing suicide if you prefer cold foods instead of warm ones during winter. Thus, it is more recommended to eat like a king. It is not difficult since there are various hot dishes you can try while you are at South Korea. Steamy beef soup, kimchi stew, seafood soup, or steamy fish cakes are available to warm up your body. Besides, your body burns more calories during cold. Thus, there is no need to worry about your diet.
  • Harsh weather during winter means your skin suffers more from humidity. It will be easier to get your lips chapped. Your skin will feel less smooth as well. Thus, it is highly recommended to bring moisturizers for your skin and lip balms for your lips. Reapply them regularly to keep your lips and skin moist. It is also highly suggested to apply face mask before going to bed so you will be waking up feeling more refreshed and energized.


Surprising Things about Traveling to Dubai

Dubai provides various and best luxuries. Thus, lots of people think that Dubai is only a place for wealth. It is not hard to find that kind of misconception since you can find the world’s highest building, the largest mall, and other superior things in the United Arab Emirates. Thus, most people expect flashy traveling and luxurious agenda. Well, you can do it if you want but it is not an obligation. People who visit Dubai are not only the wealthy. There are many of them who visit to learn more about the culture, the unique vibe or just enjoy what Dubai provides for visitors.

Surprising Things about Traveling to Dubai

Things that might surprise you about Dubai

For those who travel to Dubai for the first time, there are many things that might be surprising or unexpected. Dubai is one of the best travel destinations regardless of most assumptions. Here are things that might surprise the first time visitor when traveling to Dubai:

  • Dubai is home to various and affordable foods. This is due to the fact that Dubai hosts the immigrant population from Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, etc. The foods in Dubai are not only affordable but also taste good. Thus, you don’t have to stress out about what foods you can afford while traveling to Dubai. Recommended place to try good and affordable foods in Dubai is the street of Deira. You just need to wander around the street and find tasty treats which only cost a few dirhams.
  • Next thing that might surprise you when visiting Dubai is that you will rarely find the locals. This is due to the fact that only 11% of Dubai’s populations is Emirati. Besides, it is also due to the culture since they are more private. Thus, it will be rare to find the locals wander around the streets.
  • You might be surprised to find that weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday. This is due to Islamic culture. Therefore, Friday in Dubai starts with brunch. It is not a typical light brunch though. In fact, you will enjoy a vast feast for brunch. If you stay at the hotel while you are in Dubai, they will serve huge buffets of various food on Friday during brunch time.
  • You will find it difficult to describe how magnificent Burj Khalifa is. The fact that it’s the world’s tallest building doesn’t mean you won’t feel like fainting when you see it directly. The-829 meter building has an observation deck as well as 148 stories above the ground. For the first time visitor, it can be mind-blowing to just stand in the building while looking down the ground.
  • Next surprising thing about traveling to Dubai is the city is not for a walker. There are many reasons to support that fact. First, the temperature is about a million degrees outside. Second, the location from one place to another is miles apart. Third, the city hasn’t been designed for the pedestrian. You can walk around freely in an enormous shopping mall instead.

Great Things to Enjoy while Travelling to Adelaide

Adelaide is the Capital of South Australia. It is also one of the most populated cities in Australia. As the result, it has become one of the most visited places in Australia. When it comes to Australia, people might immediately think of Sydney or Kangaroo or Boomerang. Well, Australia has many great things to enjoy especially when you are traveling around Adelaide. From the national park to the entertainment center, Adelaide provides everything tourists need perfectly. Thus, it is such a shame to skip Adelaide when you travel to Australia. In fact, there are many great things that visitors miss when exploring around the city. You shouldn’t be one of them though.

Great Things to Enjoy while Travelling to Adelaide

Things you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Adelaide, Australia

Australia has been famous for its marine heritage where various sea creatures live. People visiting Australia love to do water activities such as diving, snorkeling, etc. Well, if you visit Adelaide, you might as well enjoy all the great things the city provides such as:

  • Morialta Conservation Park is located within 10km northeast of the city center. It stands on 533 hectares ground. This conservation park is like a symbol of South Australia. In fact, it was a gift from John Smith Reid. It was donated by him in 1911. Technically, he donated part of his island for a public reserve. In the park, you will enjoy many things such as the beautiful canyon, magnificent landscape, as well as mesmerizing waterfalls. The pure nature can be felt through the entire course.
  • The River Torrens Linear Park divides the city center and North Adelaide. This spot is already popular with the locals. You can try walking or cycling through the provided trails which lead you to the sea. The route stretches around 12.5km which starts from Adelaide Hills and finishes at Henley Beach. Well, you will also find swimming ducks asking for a feed as a charming distraction through the trails.
  • Chambers Gully is another great thing you shouldn’t miss while traveling to Adelaide. It is located within Cleland Conservation Park. It is a wildlife park where you can find the cute koalas, beautiful gum trees, and many other great things. To reach the place, you can use the trail opened for mountain bikers. This is the best place to really enjoy the serene environment with the purest nature surrounding you.
  • The National Wine Center of Australia is a great place for wine enthusiasts. This is where you can try wine sampling. This place is actually part of the University of Adelaide. For your information, you will need to use a card to get a sample in the cafe since it employs the Enomatic system. It is worth it because you will be able to taste dozens of top wine labels from across Australia. In addition, you will also be able to witness Australian winemaking. This can be a great experience but lots of visitors missed this opportunity when they are in Adelaide. You shouldn’t be the one who misses this great chance of tasting fine wines.

Best Travel Destinations to Enjoy the Best Nightlife

Travelling is not only meant to enjoy tourist attraction during the day. There are many travel destinations around the world offering fun and lively nightlife to enjoy. There is no limit of when you should and should not enjoy your trip. Lots of travelers opt to take a nice rest at night during their vacation. However, you can also maximize your limited time by doing fun activities. If the place you visit offers a great nightlife, you’d better not to waste it. There are many factors influencing the intensity of the nightlife at the place you visit such as the people, hours, music, and of course experience to offer.

Best Travel Destinations to Enjoy the Best Nightlife

Best cities around the world offering the best nightlife

–        Bangkok, Thailand offers one of the best nightlife you can enjoy. The city is vibrant and classy which results in more cosmopolitan dynamic. There are many places to go to enjoy your nightlife such as rooftop hotel bars, rock bars at Ratchathewi, or pubs in Thonglor and Ekamai. You can choose your favorite place but it is recommended to mingle with your friends so that you won’t get lost especially since you are a tourist.

–        London, UK is also recommended if you want to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. There are prestigious nightclubs where you can enjoy fantastic music and popular drinks. The most attraction drawn people to come in enjoy the nightlife in London is the great music. If you want to interact more with the locals, you can visit Chinawhite.

–        Las Vegas, USA is one of the wildest cities. It never sleeps apparently so if you visit this city, you can still enjoy the night since it is as lively as the day. There are countless places to enjoy nightlife in Vegas so you won’t run out of option. However, you might as well prepare enough money if you want to get wasted in Vegas.

–        Ibiza is also recommended if you look for a lively nightlife during your travel to Spain. This country is full of historical and cultural architectures during the day. There are many museums you can visit to know more about Spain. However, you can also visit one of the clubs at Ibiza and attend many venues to enjoy great music and unique setting. Ibiza never sleeps. During the day, you can enjoy beach parties. In the evening, you can visit hotel bars. Then, you can enjoy your whole night dancing to great music presented by the best DJs.

Spending your night attending clubs, pubs, or hotel bars during your vacation is not prohibited. You can enjoy your time to the fullest while you are travelling to the place you desire. However, it is also important to stay safe since you are tourists that know less about the place. It is highly recommended not to go alone enjoying your nightlife agenda. If you bring company, you can avoid getting into troubles. It is also highly advised not to bring important documents such as passport or visa if you decide to enjoy the nightlife to protect your personal information.