Best Tattoo Seminyak Step by Step Safe Tattoo Practice

Looking for best tattoo Seminyak sometimes could seem to be a faraway dream. When you’re deciding whether or not to get a tattoo in Bali you must have heard tales of nightmares. Concerns about safety of tattooing in Bali is definitely a valid concern that you should be prepared for. But if you’ve here, then you’re already in the right place.

There are numerous concerns about how to find a professional artist to whether you could find a reputable tattoo studio back home. Bali is delightfully cheaper than back home, that’s for sure. And this applies to their tattoo scene as well. Whether you’re tattooing in Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Canggu, or other places, chances are, even the tattoo studio that’s considered into the pricier category could still be affordable for you.

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Despite the title, we’re not exactly going to tell you how to be a professional tattoo artist, but rather, what to look for in the right studio or in any space you decide to tattoo in. Arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid long-term regrets. 

How to find the best tattoo Seminyak 

What each person feels the “best” – especially when it comes to art; is highly subjective. No two person will answer you the same. This is also the case with best tattoo in Seminyak and any other areas in Bali. Start by taking a look at some of the tattoo places near where you stay. Or go to the areas that have a bunch of tattoo places open, mainly the tourist areas of best tattoo Seminyak or Legian, Kuta, Canggu, to name a select few. Go inside the tattoo studio and take a look at how they work. Talk to the shop staff that you’re here simply to get an idea of price range (you must bring a sketch of sorts of the tattoo or a something similar in your mind, it doesn’t have to be a fixed design). The locals are generally very friendly and they’ll likely welcome you without much fuss. 

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Be knowledgeable about the tattoo artist’s previous work 

A big A.K.A. take a look at your tattoo artist’s portfolio! There’s no excuse that you don’t do this first and foremost when you’ve decided to get Seminyak tattoo. Generally, this should be something you’d do yourself before you come to have an actual consultation with a tattoo studio. But a good artist would usually let you know his or her portfolio when you talk to them about what kind of tattoo you’re looking for. 

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The environment you’re tattooing in is hygienic 

In Asia, you can find even the most developed countries limit tattoo practices. You’ve probably known that South Korea imposes a rule that you can’t open a tattoo practice unless you’re a doctor with valid license. While that rule is certainly too much for the tattoo communitypoint is, tattoo is serious business. You should treat it as such. Don’t settle for less than the best tattoo Seminyak especially since price tags in Bali starts from a very affordable range. 

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Sure, the tattoo place you’re getting into is painted black and had graffiti on the walls and might look super gothic. But the inside of the place where you will get tattooed at must be clean and well-lit. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your tattoo studio interior needs to be as clean as your doctor’s office. You’re going to get your skin pierced here, possibly for hours. Bacteria should be the least of your concern when you’re also handling the pain when the tattoo artist is working on you. 

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Things to look for 

Here are things to look for in your environment. Don’t settle for less than the best tattoo Seminyak it’s just not going to worth the regret (and the infection that may come later). If it does not meet even one of these criteria, you should definitely reconsider the tattoo shop. 

  • The “operation” room where your artist works on your tattoo is well-lit, airy, and clean. Halogen lights are standard equipment. 
  • There are proper containers to dispose the used equipment. These usually resemble the type of containers you see in your doctor’s office. 
  • You feel comfortable in the space.