Luxury and Splendor Beachfront Villa Bali, A Good Reason For Investment

If you are in the real estate market then know for sure that the location determines the value of your investment. Bali Beachfront Villas, of course, many ideal property properties and valuable investment assets. Did you know that many people are willing to pay dearly to live and enjoy a vacation on the beach?

beachfront villa bali

Beachfront villas offer everything the honeymoon couple wants. For those of you who want to relax enjoying the luxury of Bali beachfront villas, then make the right decision to stay overnight. Visiting Bali is like turning a trip to a long time ago, where you can enjoy tranquility, peace, and privacy.

The high interest of tourists to stay at Bali’s beachfront villa, lure investors to invest on a large scale. Don’t be surprised if you will only find luxurious and prestigious beachfront Bali villas.

Why do people really like staying at the beachfront villa Bali?

Tourists who like water activities, such as swimming, snorkeling or diving will look for Bali beachfront villas. This is a fact! There are even many individuals who are willing to buy Bali beachfront villas or rent in the long run. Staying at a beachfront villa is a pleasure because you will enjoy the sunrise and the sound of the waves in the morning.

Benefits offered by beachfront villa Bali

  • You can enjoy sunset and sunrise every day of the year.
  • Perfect investment
  • Reasons to visit Bali when the holidays come

Don’t be too happy. There are advantages, there are also disadvantages to having beachfront villa Bali investment. What are the disadvantages?

  • Buildings eroded
  • Losses if a disaster occurs without protection from insurance
  • Need more extra care because it is exposed to sand, salt water, sea air or strong winds.

Beachfront villa Bali is indeed the most sought-after accommodation for tourists even though the price is high. Investing properly with the best care, especially buildings on the beach is very important. A good and maintained building not only adds to the selling value of your villa but also a good review for guests. This is the best promotion quickly. The villa service that satisfies the tourists will be able to capture more guests. This is an investment with perfect profits.

Beachfront villa Bali can be accommodation for you and your family, while at the same time being the best investment in the short or long term. Look carefully at all the benefits and risks that can occur at your Bali beachfront villa investment. No matter the purpose of buying it, whether investment or rent, you will enjoy all the benefits associated with beachfront villa Bali ownership.

Manners When Seeing Broadway Shows in New York

Especially for any first time theater-goers, it’s important to note that watching a play is not quite the same as watching a movie in cinemas. Broadway is one of the all-time popular destinations because of their theater shows.

The Midtown Manhattan that house Broadway is known to be the highest level of commercial theatrical performance. However, apparently many aren’t aware of theater etiquettes. People have admitted that they were unaware of the rules of the prohibition of food and thought that it has always been allowed in the theater.

Manners when seeing broadway shows in new york

While rules have been so much more laid back today compared to the years past, it would only do you good to prepare for your play.

Be considerate with other theater-goers

Remember that you’re going to be with possibly thousands of people in the room. The seats in Broadway theaters are known to be cramped. Be tolerant with other people. Try to not inconvenience people.

Don’t wear strong-smelling perfume especially since you’re going to be surrounded by people who are going to smell your perfume for hours. Even though you did pay a lot to see the Broadway, it does not mean that you can do whatever you want.

It’s been known that people have been escorted out of the theater when they’re taking their phones. It’s considered rude to other playgoers. Remember that it is also not going to be the audience that you may inconvenience but the actors and the staffs as well.

Turn off your cell phone

This is common sense even when you’re seeing a movie in a cinema. Make sure to turn it into silent mode without any vibrations if you can help it.

Sounds like vibrations is going to feel multiplied in the silent theater hall. Don’t record or take any pictures either. It isn’t like watching your favorite band’s concert. Some people feel the need to record Broadway shows even more than a movie because of the fact that not all shows are going to be released on a DVD.

Don’t be that person. The lights from your phone is going to bother other people a lot. So make sure to be considerate to other people and don’t bother them with your phone.

Eating and drinking in theater seats

It used to be a universal fact that eating in the theater seats is forbidden. Eating poses a lot of distractions for both the fellow audience around you as well as the performing actors. However, rules have been increasingly more laid-back and theaters have been allowing patrons to eat in the theater.

The sound of a chocolate wrapper being opened can be surprisingly loud. If anything, it’s going to make you yourself uncomfortable. Watching a Broadway is not quite like watching a cinema, after all.

Chose a “quieter menu”

Options such as ice creams are apparently considered as a quieter option of the menu. They are usually really available. London’s West End Theater has long permitted consuming these options on your theater seats. To minimize noise in the theater caused by food and drinks, some theaters have imposed more cost for being able to take your snacks to the room.

Theater-goers have to pay more for a “spill-proof” cups that you are able to take inside and enjoy in your seats. At the Richard Rodgers theater, the spill-proof cup for you to enjoy your wine costs $12. But if you’re okay with just enjoying your wine in the lobby and not in your theater seats, you’d just have to pay for $7.

Considerations To Get A Double Hammock Size Than The Single One

According to hammock size, I think that the two most popular are the double hammock and the single person one. Since many of us can’t go out for camping or get a rare visit by our friends, then the single person hammock can be the main priority.

But even though the double hammock is perfect to be used by 2 adult person, it doesn’t always means as that. You can even use the mammock size and sleep in it by yourself. But I am sure that will be too big, so that, get the two person hammock is making any sense.

A man inside double hammock reading the book on his camping routine

You don’t always need the single size hammock, but another bigger size is also welcomed because it also has some advantages you can get.

Considerations to get a double hammock for yourself

What will you expect if you have a container that bigger than others? You will get more items to be placed inside, right? And that is also what you will get from a double hammock size than the smaller one. Below, you will read about the advantages you will get if you have the two person hammock in your home or when you are decided to takes it on your trip.

1. It is still as light as you need and it is for two adults

What you may don’t know about the double hammock weight is that it can even has the same weight with the single hammock. The most different aspect that you can see is simply the width. It is wider but also has the same length with the single size hammock.

Double size is not always means to be double weight. So if you will bringing it to somewhere, no need to worry about putting some more weights on your shoulders. you will still stepping on easily and comfortably. And the most important thing is that you can bring along your best friend with you and sleep inside it without any border to get more warmer especially at the outside.

2. More room for have fun with children

You may have not been asked by your children to buy them a hammock. Surely because there’s no reason for them to know about it. But when you do, you go to the convenient store and finds them a double hammock and show them, they won’t be stay still and watch. A moment right after you set it up, I am sure they will run to it and try to come inside.

You and the children will then have more fun in it. You can also makes it as the place where you teach them to read or simply to lullabying them if they are hard to sleep at the day or night.

3. Double hammock is practically useful when camping outside with friend

I think that camping is the most relate thing that comes to the hammock. It is always fun and healthier to have such a great camping. With the double hammock on your side, you can then do it with your best partner, your best friend or your boy/girlfriend.

Even if the camping ground is nearby, you don’t really have to bring the heavy tent. A double hammock is more than enough for that. It is easy to setup, so light to bring, and when it can be fit for the two adults, the more lighter items you will bring since one of you won’t need to bring the shelter anymore.

Then, let the adventure begin!

What else I have not been mentioned about the thing to be considered to get a double hammock before the single person size hammock? Hope you can get the bigger picture of what I am talking about. If you finds this post useful, then hope you can kindly share this on your social media. See you on the next post to come.

Thinking of Solo Traveling? Here Are A Few Handy Safety Tips

Whether you consider yourself someone ‘brave’ or cautious, sometimes you can never be too careful when you’re traveling. Especially when you’re traveling all by yourself.

Handy tips for solo traveling

People who travel alone do face problems of safety than people who travel in a group do. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy your solo travel time.

There’s no guarantee of safety even when you’re traveling in groups either. But you do need to prepare yourself to the best of your ability in facing the world alone in your solo journey. What are some of the things you can do to improve your safety?

Chose meeting points in public

Always chose a public meeting spot whenever you’re meeting someone. This is particularly applicable when you’re meeting with someone for the first time, regardless whether you have talked to them through chat for a long time.

Don’t invite them to your hotel or apartment right away no matter how convenient that may seem. Chose a cafe near your place instead if you plan to go somewhere that’s more convenient to meet near your place.

Some of the most common meeting public you can try are the restaurants, cafe, train station, a city or an area’s landmark (think Hachiko statue in Shibuya, for example), universities, etc.

Pick one that is most convenient for the both of you without risking giving away your dwelling place or risk yourself by meeting in a private place.

Don’t get drunk!

Or get high, for that matter. Staying sober seemed to be the most logical way to keep yourself safe. However, it’s known that many tourists don’t do this.

Especially when alcohols and drugs can be obtained relatively easily and cheaply. Accidents because of alcohols and drugs are relatively known to happen to tourists.

If you’re out and drinking with someone, which means you drink because of social pressure, then make sure to tell that someone to watch out for you. This may be a difficult feat to accomplish if they’re themselves are drunk.

But taking the extra step to remind yourself and have someone you can hold accountable with do help.

Be rude when necessary!

This applies particularly for women, as women are generally expected to accommodate the whims of anyone who may try to approach them. Women are generally seen to be more friendly and even submissive.

You’ll know this when it’s difficult for you to directly say no. Because even when saying no to an offer, some people still push. When this happens, don’t hesitate to be rude or even raise your voice to get other people’s attention on you. This way, it lessens the chance of the offender to try anything under public scrutiny.

Inform your loved ones or emergency contact

Try to make a habit of informing your family or your friends whenever you’re going anywhere. It’s particularly helpful to have one person or two that you always update about your travels.

This way, whenever you’re not informing them, they’ll know that something is up. Also let them know that they’re your emergency contacts and you may even suggest what to do whenever you’re not contacting them for a certain period of time.

Seminyak Villas Rental You Can Reserve In Bali

If you want to know more about the traveling in Bali, today you are here to actually know about the accommodation at the Seminyak area. And I will show you a typical luxury villas and where you can reserves it.

The villa I am going to recommends you has the quiet long private pool. Maybe around 8-10 meters and as I think, it should enough for you to jump in and swim around. Besides that, you can’t just sit around but also enjoy sunbathing if you want. And those can be the favourite parts when you are in.

That is the private access pool so you don’t need to worry anything. This is one among other amenities you can get if you will stay at the close to beach Seminyak villas.

Seminyak villas rental in Bali

Even though it is just a rental villa and not a resort or even the beachfront accommodation, you can actually have one common pleasure which is to boost the way you will enjoy the holidays.

You can actually find also a different concept which is basically the private condo right before the shoreline and included with a private sport, but I think that will really a huge money to spend.

Most of the villas at Seminyak kind of concept is more dedicated for those who are traveling alone or they who are coming with some of the family members or in a group. It is because you can have from one bedroom up to three bedrooms. And even more than that since there has been an interconnected villas where possible to make up to 13 bedrooms at Seminyak.

Take your time and think about this. Be it actually in the morning and it’s time to have your breakfast. You are free to choose where you will eat all the foods and drink the juices. What if you are seeing yourself besides the pool and deal with all the foods? Can’t it be something special for you? You can also swimming around while eat the fruits piece by piece that you have ordered. And by the way, the Seminyak villas complex I am talking about called as the Hu’u Villas Bali and it has its own restaurant where you can order your foods and drinks and will be brought to the villa you have rented.

It won’t only the ultimate stay you can get, but also the life at its best you can experience!

The surroundings are quiet, plants are almost every corners and the entrance is also interesting since it hasn’t only the plants by its side but somehow can be considered as your own little private secret path to the hidden gem palace. Ok, it may sounds too much for you, but how else I can describes it. That’s what it seems to me.

I am inviting you in to join with me in this best Seminyak villas that I have found so far. The area is also one top destination in Bali, so you will really stay at where many people are going to.

At the end of the day, you can find yourself enjoy the magical sunset on the comfort bean bag at the Seminyak beach. Then, get your romantic dinner at the Sea Vu Play restaurant. After that, you can give yourself a bit tour in this city or go to The Den’s night club before have your own comfort sleep at the villa. How can’t this be a life at its best if you can experience such things. They are for real and you don’t have to imagine a lot about them.

The only things you have to do are just coming to Bali and reserves the villas at Seminyak before the others left you behind.

How to Meet Travel Companions While You’re Traveling Solo

There is that sense of liberation when you’re traveling all by yourself in a foreign place. Enjoying the company of yourself is one of the best things afforded by solo travel. However, traveling solo can get right down boring. Especially when there is no one to talk to throughout your travel save for the brief interaction with the convenience store staff when you buy snacks. Meeting people during your travel is also one of the things that enriches your travel experience.

How to Meet Travel Companions While You’re Traveling Solo
Websites dedicated for travelers

There are numerous websites out there that can help you meet people during your travel.

You can start with the most popular and most commonly used website by travelers around the world; couchsurfing. You don’t have to stay at someone else’s home and their bed (or a literal couch) in order to meet someone during your travel. In fact, most of the people who use couchsurfing meet without having to stay at the other’s dwelling places. Narrow down your searches to locations, join groups, and be proactive in connecting with fellow travelers or even the locals.

Make use of social media sites

Take advantage of your social media well. You can connect with virtually anyone using your social media. Modern smartphones these days already have the app pre-installed. You don’t have to install new apps or follow a certain forum when you’re using your social media site.

Start joining groups dedicated for travelers.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about your travel. Whether it’s about your destination, or whether anyone would like to meet over a karaoke session, or even asking about travel safety tips. Groups generally provide the chance for you to exchange information. Remember to ask beforehand when you wanted to add someone in the group into your friend list. While you may think you’ve talked enough to be an online friend at least, they may not think so. Other than that, have fun with interacting with groups!

Join activities

There’s bound to be many opportunities in your travel. You can try signing up for classes in your destination. It’s an excellent way to strike a conversation without having to come up to strangers and comment on the weather. Join a tour group or perhaps join a sports events. By joining activities, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people with common ground to talk about. In addition to meeting new people you can actually talk to, you can also immerse yourself better within the culture of your destination.

Take the first step

There may be a general assumption when you’re traveling, you’re going to meet a lot of new people. While that may be true, passing by people and meeting and actually have a talk with them are two very different things. Most of the time, it takes initiatives to make things work. This is why taking the first step is important. Being proactive can make so many things happen. Be the first one who initiate a conversation. This can be anything from messaging people to meet up, to initiating a conversation in a bar. By learning to be proactive, you chose who you interact with, instead of being chosen. It takes time, of course, especially if you consider yourself to be someone who’s shy and reserved. But you’ll get better with practice.


Liveaboard Labuan Bajo: Three Basic Facts

The popularity of Komodo National Park as the last sanctuary of the only Komodo dragons left in the world has reach international exposure. Islands around the National Park has also reveal its hidden beauty, along with well-protected pristine diving sites that will make other sites looks rather pale. With so much things going around, the Komodo National Park is not a single destination. With the trip comes Liveaboard Labuan Bajo (name given from the famous port town where all the boat docks), which also become increasingly popular among travelers. The Komodo trip and the boat is inseparable, and today you’ll learn some interesting facts about this Phinisi.

Liveaboard Labuan Bajo: Three Basic Facts

All the trip launched and back at Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a port town as well as the capital district of Wes Manggarai, located in the tip of westernmost of Flores. It’s the gateway to the Komodo National Park and around. Every single boats that will take you for a Komodo trip is docked here. By the end of the trip, your boat will return to Labuan Bajo and probably stay for a few days for some maintenance.

It’s not exclusive for divers

Liveaboard was almost synonymous with a dive trip. They were originally made to cater diver’s need for a lodge during underwater exploration. Liveaboard boats offers a place to stay on a multiple day trip in the ocean and a chance to reach remote dive sites that are not accessible on a day trip. Labuan Bajo, however, have a different approach on a liveaboard trip.

The Komodo National Park is more than dragons and premium diving sites. There are deserted islands with unparalleled scenery, empty shores, and pink beaches begging to be explored. It’s perfectly fine to go to an absolutely no-diving trip with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo if you are not a diver (or not certified for diving level in Komodo. The land excursion itself is extremely fulfilling. Padar, Gili Lawa, and Kalong are some of the most famous island with absolutely gorgeous scenery.

All Liveaboard Labuan Bajo is inspired by Indonesian traditional phinisi

Hundred years ago, the Indonesian were known as remarkable sailor men. They took a two-masted model of schooner for sailing—a style that’s been adopted by most Liveaboard Labuan Bajo today. Entirely made of wood, their boats preserve the old tradition, yet equipped with modern technologies. Nothing can complete the experience of sailing around the prehistorical-looking Komodo like a wooden phinisi do. 

We can say, sailing with liveaboard is the most perfect way to enjoy the whole Komodo. Have you try a Komodo trip with liveaboard? Share your experience below!

Travel Tips to South Korea during Winter

In South Korea, it is late autumn now. Winter is near and the excitement of traveling around this beautiful country is higher. Winter starts from December to February in South Korea. Spending your holiday during winter in South Korea will give you a memorable experience. This travel destination gives off the vibe of a romantic winter wonderland somehow. That is why lots of people from all over the world are eager to spend their holiday in South Korea in the winter. However, no matter how exciting it is to travel to South Korea during winter, some travelers find it concerning because those who don’t come from four seasonal countries may have difficulties to survive.

Travel Tips to South Korea during Winter

How to survive traveling to South Korea during the winter

It is sometimes easy to forget about all necessary things due to the hype of traveling overseas, especially where the destination is South Korea. It is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world after all. There are lots of attractions for tourists to enjoy especially during winter. However, it is also important to remember what you should do so that you can survive the harsh weather during winter. Here are some tips to make your trip to South Korea during winter more bearable and still enjoyable:

  • The first and most important thing is to dress properly. South Korea is like a fashion icon that visitors almost have an urge to dress up when traveling around the country. You need to be prepared of how cold the temperature could be when you step in the country. Your clothes are your ultimate weapon to survive. There are basic rules of clothing highly suggested for those who are eager to visit South Korea during winter. First is base thermal layers which consist of merino wool or synthetic fabrics. Second is mid insulation layer which consists of wool, down or fleece. Then the third is outer waterproof which consists of a shell layer which is waterproof and wind resistant. In addition, you need to stay wearing a scarf, beanie, and bring heat packs.
  • Eat something warm. It is like committing suicide if you prefer cold foods instead of warm ones during winter. Thus, it is more recommended to eat like a king. It is not difficult since there are various hot dishes you can try while you are at South Korea. Steamy beef soup, kimchi stew, seafood soup, or steamy fish cakes are available to warm up your body. Besides, your body burns more calories during cold. Thus, there is no need to worry about your diet.
  • Harsh weather during winter means your skin suffers more from humidity. It will be easier to get your lips chapped. Your skin will feel less smooth as well. Thus, it is highly recommended to bring moisturizers for your skin and lip balms for your lips. Reapply them regularly to keep your lips and skin moist. It is also highly suggested to apply face mask before going to bed so you will be waking up feeling more refreshed and energized.


Surprising Things about Traveling to Dubai

Dubai provides various and best luxuries. Thus, lots of people think that Dubai is only a place for wealth. It is not hard to find that kind of misconception since you can find the world’s highest building, the largest mall, and other superior things in the United Arab Emirates. Thus, most people expect flashy traveling and luxurious agenda. Well, you can do it if you want but it is not an obligation. People who visit Dubai are not only the wealthy. There are many of them who visit to learn more about the culture, the unique vibe or just enjoy what Dubai provides for visitors.

Surprising Things about Traveling to Dubai

Things that might surprise you about Dubai

For those who travel to Dubai for the first time, there are many things that might be surprising or unexpected. Dubai is one of the best travel destinations regardless of most assumptions. Here are things that might surprise the first time visitor when traveling to Dubai:

  • Dubai is home to various and affordable foods. This is due to the fact that Dubai hosts the immigrant population from Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, etc. The foods in Dubai are not only affordable but also taste good. Thus, you don’t have to stress out about what foods you can afford while traveling to Dubai. Recommended place to try good and affordable foods in Dubai is the street of Deira. You just need to wander around the street and find tasty treats which only cost a few dirhams.
  • Next thing that might surprise you when visiting Dubai is that you will rarely find the locals. This is due to the fact that only 11% of Dubai’s populations is Emirati. Besides, it is also due to the culture since they are more private. Thus, it will be rare to find the locals wander around the streets.
  • You might be surprised to find that weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday. This is due to Islamic culture. Therefore, Friday in Dubai starts with brunch. It is not a typical light brunch though. In fact, you will enjoy a vast feast for brunch. If you stay at the hotel while you are in Dubai, they will serve huge buffets of various food on Friday during brunch time.
  • You will find it difficult to describe how magnificent Burj Khalifa is. The fact that it’s the world’s tallest building doesn’t mean you won’t feel like fainting when you see it directly. The-829 meter building has an observation deck as well as 148 stories above the ground. For the first time visitor, it can be mind-blowing to just stand in the building while looking down the ground.
  • Next surprising thing about traveling to Dubai is the city is not for a walker. There are many reasons to support that fact. First, the temperature is about a million degrees outside. Second, the location from one place to another is miles apart. Third, the city hasn’t been designed for the pedestrian. You can walk around freely in an enormous shopping mall instead.

Great Things to Enjoy while Travelling to Adelaide

Adelaide is the Capital of South Australia. It is also one of the most populated cities in Australia. As the result, it has become one of the most visited places in Australia. When it comes to Australia, people might immediately think of Sydney or Kangaroo or Boomerang. Well, Australia has many great things to enjoy especially when you are traveling around Adelaide. From the national park to the entertainment center, Adelaide provides everything tourists need perfectly. Thus, it is such a shame to skip Adelaide when you travel to Australia. In fact, there are many great things that visitors miss when exploring around the city. You shouldn’t be one of them though.

Great Things to Enjoy while Travelling to Adelaide

Things you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Adelaide, Australia

Australia has been famous for its marine heritage where various sea creatures live. People visiting Australia love to do water activities such as diving, snorkeling, etc. Well, if you visit Adelaide, you might as well enjoy all the great things the city provides such as:

  • Morialta Conservation Park is located within 10km northeast of the city center. It stands on 533 hectares ground. This conservation park is like a symbol of South Australia. In fact, it was a gift from John Smith Reid. It was donated by him in 1911. Technically, he donated part of his island for a public reserve. In the park, you will enjoy many things such as the beautiful canyon, magnificent landscape, as well as mesmerizing waterfalls. The pure nature can be felt through the entire course.
  • The River Torrens Linear Park divides the city center and North Adelaide. This spot is already popular with the locals. You can try walking or cycling through the provided trails which lead you to the sea. The route stretches around 12.5km which starts from Adelaide Hills and finishes at Henley Beach. Well, you will also find swimming ducks asking for a feed as a charming distraction through the trails.
  • Chambers Gully is another great thing you shouldn’t miss while traveling to Adelaide. It is located within Cleland Conservation Park. It is a wildlife park where you can find the cute koalas, beautiful gum trees, and many other great things. To reach the place, you can use the trail opened for mountain bikers. This is the best place to really enjoy the serene environment with the purest nature surrounding you.
  • The National Wine Center of Australia is a great place for wine enthusiasts. This is where you can try wine sampling. This place is actually part of the University of Adelaide. For your information, you will need to use a card to get a sample in the cafe since it employs the Enomatic system. It is worth it because you will be able to taste dozens of top wine labels from across Australia. In addition, you will also be able to witness Australian winemaking. This can be a great experience but lots of visitors missed this opportunity when they are in Adelaide. You shouldn’t be the one who misses this great chance of tasting fine wines.