Authentic Dishes You Should Try When Travelling to Sumba

Sumba is one of the most exotic travel destinations in Indonesia. There are many places to visit and various foods to try. Travelling to Sumba means you are not supposed to miss the authentic local dishes. There are authentic, traditional dishes in Sumba you can enjoy when visiting this beautiful place. Besides, the dishes are varied from one region to another. Thus, you have many choices to decide which food you will try first. If you decide to try the dishes based on the region, might as well research first about the most iconic region in Sumba in advance.

Authentic dishes from different regions in Sumba you must try

When you visit different places in Indonesia, there are always different dishes to try. In Sumba, traditional and authentic local dishes are often made of local spices and cooked with traditional method. That’s one of the reasons why the dishes are so special. Besides from indulging your appetite, you can also learn a lot while enjoying the foods. You can interact with locals and everything related to the dish since there must be a history background. Here are authentic dishes to try in various regions in Sumba:

  • Manu Pata’u – It is quite hard to pronounce the name but the taste is worth it. This is one of traditional foods you can find in Sumba. This dish is made from a whole chicken marinade with coconut milk. This dish is rather special because it is usually served for guests. The way the hosts serves the food to the guest is also unique. They will let the guests choose one part of the chicken first. Then the guests give it to the host. The rest of the chicken then belongs to the guests. This traditional dish has meaning of mutual respect.
  • Nga’a Watary Patau Kabbe – this is simple food in a form of a corn rice.  This is made from corn and beans like red beans. Instead of plain rice, local people in Sumba often eat this type of rice. They eat it with chicken and vegetables. It is also considered as staple food for people in NTT in general.
  • Ka Pu Pantunnu – this traditional dish is quite unique because it is made from the heart of banana. This middle part of banana tree is burned and mixed with grated coconut which has been roasted before. This is usually served with corn rice, fish, or chicken. This is quite simple food without strong spices included. Thus, it is light to enjoy with other dishes.
  • Bokosawu Nyale – this unique and special food from Sumba is originally a sauce made from sea worms or Nyale. In Sumba, Nyale or sea worms appear once a year. Thus, this dish is special because it is hard to get the sea worms. You can actually eat raw Nyale smeared with lemon. For this dish however, Nyale is mixed with basil leaves. The texture is savory and chewy. It is like eating fresh seafood from the ocean.

How To Start Scuba Diving Lessons For Beginners?

If you say diving is difficult, then you must know the facts. Scuba diving has been popular in recent years. Diving technology that continues to grow makes it easier. Scuba diving lessons for beginners are increasingly attractive to everyone, no need for age or gender.

scuba diving lessons for beginners

Tourist destinations are increasingly prevalent by dive operators who help you do scuba diving lessons for beginners. They make the best schedule of dive planning for guests. How do we find the right and professional dive operators? The point is to start something new that must be from an expert.

Choose The Right Organization For Scuba Diving Lessons For Beginners

Diving organization certificates are very important and determine your success as a diver. PADI is one of the most popular and trusted diving organizations in the world. Taking scuba diving lessons for beginners with a PADI certificate will ensure your presence is well received everywhere. Not all certificates of diving organizations are accepted in the world. For that, make sure you get the PADI certificate after completing scuba diving lessons for beginners. You can contact the dive center to ask anything about scuba diving and they will be happy to provide the information you need.

Perform Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners

Learning to dive while on vacation is the right time. At least you have enough holiday time to understand all the basics and knowledge of scuba diving lessons for beginners. If your vacation time is limited, try doing combination training. You can do scuba diving lessons from the basics to the introduction of equipment in the pool at the operator closest to your home. When the holiday arrives, you can ask for a referral to continue scuba diving for beginners in the direction of your dive destination.

What Should You Find From A Dive Operator?

Some diving destinations like Bali are suitable for continuing scuba diving lessons for beginners. Quiet seawater conditions and clear visibility help beginners divers through the stages of diver training. You can find the best diving courses in Bali. Don’t just look at the prices but pay attention to the contact and response from the dive operator. Ask all the information you need. The more you ask, the more they give, the easier you are to find a trusted dive operator.

Whether you are looking for a certificate or looking for diving skills are two different things. You can get a certificate easily but you don’t necessarily have good diving skills. Scuba diving lessons for beginners is to make you understand the basics of the diving well for later you can dive safely anywhere.

Popular Travel Destinations around the World in 2019

Since the end of 2018, people start choosing and booking tickets for travelling to various destinations around the world. Of course, travelling in the beginning of the year 2019 is not bad ideal at all.

Besides, travelling can be done any time when you like it. There are many hot spots around the world you can visit to relax your mind and have some fun.

By travelling in the beginning of the year, you can also gain more motivation to do your tasks later. Of course, travelling abroad is not the only option you have. You can still have some fun by choosing local travel destinations.

However, there might be some places in one of the countries you are interested in to visit.

3 most popular travel destinations for 2019

The buzz of New Year hasn’t ended yet. Thus, lots of people are still in holiday vibe. You can also spend the remaining days of your holiday to travel around the world especially to those popular places.

Galapagos Islands as one of the popular travel destinations in 2019
Galapagos Island.

There are many of them so you can choose the one that fits your liking and budget. Here are most popular travel destinations you can visit in 2019:

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most gorgeous countries in Southeast Asia. There was already Instagram sensation of Vietnam’s tourist attraction called the Golden Bridge of Sun World Ba Na Hills.

The bridge has attracted global tourists which makes this country even more popular than before. In recent years, there has already been increasing stream of international tourists in Vietnam.

There are many thing to do when you visit Vietnam such as sightseeing at the seascape of Halong Bay’s limestone island. You can also enjoy Vietnamese egg coffee for your breakfast energizer.

2. Ecuador

Ecuador is also one of the most popular travel destination in 2019. This is where you can find tropical coastline, volcanoes, as well as the infamous Amazon forest.

Besides, this place can be a great place to travel because there has been improvement made here and there including its regional policies about tourism.

There is strict ban to plastic bags, straws and non-returnable plastic bottles in the Galapagos Island. Thus, it will make your vacation even more comfortable. Of course, Galapagos Island is one of the must visit places when you travel to Ecuador.

3. Germany

Germany is the next popular travel destination in 2019 especially because this year is the time for 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Deutschland is the city in Germany where the celebration will be held. There will be exhibits, performances, and events during celebration.

Another factors making this country popular is the Hamburg’s new opera house and Frankfurt’s recently built Old Town. There will be an opening of the Futorium Museum in 2019 which has been expected by lots of people around the world.

There are many celebrations in 2019 which makes global tourist are interested to visit and become part of them. There are also many places to go when you visit Germany such as the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Enormous Deluxe of 6 Bedroom Villa in the Heart of Seminyak

Villa rentals are the common thing you will always hearing when you are working or being at Seminyak every single day or some days in a week. It is because the area itself is part of the important destinations in Bali, so there will be many accommodations that have been provided. From 1 to the 6 bedroom villa in Seminyak and even more are available for you to rent.

As the same to the other places, many of us will be glad to stay in the centre of the location. If you are possible to stay in the heart of the area and also rent the 6 bedroom villa in the centre of Seminyak, then you have started the great experiences you’d like to get in Bali with all your family or friends.

A unique and ultimate travel stories can also be gotten from the place where you are staying and whom you are with. If you are traveling in a group of people you are really know and staying in the heart of Seminyak with 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 people or more then at least you will need a villa with 6, 7 ,8 bedroom or more.

Traveling in a group (family, friends, colleagues) are best if we can stay close together for getting to know more of each other. Don’t playing around, visiting destinations, getting more travel and life experiences in Bali alone. It is better to experience them all together.

The more people, the more stories your traveling can brings home. Even though, sometimes the crowded people will gives troublesome, still they are worthy.

Spacious and deluxe 6 bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak

Enormous and deluxe 6 bedroom villa in Seminyak

Says who that size doesn’t matter? When you are looking for the accommodation, size is getting more important than before. You don’t have to think about the bigger your accommodation is, the expensive it will be. It doesn’t always like that.

There’s not always reasons that size will determines the price or cost you have to spend for accommodation.

When you’ve heard about the villa in Seminyak with 6 bedrooms or even more than that, it will automatically imagined as the spacious building for your travel. The more bedrooms it get, the bigger. Be it the building itself, the spacious green front yard, longer and wider swimming pool, certain privileges from the management, and many more.

If you are wondering around about which 6 bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak you should rent, I have some of the lists for you as my own recommendation. Those are as below:

  1. Hu’u Villas Bali; Interconnected Villas Concept for the 6 bedroom villa in Seminyak.
  2. The Layar; Designer Villa and Spa.
  3. Villa Kinaree Estate.
  4. Villa Abakoi.
  5. Villa Tangram.
  6. Villa Chocolat.
  7. And so on.

Actually there are more that I can’t be mentioned since there are hundreds of them. but, you may start your finding with the above 6 lists to find the more bedroom villa in Seminyak as you need with your group.

All of the 6 bedroom villa on above and also many that I can’t mention are claiming that they are located in the centre of Seminyak village.

I have no idea at all about the exact coordinate point where actually the heart of it. But, if that term will be referring to the advantages you can get from the Seminyak area, then all of the above villas are representing the same.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each villas and I think you have realised that, don’t you? But, if only you are requiring the enormous and deluxe 6 bedroom villa in Seminyak, those list is more than enough of what you need.

So for now or the next, all will be your decision to make about which one of the best you should rent base on your certain considerations.

Tips to Pack a Backpack Properly for Your Trip

Backpacking is one the style travelers choose for travelling. This is considered more comfortable for those who like something simple. Backpacking also requires less hassle because you don’t have to deal with your suitcase. You also gain more flexibility to move from one place to another in quicker pace. However, for those who are not used to backpacking might find it difficult to pack. Packing a backpack is different from packing a suitcase. You need more calculation so that everything you need will fit in a single backpack. Besides, you need to consider the weight more because you will carry it on your back throughout your trip.

scuba diving holidays for beginners

Packing a backpack the right way

You will have to keep carrying your backpack behind you. Besides, there are different type of backpack with different compartments. Those usually require the right placement of things inside or else it can cause huge inconvenience. Therefore, it is wise for you to learn more about how to pack a backpack properly before backpacking to your travel destinations. It is for the sake of your convenience later during your short or long trip you take.

  • First thing first, you need to choose the right backpack. There are many types of backpack in the market you can purchase. Some of them have wheels so that you can drag them when you are too tired to carry on your back. Come of them can change into a duffel bag for easier access to main compartment. To choose the right pack, you need to consider your own itinerary and packing style. It is also important to examine if the backpack will make your body stay comfortable.
  • Next thing to do in packing a backpack is to pack light. It is important to avoid loading your backpack with things you may not need for your trip. Remember to not rely on ‘just in case’. Pack something that you will definitely need instead. If you have the opportunity to do laundry in your travel destinations, then might as well cut down your wardrobe. If it is possible for you to eliminate heavy materials-clothing then do it.
  • Pay attention to the placement of your load inside the backpack. The way you place things influence the weight you will carry as well as your own convenience. By placing things properly and optimize every space, you can go travelling with comfortable backpack. If you have items with awkward shape, make sure to wrap them with clothes so that they won’t poke your back.
  • Optimize every space in the backpack. For example, you can fill your shoes with socks or store foods inside the cooking pot. This way, you can carry more necessities you need for your trip without taking too much space. Compressing your load is important when it comes to packing a backpack. It is also important to ensure that your backpack can be protected from the rain. Make sure to choose waterproof backpack or the one with built-in rain covers so that your load will stay safe.

Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners, A Perfect Vacation For A New Adventure

Plan scuba diving holidays, whether you are solo traveling, family or group vacation is very important. So many top destinations are waiting for you to enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery. Dive operators are available in various dive destinations to help you learn diving skills. You need to know the purpose of looking for dive operators, whether for fun or serious diving. When setting your goals, finding a professional and trusted dive operator is the next step.

scuba diving holidays for beginners

Scuba diving holidays for beginners will be perfect for you to step into diving. Take 4-5 days for initial training. Set a schedule with a local dive operator to suit your holiday time. Dive operators can make your scuba diving holidays plan very neat and good. Knowing the professionalism of the dive operator is important. Searching for information and reviews through forums or asking professional divers is the right way.

Scuba diving is a new thing that is now being added on vacation trips, especially to diving tourism destinations. Not surprisingly, Bali is one of the candidates for tourist destinations that continue to be flooded with divers, regardless of beginner or professional divers. Why has Bali become so famous for world divers?

Visiting Diving Spot in A Days Through Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners

This is a big bonus offered if you do scuba diving holidays for beginners in Bali. Each dive spot can be studied in 1 day. When you reach the training endpoint as a beginner diver, you can start underwater exploration to the depth of your dive. But keep on track, that novice divers have to find a dive package to get the right guide during the dive. Besides that, you can also bride many things about diving skills even more.

If you are a professional diver, it doesn’t take long to explore all the diving spots in Bali. For professional divers, it is recommended to stay 2 days in the dive spot area. You can do 2x dives, in the morning and at night. Underwater scenery at night is amazing and different when you do diving in the morning.

Night diving does not allow for scuba diving for beginners. Given the skills received by a beginner, divers are not sufficient to be able to do night dives. Ocean currents can change at any time at night, and endanger the safety of beginner divers.

Scuba diving holidays for beginners are the first step in your new adventure to see another world under the sea. Bali with conditions near the equator has a tropical climate and friendly weather throughout the year is right for you to do scuba diving holidays for beginners whenever you want.

Diseases You Possibly Catch When Travelling

Travelling while being sick is not ideal thing to do and it is riskier for you catch more severe disease. One thing you need to know about travelling is that souvenirs are not the only thing you could bring home with. You could return from your trip bringing weird diseases with you. The most common diseases you can catch while travelling are cold or flu. However, there are also other diseases you catch during travelling and you could bring them home when you return.

Diseases You Possibly Catch When Travelling

Be aware of diseases you may catch when or after travelling

Sometimes travelers forget to pay attention to their health when travelling due to the buzz of excitement. They also tend to be more ignorant of food they eat throughout the trip. Sanitation is also often to be the main issue of catching disease when travelling. Here are unusual diseases you could catch while travelling overseas:

  • Schistosomiasis is a disease usually caught by travelers who like swimming. The symptoms shown include itchy, rash skin. Not long after, fever comes, accompanied by cough, chills, as well as muscle pain. It happens when travelers swim in contaminated fresh water such as ponds, lakes, or rivers. The most potential places you could get this diseases are some areas in Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. If you are unsure of the water you are going to jump into then you’d better stick with pool water or ocean.
  • Next unusual disease you could catch when travelling is African Trypanosomiasis. The symptoms shown include fever, joint pain, headache, and itching. The second stage is disrupted sleep cycles. It happens due to the bite of an infected tsetse fly. The fly transmitting parasite and infection happens. This happens often in sub-Saharan Africa and it is life-threatening disease. Thus, you’d better use preventive techniques just like you do to deal with mosquitos. Wear proper clothes and mosquitos repellent all the times.
  • Hookworm is weird disease you could catch while travelling. The symptoms shown include painful blisters and itchy feet. They are followed by the swelling soon after. It happens if you often to walk barefoot on the beach. Keep in mind that hookworm larvae live in the sand. It can penetrate your skin when you walk on it. This can be treated but it leaves marks that can be hidden afterward. Thus, wear flip flops and avoid skin contact with the sand throughout your beach activities.
  • Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) is a condition when you wake up with no memory of how you get in the place where you are or even who you are. It is bizarre disease but a 2006 study showed that 3 of 10 people contracted this disease. People in age between 51 and 80 are the most common to suffer from it. Travelers with migraine and susceptible to heart diseases have higher risk to experience TGA, as well as those who take too much of sleep aid. People in severe stress when travelling can also catch it.


Komodo Sailing Trip: One Thing in Asia You Should Try

Asia. Earth’s second largest continent where most laid-back gateway settled. A place where people flock to have relaxing holiday, spiced with tropical weather. And all of this makes more sense when we are talking about South-East Asia, that one region in the world jewelled with sparkling blue ocean and verdant lush greens. Now, you might think about Bali, Thailand, or Singapore, but we have something in mind that’s even better. See, many of us traveler make mistakes to assume that visiting the super popular South-East Asia destination is enough. Here we have found a secret gem  far in the eastern part of Indonesia, close enough from Bali to hop on but stil offer an off beaten path sense of adventure. It’s the Komodo National Park in Flores, eastern Indonesia. And in this far flung destination, Komodo sailing trip is apparently the must-thing to do.

Komodo Sailing Trip: One Thing in Asia You Should Try

Now, Flores is not about beach party, staying in grand imposing hotel, or tropical storm shop kind of trip. Located in the outer most line of east Indonesia, Komodo is a place where you will forget any worldly spree and leave everything behind to enjoy a raw display of nature’s exceptional creation. God, this region even frequently dubbed as “the most beautiful” of Indonesia, “the next Bali”, the “Jurassic Park”, even to the “Lost World”—all because of the wonderful nature.

So What’s on Komodo Sailing Trip, Really?

Five main important things make up a Komodo sailing trip: island hopping, marine life, savannah hills, Komodo dragon, and liveaboard vessel to enjoy it all. The Komodo National Park is a group of pristine wonderland bursting with small jagged islands, acres of auburn savannah, soft sands beaches, vibrant underwater display, and teeming network of coral that, combined together, make it a great sailing location.

Dive, Hike, Chill

Three things are offered on most Komodo sailing trip; diving the brilliant underwater, hiking the mountainous islands to enjoy the savannah fields and Komodo’s jaw dropping lookout, and super indulging chilling experience while you are not busy inspecting the area. The beaches and the liveaboard boat being our most recommended place to just sit back and enjoy while Komodo’s wonderful nature does it part. 

Komodo Sailing Trip: One Thing in Asia You Should Try

We feel obliged to warn you, though, that Komodo is blessed with multicoloured beaches. Yes, as if it can’t get any better than this. Sugary white beaches lined most of Komodo’s islands coastal edge. Some coast has black sandy beach as a gift from nearby volcanoes. On top of it all, you will have one of the rarest beach in the world; the Pink Beach, which quickly become one of the main highlight for travelers who venture this path.  Here’s a little secret of the Pink Beach: most travel magz and Flores tour highlight one particular Pink Beach—the one where most tourist are directed to. However, Komodo actually have half a dozen of rosy-tinted beaches, some of them are kept hidden from the crowd.

Being a frontier destination in one of Indonesia’s remotest area, Komodo might be quite hard to reach. You might won’t find truly luxurious creature comfort to pamper your body, but the chance to experience the sea and see spellbinding places where other’s cannot is totally worth it. Needless to say, Komodo sailing trip definitely should be on your to-do list for at least once in a lifetime.

Recommended Destinations for Train Trip

Taking train trip can be fun and more exciting than air travel. There are scenic that is priceless you can enjoy throughout the ride. There are many rails around the world offering routes as scenic for travelers to try. Attractive scenery is part of perks of taking train trip. Thus, the journey to your destination won’t e bad and it can be addicting indeed. Lots of travelers prefer train for travelling instead of other modes of transportation because they have already find the perks of it. Some travelers also choose trains that specifically designed for sightseeing. These trains usually offer longer routes in order to travel through the most breathtaking scene.

Best destinations to enjoy train trips

There are also routes travelled by ordinary workday trains and offer expansion for summer schedule. You can also ride with your ordinary tickets to enjoy scenic train trips. Make sure to book the best reservation so your trip will be memorable. You can choose either first or standard class service. Here are best destinations for train trips you can try:

  • Swiss is where you can find Bernina Express. It is on the run between Cur and Tirano in Northern Italy. Its line extends from St. Mortiz to Tirano. During your trip, you will see famous segment including circular viaduct as well as the spectacular decent from the Bernina Pass to Tirano. The full trip will take about four hours if you take it from Chur. However, it will take only two hours if you take the St. Mortiz-Tirano trip. There are more options you can take so you just need to choose the route that you’d like.
  • The next recommended destination for train trip is America where you can visit 6 National Parks in America in 14 days-adventure. The 6 National Parks include Glacier, Waterton Lakes, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, and Canyonlands. The tour will begin in Chicago and you are going to board Empire Builder to go to Glacier National Park. Then, you will continue your journey to Waterton National Park in Canada. Your trip will end when you visit Salt Lake City, Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks.
  • Canada is also great destination if you want to have the best train trip. You will be able to travel to 7 provinces in Canada along storied rail routes. The adventure will be fun and memorable since there are many things you can see during your trip. The scenery and the culture of the infamous Canada are there to explore. The trip covers coastal city of Vancouver, through Canadian Rockies and end in Halifax on the Atlantic Coast.
  • Berlin, Prague and Vienna are also great destinations for train trip. You will be able to enjoy the Imperial cities of Berlin, as well as Prague and Vienna in one rail vacation. The scenery throughout the trip is mesmerizing. You can also stop by interesting spots. Each city you travel to offer a unique mixture of historical and modern vibes. This train trip doesn’t take too long and fits for your busy schedule.

Amazing Sports Bar Seminyak Is A Must While Traveling To Bali

Watching football and other sports has become a culture in any country. Bali is not only perfect for holiday destinations but also for watching sports while you are on this exotic island. Even watching football matches or other sports events at the bar or in the pub has become entrenched. Many bars and pubs feature sports with large screens to spoilsports lovers. Enjoying live broadcasts of sports, cold beer and snacks give a different feel when you enjoy it in Bali.

sports bar seminyak

Sports Bar Seminyak, A Great Spot To Enjoy Live Sports

Rows of sports bars Seminyak, Canggu, Legian are the best for sports lovers. In fact, many Bali sports bars are designed with the concept of sport to spoil their lovers. For tourists, you don’t need to be afraid to miss your sports event. When you are tired of enjoying your favorite tourist attractions during the day, it’s time to enjoy the night at the Seminyak sports bar.

Sports bar Seminyak is one of the destinations for foreign tourists enjoying the night atmosphere. Even Australian tourists seem to dominate the Seminyak, Canggu and surrounding areas. Enjoying sports competitions directly is a pleasure in itself. Promos are always available at various sports bars in Bali to attract many visitors.

The fact is that the Seminyak sports bar is not just a place to watch sports competitions directly but also to socialize. For most bars, the guests’ experience and satisfaction are the first. No wonder Bali is always known as the best hospitality.

One of the sports bar Seminyak that is quite interesting in the Seminyak area is the Sea Vu Play. The concept of one of these bars is very interesting. One of the perfect bars for you to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, live sports and even friendly for gay people. The concept of pirate and outdoor bar offers a different concept from other Bali spots bars. You can enjoy many of their best dishes and spend your night.

The many sports bar Seminyak provide proof that sports matches always have a place in the hearts of their fans. Discover the best spots in Bali with various concepts and attractive promos that you should not miss. No matter whether you are a tourist or an expat, visiting and enjoying a sports bar Bali is mandatory especially when an international sports match is taking place. Bali is not only rich in culture and religion, but also the perfect place for various hangout activities, both bars, clubs or other nightlife.