Is Agritourism Good For You? 

The concept of agritourism is not new in travel industry. It is a tourism located in working farm where tourists can spend their time staying in accommodation. They can even participate in farming activities with the local farmers working there. People who are looking for more tranquil vacation experience may be more interested in this type of tourism because it is not only fun but also calming in some ways. 

Is Agritourism Good For You

Why agritourism becomes more popular these days

In the past, most travelers too focused on ticking off their list of attractions they should visit when travelling. It made the travel experience itself less meaningful because there was no time to fully appreciate each place. Hence, people start promoting more about slow travel, on how travelers more focus on enjoying as much time as possible while visiting an attraction and learn more about it. And agritourism is aligned well with the concept of slow travel. Through this kind of travel, you get to immerse experience on another level. 

Back to the nature concept

One of the most interesting part about agritourism is that you get the opportunity to get closer to the nature. You are not only spending time enjoying the views but also learn more about the local culture, history, etc. With agritourism, comes interaction that foster awareness and appreciation between the traveler, the land they visit, the people who live in it. Even  a simple activity such as eating locally grown fresh produce can boost your happiness during your stay. 

Get more meaningful experience

Through agritourism, you get to have more meaningful experience as mentioned earlier such as raising your appreciation and awareness of the nature as well as the people who live in it. There are so many things you can learn during your escape at the working farm. Explore the local’s way of life, and how they build their relationship with the land. You may get some lessons you will never get from school through this experience. 

Similar concept

Basically, agritourism is not a new concept and has been existed for decades. In the past, travelers looked for the tranquility and calming settings away from the buzz of big cities. Today, some people still like this kind of travel. However, most travelers today like to enhance their experience by learning and doing more. They help out local farmers, learn about their way of life, and try to give back to the local community.  

The benefits of agritourism

It is not only the travelers that should benefited from agritourism. A good agritourism is the one that also benefit the locals. The agritourism should help boost revenue stream to the local economic growth. It will be such a major help for the livelihood of small farms. It should be an opportunity for the farmers to grow steady income. And for travelers, make sure to put your effort in helping out the locals by staying longer, spending your money on immediate areas, eating at the local restaurants, eating organic or fresh produce, and purchase crafts from local artisans.