Things That Can Sabotage Your Health when Travelling

When you travel to new places, you must have been more conscious about your health. For example, you will likely hard to forget to always wash your hand after finishing your business in the bathroom or before eating. You will also more aware of the seat you take on the airplane. You will likely use wet wipes to make sure your seat is hygiene. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t be aware of other gross things you can do when travelling which can possibly sabotage your own health. During travel, traveler is more prone to sickness. It is due to the exhaustion, stress, weak immune system, or bad habits unconsciously done throughout the trip.

Things That Can Sabotage Your Health when Travelling

Avoid sabotaging your health when travelling


Travelling is supposed to be fun and all. However, it is sometimes disturbed by small incident or unnecessary mishaps. It is also often that travelers get sick in the middle of the journey which makes to really enjoy the trip.  Here are examples of things that travelers often do which can sabotage health and you should avoid:

  • Forgetting to sanitize your hands after using security bins is a mistake you can avoid. When you use bins at airport security it means you will deal with various germs. It is like the haven of germs so there is no way to get around it. You need to fight against germs by wiping down everything you place in the bin after using it. You have to know that every little box is teeming with bacteria. There are dangerous bacteria found in bins used to collect bags, shoes, and others. The level of fecal matter is high enough to make you sick. Thus, make sure to wipe down everything.
  • Another thing that can sabotage your health is by using phone while eating. It is often that you switch between eating with your hands and touching your phone with the same hands. It provides easier route for bacteria to get in your mouth. It may sound a minor problem and you think that your body is strong enough to fight against bacteria. However, you never know when you are travelling.
  • Drinking from water fountain is also risky and can sabotage your own health in the process. During your travel, you may find various public water sources to hydrate your body less expensively. However, not all water fountains is safe and free from dangerous bacteria. Some tests and studies prove that it is even riskier for pregnant women to drink from fountain because the level of bacteria is too high to count.
  • Forgetting to wear sandals or flip flops when you use bathroom in your hotel room. For your information, fungus which can cause athlete’s foot can be found often in your private hotel room. Aside from the bathroom, the carpeted floors also not free from organism such as fungus. Thus, it is highly recommended to always wear sandals or flip flops during your stay in your hotel. It is more convenience and safe in many ways.  


Three Cools Things to Bring to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Adventure

Who doesn’t want to go to Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, Flores? During the last two years, the Jurassic-esque destination is having a surge of visitors. Many comes for the stunning sceneries, outlandish adventure, and wildlife encounter with the dragons, giant bats, and other wildlife creatures. With the increase of Komodo’s popularity, the inseparable trip with liveaboard Labuan Bajo also gets more and more exposed to the outer world. From what was originally created to cater traveler’s accommodation needs for islands hopping and diving around Komodo, liveaboard trip has now evolved as another package of the trip that can be enjoyed for its unique experience alone.

Fun Things to Bring to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Adventure

Though the trip is already exciting as it is, you can always improves and make your Komodo holiday trip gets even more delightful. Here are three simple things to bring life to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo trip and inject some fun to your vacation.

Cool Things to Add More Fun Fuel to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Sailing Experience


Hammock is made for a maximum comfort when you pause on an adventure. When you combine hammock with sailing in pristine paradise, the result is a total blissful leisure. There’s nothing like reclining your back on hammock while crossing the ever-changing gorgeous landscape of Komodo National Park. You can hang the hammock in the liveaboard for serene sailing experience, or stretch it between some trees during island excursion for a quick stop to rest and admire the natural surrounding. However, always remember to ask the ship crews and the guides for a safe place to hang. You don’t want to accidentally break a pole or kill a tree just for a little relaxation, do you?

Fun Inflatable Floaters

Thanks for Instagram and social medias, inflatable floaters has now become a tropical holiday essentials! From what’s created to help kids—and helpless adult in the water—floaters today come in stylish cuts which sole purpose is, dubiously, to feature as picture-perfect snap for holiday goers. Flamingo, unicorn, pizza and pineapple are amongst the social media favorite, and that’s for a good reason. After all, they’d pop out amidst Komodo’s bright turquoise water. If you come to Komodo for a fun tropical vacay, then these trendy inflatable floaters are absolutely a must!

They are also incredibly convenient. You just need to pump the inflatable until it’s hard and ready, then throw it from the liveaboard Labuan Bajo. The best place to float is between shallow water on Taka Makassar, the shore of Pink Beach, and above the peeking corals in Kanawa Island. Spend the day leisurely bobbing around lazily in the water or get your holiday photos taken in ultimate style. Psst, aerial snap with floater is huge on the internet nowadays, so our next list should be….

Drone Camera

The presence of drone is a gift for travel community. They are easy to use and effortlessly bring out impressive pictures of practically any landscape. When you bring it to Flores, drones would show stunning aerial image of Komodo’s exotic terrain; large bodies of water punctuated with jagged islands and undulating hills, deeply curved gulf, and barrier of reefs that faintly visible beneath the translucent ocean. Radar Island, Pink Beach, and Labuan Bajo’s long wooden deck are some of travelers’ favourite spot to get breathtaking aerial shots.

Do you have other fun idea to add merrier vibe to the Komodo excursion? Let us hear your idea!

Savoring a Local Food Scene The Right Way

Food is one of the most important elements when it comes to travelling to new places. Visiting new places without trying their authentic delicacy will be less meaningful. Through the dish, you will be able to learn more about the local culture. Travelers also have different ways in enjoying their food hunting during a trip. Some of them like having dinner in fancy restaurants and some others prefer street foods. It is only a matter of preference which is often more individual.

What you can do to savor local food scene

To gain the real experience of savoring local food scene, it is recommended not to rely only on restaurants. There are various options you can choose to enjoy local foods with friendly atmosphere within the local. Here are several options for you to really enjoy local food scene from your trip to a new place:

  • You can get invited to eat a home-cooked meal with local family. It sounds impossible but easier these days. There are several websites organizing this kind of experience. There are various options you can choose such as experiencing home-cooked meals of local chefs, cooking class, or food tours in local homes.
  • Local market is always the best way to approach local food scene and enjoy it more. You can visit farmer market where there are various homegrown products. You can wonder around the stalls and taste samples. It is also great o have a chat with the vendors or farmers while picking up some goodies for lunch or dinner.
  • Another way to truly experience local food scene is by shopping where the local shop. Thus, you can do grocery shopping in local market. There will be differences between supermarkets you are used to at home and grocery store you find at your travel destinations. However, this is good experience because then you will figure out what kind of foods are the staples of the local diet.
  • You can also try arranging a homestay. Aside from being able to savor local food scene, it is also a great chance to blend in with the locals. There are many websites arranging a homestay. Live with the local family and eat with them during your trip will earn you more meaningful experience. You can even learn how to cook traditional foods.
  • You can also try arranging a farmstay for in depth-experience. It is not only to enjoy the local food scene but also to let you gain experience living in a working farm. You will learn something about farming. For example, you can help picking out berries, milking cows, or shearing a sheep. During your farmstay, you will be enjoying fresh scrambled eggs, organic cheese, etc.
  • Another simple thing to enjoy local food scene is that by recreating the most memorable dish you tried during your vacation at home. When you return from your trip, you can try to recreate a local dish in your own kitchen. It will bring you back to the memory and just transport you back to the place you just left.

Bali Villas Seminyak, Providing an Extraordinary Holiday Experience

Whether it is an investment or as a temporary place to stay during holidays, Seminyak is a favorite spot in Bali. And in fact, it’s hard to find accommodation when the holiday season arrives. Over time, Seminyak and Canggu are increasingly being discussed by the world for smart travelers. Bali Villas Seminyak is an accommodation specialist offered at this prestigious location. The local residents’ areas have been transformed into luxurious residences in the form of private villas with high walls to protect the privacy of tourists.

Bali Villas Seminyak

When the season is low, it allows you to enjoy facilities at Bali villas Seminyak at low prices. But believe me, Bali is always crowded with tourists. No matter the high season or low season, you will always see congestion around Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, and its surroundings. Don’t expect Bali villas in Seminyak at cheap prices.

Why are people so enthusiastic about finding Bali villas Seminyak accommodations? When you arrive in Bali and take a walk to the Seminyak area, you will know the reason. What is the purpose of your vacation? If you want to find a place that can spoil you with a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Whereas around Seminyak like Canggu, it provides an amazing beach for surfers. No more transportation from Bali Villas Seminyak.

The benefits of staying at Bali villas in Seminyak do not just stop with an amazing beach. When night falls, you will see a different side of Seminyak. Seminyak is filled with sparkling lights, and if you go to the Oberoi area, a series of luxury restaurants, bars, clubs await you to enjoy a spectacular night. It is possible if there are many tourists who are classified as voters in terms of food. This is the advantage of deciding high on Bali Villas Seminyak. Along the way, you will see rows of restaurants with local or international menus. This can make it easier for you to choose according to your taste.

f you like Bali but your vacation session is over, you will be sure to return. Bali is not a boring place. All the luxury and facilities you can get while on vacation. Whatever you want or perfect flawless vacation, you will find it in Bali Villas Seminyak. For a relaxing, comfortable, luxurious and private vacation, the villas in Seminyak are always worth considering as your holiday accommodation. Bali villas Seminyak always gives tourists a different sensation and diverse preference for extraordinary pleasure and is your reason for coming to Bali.

Packable Camping Gear You Can Rely on For Smooth Travel

When you decide to go camping for your next travel plan then you need everything prepared thoroughly. Camping is not an easy feat to do because you need specific gears to accommodate your agenda. However, camping is one of the most fun types of travel that people love regardless of age and gender. Be it male, female, kids, or adults, camping is always fun to do. It is also type of adventurous travel you can do once in a while. Forming stronger connection with your camping partner as well as the nature is the main goal of camping.

Packable Camping Gear You Can Rely on For Smooth Travel

Packable camping gears you need

It is great to abandon civilization and choose to sleep under the stars. Cooking over a campfire is never boring. However, camping gear sometimes can be a pain since there are many things to bring. To solve this issue you need camping gears which are packable and easy to use. Therefore, your camping will run smoothly. Here are packable camping gears you should invest in:

  • Even though your main goal is to form strong connection with the nature, you still need to bring your electronic essential especially hand phone. Therefore, you will need portable charger especially if your destination doesn’t provide electricity.
  • Folding campsite chairs are one of the most packable essentials you need for camping. It is important to choose the one with lightweight frame alongside carrying bag. It can be used for other occasions as well such as keep it in the car for picnics, concerts, and even enjoy the beach.
  • The next essential is none other than the tent. However it is highly recommended to choose a fast-pitch tent for your trip to run smoothly. They usually have pre-attached poles so that it won’t easily lose crucial assembly pieces. It is also recommended to choose larger tent instead of the standard one because even the price is not so different.
  • Water filter is also something you don’t realize need it. Most campsites already provide running water and bathrooms. However, it doesn’t hurt to bring water filter for emergency. Besides, water is a basic necessity and water filter will help you prevent from dehydration and sickness. Moreover, wilderness might not always provide drinkable water.
  • Next essential you need is campsite lamps in a form of portable battery-powered lamp. They are bright and easier to use compared to regular campsite lanterns. You can choose the plastic version it has lighter weight. They are kid-friendly and easy to clip onto backpacks, branches, or even tents.
  • Next packable essential you need for camping is a roll-top table. Cooking is one of fun activities to do while camping. However, it is often hard to find reliable surface for cooking. However, a roll-top table can solve the issue because it provides space you need to prep your cooking. You can put plates, pans, or pots since there is enough space available to accommodate. Besides, it is lightweight and durable. You can use it for other occasion.

A Luxurious Pampering Trip with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Flores used to be an isolated frontier, hiding the earth’s last remaining dragon and tropical gems from the rest of the world. Only the most rugged and adventurous could reach the hidden paradise.

Today, the news has spread out and that sprinkle of tourist has beginning to change into a steady stream. Accommodation and facilities quickly follows the tourism trend. From what seems to be a humble fishing boat as the only means to marvel around the overtly gorgeous Komodo National Park, now the frontier is brimming with a lot of liveaboard options to cater all type of travel. From the low budget and joyful shared boat with only mattresses on the deck for sleeping, to the luxurious and private Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo, Flores has it all. If the former promise efficient and plain, straightforward journey, the latter offers richer sailing trip experience with add-ons facilities you’d love.

A Luxurious Pampering Trip with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo
image by Ocean pure boat

Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Features You Would Love

The Oceanfront Cabins

One of the ultimate pleasure of travelling around Komodo with luxurious cruise is a chance to get an oceanfront cabin.

Now, not all cabins in cruises of Komodo were built in the main deck with private balcony and wraparound windows. Given the size (it’s quite smaller than usual cruisers), even the most luxurious liveaboard in Komodo can only offer one to three master, oceanfront cabins. The rest are located in the lower deck, though they are not in any way less fancy. Still, however, oceanfront cabin is the privilege of luxurious liveaboard that otherwise are hardly found in mid-range to lower budget liveaboard.

The Rooftop Decks

Ah, the rooftop decks. The place where you can lie around in cushiony beanbags with cold drinks in hand. Where you can enjoy undisturbed scenery of Komodo’s hilly savannah and greenish blue ocean without any disturbance. It’s a perfect place to a moment get away from the crowd and just enjoy your holiday by yourself—or with your travel companion.

The Chic and Comfy Sun Deck

While sundeck is not exclusive to luxurious Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo, it’s definitely more spacious and comfier. Most sundecks in established boats around Komodo is made for comfort with a pinch of style. It’s traveler’s favourite to linger around—especially after a hike or dive around the premises—and mingle with other passengers on board.

The Outdoor Jacuzzi

Oh, the joy of soaking in hot bubbling water with a chance to rest the eye to Komodo’s beautiful landscape! Not all Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo features jacuzzi, though, but it’s still one thing that makes the sailing trip feels even more delightful! Imagine relaxing all your muscles after snorkelling in the pink beach or hiking Padar Island’s hills…

Adventure doesn’t have to be rigorous and crude! You can have frontier exploration with creature comfort too, and it doesn’t violate any rules of travelling!

Things to Do in Ikebukuro, Tokyo’s Less Touristy District

If you’re staying in Tokyo and feel rather tired of the extremely packed and crowded Shibuya and Shinjuku, then you may want to give their less flashy neighborhood; Ikebukuro. Often dubbed as the gateway to Saitama, a neighboring prefecture. Ikebukuro located in Toshima ward, is a definitely a worth visit and provides a closer glimpse to Tokyo inhabitants’ everyday lives. What are some of the places recommended for visit?

Owl Statue Meeting Spot

Often compared to the more famous Hachiko statue in Shibuya, Ikefukuro is also a common meeting place for the locals at the Ikebukuro station. The Owl Statue is located underground in the JR Station. “Ikefukuro” is a play in the word “fukuro” and “Ikebukuro”. Fukuro is Japanese for owl. Thus, the “Ikefukuro” name play. Be aware though, the owl is often hidden by people who are gathering around them to meet their friends. So if you spot people already crowding an area inside the underground JR Ikebukuro Station, then you’ve found it.

Minami Ikebukuro Park

Minami in Japanese means “south”, denoting the location of this park that is an escape from the more crowded area of Ikebukuro. The park is easy to reach. Take the East Exit of the JR Ikebukuro Station and you’ll reach the area in around 5 minutes walk. There are play areas for kids, and some decks to relax at. You may be able to catch the locals doing all sorts of activities together such as yoga class or picnics especially during spring hanami and autumn leaves-viewing.

You can also easily enjoy an assortment of cuisines from the shops and the occasional stalls available around the park

Check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater

It’s a stylish building that is the center of the performing arts in Tokyo operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture. Catch various exhibitions and performances at this gorgeous establishment. Ikebana, which is the Japanese art of arranging flowers, photography exhibitions, and many others. Concerts are often held here as well.

Cat cafe Mocha Ikebukuro

Who isn’t familiar with cat cafes? A lot of Tokyo residents simply don’t have the space to have pets, and a lot of apartments don’t allow them. Cat cafe emerged as some sort of the ‘solution’ to the busy and often restrictive urban life. They allow residents to enjoy the companion of cats without the commitment.  

Rikkyo University Main Campus

The university is famous for its building reminiscent of European architecture. It’s one of the historic red brick buildings was built around 1918. Rikkyo Daigaku is also famous for being one of “Tokyorokudaigaku” or “Tokyo Big Six Universities” along with Tokyo University. If you’re in Japan in autumn, then catch the annual student festival known as Saint Paul’s festival when the university is open to public. The student activity groups and student associations would prepare food stalls, organize numerous events and entertainment. It would be a nice glimpse inside the Japanese students’ lives.

Explore Best Scuba Diving In Bali With Amazing Groups

Do you think about exploring the best scuba diving spots with spectacular views? Indonesia is the best country in the world for its marine life. The diversity of unique and rare species, coral, coral reefs which are the core of marine life. Stretching from Sabang to Marauke, you can explore all the dive spots.

best scuba diving in bali

One of the best spots is diving in Bali. Many underwater mysteries that you can find. Ranging from rare species to shipwrecks will take you to the amazing underwater. Many of the best scuba diving in Bali are in remote locations and offer perfect underwater views. Whether you will go with your friend or plan to enroll in a diving class, Bali is the place.

When landing in Bali, you will be welcomed with the warmth of a tropical island that provides comfort. The most lively and glorious summer adventures in Bali have been drawn. Looking for the best scuba diving in Bali you can try by visiting the dive center. To ensure safe diving, the diving certificate is also provided by the dive center in the form of training. A certificate is an obligation to ensure that you are worthy of diving. This also prevents you from getting an unwanted accident.

Exploring the best scuba diving in Bali through packages from the diving center will greatly save your budget. You will get the best training from experts including diving equipment provided during the course, especially for beginner divers. Not unlike a dive package for professionals. You don’t need to bring your own diving gear, except for some special ones such as masks or wetsuits. If you are not comfortable using rented wetsuits, recommend the best dive equipment shop recommendations.

Making use of promos will probably help you save a little more. Usually, there are many special promos for the best scuba diving package in Bali. especially during summer. Bali does have a warm and friendly weather all year long and is worth your visit throughout the year. Some of the best scuba diving spots in Bali are usually planned to explore underwaters such as Tulamben, Amed, Menjangan Island, Nusa Penida, and many other dive spots.

Each of the best scuba diving in Bali offers a special underwater view. There is no boredom exploring the underwater Bali. It is difficult to describe with words of beauty that are very real and different from the land. This is to make sure you are protected by diving insurance for security and safety. Planning an adventure, spending many days and nights with friends will be very pleasant. Night diving is highly recommended for professional divers because underwater species will emit amazing light.

Hotel Safety Tips You Will Need When Travelling

Travelling is not only about fun and convenience. It is also about safety. It is supposed to be in the top your priority when it comes to travel especially when your destination is overseas. There are new things, new places, new people you are going to face when travelling. Thus, you will need everything sorted out for the sake of your safety and convenience. It applies to the matter of accommodation. One of the most used accommodations for travelling is hotel. It is a safe place to stay during your trip since it is managed by professional. However, there is always risk of your safety to be violated even in the safety hotel ever.

Hotel safety tips for more comfortable trip

The level of hotel’s security reliability depends on how good the hotel is. There are many potential dangers when it comes to hotel such as fires, break-ins, terrorist attacks, and even natural disasters. Here are hotel safety tips that will be useful for you for your next travel plan:

  • Before booking your hotel, it is highly advised to do a little research especially regarding to the security situation in the country of your destination. Try to find out if terrorist is the main threat there. It is important to pay attention not only to the amenities and rates when booking hotel but also its location. You can find out if the neighborhood causes potential threats such as break-ins, assault, etc. Then, you need to check the hotel’s security system by asking the staff directly
  • While checking in, it is recommended to avoid booking a room on the ground. It is highly advised to book a room somewhere between the fourth or sixth floor. Higher room mean the chance to break into is less. However, you shouldn’t book a room on the highest floor either since it will be difficult to reach by fire engine ladders for emergency. Try to book a room that is not directly facing the outside. When the staff gives you the key while announcing your room number too loudly, you’d better ask for another room.
  • When you arrive at your room, check a fire escape route, emergency exit, the locks on the windows, etc. If you find any of them not functioning, make sure to notify the front desk immediately. During your stay, you need to make sure that your door locked at all times even when you are in your room.
  • It is also recommended to keep your key, wallet, phone, and flashlight within your reach at night just in case you have to leave in a hurry. Don’t be careless in opening door for anyone who knocks your door even if they say they are hotel staffs. You can call the front desk first to ask if the visit is authorized. You need to keep your valuable such as laptop or camera safe by putting them in the hotel safe or leaving them at the front desk when you are out.

Luxury and Splendor Beachfront Villa Bali, A Good Reason For Investment

If you are in the real estate market then know for sure that the location determines the value of your investment. Bali Beachfront Villas, of course, many ideal property properties and valuable investment assets. Did you know that many people are willing to pay dearly to live and enjoy a vacation on the beach?

beachfront villa bali

Beachfront villas offer everything the honeymoon couple wants. For those of you who want to relax enjoying the luxury of Bali beachfront villas, then make the right decision to stay overnight. Visiting Bali is like turning a trip to a long time ago, where you can enjoy tranquility, peace, and privacy.

The high interest of tourists to stay at Bali’s beachfront villa, lure investors to invest on a large scale. Don’t be surprised if you will only find luxurious and prestigious beachfront Bali villas.

Why do people really like staying at the beachfront villa Bali?

Tourists who like water activities, such as swimming, snorkeling or diving will look for Bali beachfront villas. This is a fact! There are even many individuals who are willing to buy Bali beachfront villas or rent in the long run. Staying at a beachfront villa is a pleasure because you will enjoy the sunrise and the sound of the waves in the morning.

Benefits offered by beachfront villa Bali

  • You can enjoy sunset and sunrise every day of the year.
  • Perfect investment
  • Reasons to visit Bali when the holidays come

Don’t be too happy. There are advantages, there are also disadvantages to having beachfront villa Bali investment. What are the disadvantages?

  • Buildings eroded
  • Losses if a disaster occurs without protection from insurance
  • Need more extra care because it is exposed to sand, salt water, sea air or strong winds.

Beachfront villa Bali is indeed the most sought-after accommodation for tourists even though the price is high. Investing properly with the best care, especially buildings on the beach is very important. A good and maintained building not only adds to the selling value of your villa but also a good review for guests. This is the best promotion quickly. The villa service that satisfies the tourists will be able to capture more guests. This is an investment with perfect profits.

Beachfront villa Bali can be accommodation for you and your family, while at the same time being the best investment in the short or long term. Look carefully at all the benefits and risks that can occur at your Bali beachfront villa investment. No matter the purpose of buying it, whether investment or rent, you will enjoy all the benefits associated with beachfront villa Bali ownership.