Exploring Kaohsiung, The Largest Port City In Taiwan 

Taiwan is an interesting country worth traveling for. There are many places you can visit in this country to indulge your adventurous soul. One of the most recommended places to visit is Kaohsiung. It is known to be the port city in Taiwan. However, it is also a great travel destination in Asia. There are many things to see and enjoy during your visit to this city. It is lively and the locals are charming. There are many things to learn as well including their culture, tradition, and cuisines. 

Why Kaohsiung is worth visiting for?

There are many reasons why Kaohsiung in Taiwan is such a great travel destination. The weather is almost always good regardless of the season. The people are friendly and laid-back, the city is lively, the life of the city is slow-paced, and more. If you need more reasons to visit Kaohsiung, here they are:

The gorgeous Formosa Boulevard

Kaohsiung has a pretty metro station you may never find in another place. It is The Formosa Boulevard Station that has attracted so many visitors both local and international ones. This is a three-storey station designed by Takamatsu Shin, a Japanese architect. The entrance of the above ground has unique design that resembles a pair of clasped hand mimicking a prayer gesture. The underground is also very pretty if not more. It is where you get to see a colorful mural glass built into the ceiling of the station.

taiwan xinxin train station
image credit: aglasshalf-full

Art travel

Kaohsiung is also a great destination for art lovers. This is a city where you get to enjoy public artwork. You get to see enormous arts at Pier -2 Art Center. There are statues you get to see when visit this place. Throughout the park, you will get to enjoy beautiful artworks created by talented artists. One of the most favorite is Heartbeat Light, a pillar with a light display synced with human heartbeats. It is very heartwarming to see. 

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Gourmet food

Kaohsiung is also a great destinations for foodies. There are fresh gourmets you get to enjoy when you explore Kaohsiung including fresh seafood, lamb hotpot, chicken-based dishes, and more. There is wide selection of local cuisines worth travelling for. Most recommended dishes to try include taro sago sweet soup, sticky rice with pork wrapped in leaves, noodle dishes, oyster soup, and taro and pork dumplings. 

Pier-2 Art

Even if the weather is not that bright, there are still many places you get to explore in Kaohsiung. One of them is Pier-2. It is where you get to visit various indoor attractions. Pier-2 Art Center is a place to enjoy and appreciate artworks through different exhibitions. Aside from art center, you will also find stylish coffee shop and theaters inside the building. If you want to enjoy art, food, radio broadcast, and live music at the same place, visit Our Time. While enjoying your meals, you can oversee the in-house web radio station. If you are not hungry, them you can just order a cup of coffee or tea. There is also The Wall Pier-2, a concert venue without roof.