Thinking of Solo Traveling? Here Are A Few Handy Safety Tips

Whether you consider yourself someone ‘brave’ or cautious, sometimes you can never be too careful when you’re traveling. Especially when you’re traveling all by yourself.

Handy tips for solo traveling

People who travel alone do face problems of safety than people who travel in a group do. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy your solo travel time.

There’s no guarantee of safety even when you’re traveling in groups either. But you do need to prepare yourself to the best of your ability in facing the world alone in your solo journey. What are some of the things you can do to improve your safety?

Chose meeting points in public

Always chose a public meeting spot whenever you’re meeting someone. This is particularly applicable when you’re meeting with someone for the first time, regardless whether you have talked to them through chat for a long time.

Don’t invite them to your hotel or apartment right away no matter how convenient that may seem. Chose a cafe near your place instead if you plan to go somewhere that’s more convenient to meet near your place.

Some of the most common meeting public you can try are the restaurants, cafe, train station, a city or an area’s landmark (think Hachiko statue in Shibuya, for example), universities, etc.

Pick one that is most convenient for the both of you without risking giving away your dwelling place or risk yourself by meeting in a private place.

Don’t get drunk!

Or get high, for that matter. Staying sober seemed to be the most logical way to keep yourself safe. However, it’s known that many tourists don’t do this.

Especially when alcohols and drugs can be obtained relatively easily and cheaply. Accidents because of alcohols and drugs are relatively known to happen to tourists.

If you’re out and drinking with someone, which means you drink because of social pressure, then make sure to tell that someone to watch out for you. This may be a difficult feat to accomplish if they’re themselves are drunk.

But taking the extra step to remind yourself and have someone you can hold accountable with do help.

Be rude when necessary!

This applies particularly for women, as women are generally expected to accommodate the whims of anyone who may try to approach them. Women are generally seen to be more friendly and even submissive.

You’ll know this when it’s difficult for you to directly say no. Because even when saying no to an offer, some people still push. When this happens, don’t hesitate to be rude or even raise your voice to get other people’s attention on you. This way, it lessens the chance of the offender to try anything under public scrutiny.

Inform your loved ones or emergency contact

Try to make a habit of informing your family or your friends whenever you’re going anywhere. It’s particularly helpful to have one person or two that you always update about your travels.

This way, whenever you’re not informing them, they’ll know that something is up. Also let them know that they’re your emergency contacts and you may even suggest what to do whenever you’re not contacting them for a certain period of time.